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*******www.facebook****/pages/TuttoCalcioCatania/219379631459356 *******twitter****/ttcalciocatania *******www.tuttocalciocatania**** Simile in qualche modo il gol siglato da Victor Ibarbo domenica al 'Massimino' a quello di Jorge Martinez in Catania 3-1 Inter (stagione 2009-2010) ma, a nostro avviso, è più bella la rete dell'uruguaiano.
7 Dec 2011
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Comedia argentina Jorge Martínez, Alejandro Vega, Rubén Stella, Ana Acosta, Paula Volpe, Sabrina Pettinato
2 Mar 2009
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3 Mar 2009
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BOOK REVIEW THE ELGAR GUIDE TO TAX SYSTEMS Edited by Emilio Albi and Jorge Martinez-Vasquez ISBN: 978 0 85793 388 1 Edward Elgar Publishing www.e-elgar**** FOR SPECIALIST TAX PRACTITIONERS … BY SPECIALIST TAX PRACTITIONERS -- WITH A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers If you’re a tax specialist, whether lawyer, economist academic, or government policy maker, taxation policy, you’ll find ‘The Elgar Guide to Tax Systems’ of considerable value and interest, particularly if your work involves cross-border or global tax issues. As the two editors point out, tax systems are the way in which governments raise money to finance expenditure. Just how they choose to collect it, impose it and then spend it, is essentially a political decision which of course impacts on the distribution of income within a country and certainly on poverty levels. ‘One of the most fundamental policy decisions to be made in the design of tax systems,’ the editors remark, ‘is that of (the) direct-indirect tax mix, or how much to rely on direct taxes, such as personal and corporate taxes, versus indirect taxes such as VAT and excises.’ This and a wealth of other fascinating issues regarding tax worldwide are discussed, examined and analysed in depth in this thought provoking book, which is a compilation of papers from no less than sixteen learned contributors -- including two of the editors – all from well known universities worldwide and all specialists in public finance. Each paper was presented and discussed at the ‘Tax Systems: Whence and Whither’ conference organized by prominent Spanish financial institutions and held in Malaga in 2009. With its conspicuously international perspective, the book offers insights into a variety of taxation systems and theories, from tax systems in the OECD to ‘Political Regimes, Institutions and the Nature of Tax Systems’ to ‘Tax System Change and the Impact of Tax Research.’ There is of course, much more to savour and inwardly digest in this useful volume, including the current trends and types of taxation from personal and corporate income tax to issues relating to direct versus indirect taxation. Each of the papers is structured in much the same way, with an introduction, conclusion and typically a lengthy bibliography at the end for further reading and research. And there is a detailed index at the back, plus a really useful list of abbreviations to facilitate ease of use. As taxation policy can be crucial to political survival in so many instances, this book of collective wisdom, we’ve no doubt, will soon become a valued addition to the well stocked tax specialist’s library.
2 Apr 2012
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