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Exclusive video from The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, creators of the SNL short "Lazy Sunday" and "D*** in a Box". Part of the "What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?" contest. Visit by July 31st to enter for a chance at $100,000 and a one-on-one digital short consultation with The Lonely Island trio.
21 Mar 2010
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Director:Jorma Taccone Writers:John Solomon (written by) & Jorma Taccone (written by) ... Release Date:23 April 2010 (USA) Genre:Action Comedy Plot:A comedy based on Will Forte's bumbling secret agent whose lack of skill and abundance of personal problems serve as a detriment to him -- and those around him. : MacGruber : trailer (2010) [ HD ]
22 May 2010
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A streaker appeared while Jorma Duran was doing a live shot. Slow motion also at the end.. Notice what he says, then what happens.. Also, the flashlight light in the far back left side of the video disappears while the guy is running, then reappears when the guy runs back by.
5 Jun 2010
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Suomessa on kymmeniä pienpuolueita, joilla ei ole paikkoja eduskunnassa. Yhteistä näille puolueille on se, että niiden jäsenet ovat menettäneet uskonsa valtapuolueisiin, eivätkä löydä poliittista kotiaan niiden keskenään hyvin samanlaisista ohjelmista. Yksi näistä puolueista on Ihmisten puolue. Ex-kunnanvaltuutettu Tapani Riihimäen perustama Ihmisten puolue koostuu ajattelevista kansalaisista, jotka ovat kyllästyneet eduskuntapuolueiden näköalattomaan konsensukseen. Puolue kokoontuu kerran viikossa puolueen toimistolla. Kokouksessa käsitellään viikon poliittisia kysymyksiä ja pyritään muodostamaan niistä yhteinen kanta. Ihmisten puolue sai viime syksyn kuntavaaleissa maanlaajuisesti lähes 420 ääntä. Kevään eurovaaleissa suunta jatkui nousujohteisena. Seuraavaksi edessä ovat eduskuntavaalit, joissa puolue aikoo mennä, tietyllä ryminällä, sisään. Politiikka tarvitsee suunnannäyttäjiä, ja Ihmisten puolue tarvitsee sinua. Tule mukaan. Ihmisten puolue, siellä missä ihminen on. käsikirjoitus ATTE JÄRVINEN REINO PORTIMO näyttelijät TANELI MÄKELÄ KARI HIETALAHTI MARI PERANKOSKI ASKO SAHLMAN KAIJA PAKARINEN alkutunnus SKYROCKET TANJA BASTAMOV tunnusmusiikki KALLE KOIVISTO lukija LARS SVEDBERG puku- ja maskeeraussuunnittelu MARJO FEDERLEY lavastus PÄIVI KETTUNEN tuotantotekniikka FILMWORKS kuvaajat JYRI HAKALA ANTON LEPPÄLÄ leikkaaja JUSSI KAUPPILA äänen jälkityöt ERNO KUMPULAINEN kameramiehet EPPU KÄRKI JORMA HONKA RETU LIIKANEN JOKKE KIRMONEN äänittäjät JUSSI TERVO TUOMAS VAHTERA lavasterakennus KULISSIMO JUKKA ANTTONEN ANSSI UUSNÄKKI KARITA RAIKAMO TEEMU LAMMI kuvaussihteeri SAILA NORDBLOM maskeeraaja HEIDI KJELLMAN MIIKA KEMPPAINEN / MAKE UP SCHOOL MAKER RAILI SAJAKORPI / MAKE UP SCHOOL MAKER SAARA RÄISÄNEN / MAKE UP SCHOOL MAKER MIRA LEHTI / MAKE UP SCHOOL MAKER rekvisitööri KATARIINA JÄRVI catering TINI MARJAMÄKI AFFE GRÖNHOLM ELSA UUSI-KERTTULA tuotantoassistentti NOORA HAATAINEN tuotantopäällikkö OLGA POHJOLA ohjaaja ATTE JÄRVINEN tuottaja MARKO TALLI vastaava tuottaja OLLI HAIKKA tuottaja YLE Viihde ANSSI AUTIO Tuotanto: Filmiteollisuus Oy Tilaaja: Harri Virtanen / YLE TV 1
21 Jun 2010
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Hot rod actors Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone make a music video featuring Justin Timberlake for Saturday Night Live. Hilarious video and great song. No mean or unacceptable comments...ELLIOTT! I am not taking any credit for making this video. All credit goes to the Lonely Island Mistle105
13 Aug 2010
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A deleted scene from Hot Rod (2007). This can be seen on the Hot Rod DVD in the deleted scenes. A clever extension from the table scene, it's a shame it's not in. Starring Andy Samberg as Rod Kimble and Jorma Taccone as Kevin.
7 Sep 2010
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2:56 The first single of The Lonely Island's 2nd album!!! Featuring Akon, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and John McEnroe! The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone.
20 Dec 2010
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From the movie Land of the Lost - Chaka (Jorma Taccone) warns Rick (Will Ferrell), Will (Danny McBride) and Holly (Anna Friel) about the army of Sleestaks.
2 Feb 2011
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From the movie Land of the Lost - Rick (Will Ferrell), Will (Danny McBride), and Holly (Anna Friel) follow Chaka (Jorma Taccone) across a bridge, which they believe the T. Rex is incapable of crossing.
2 Feb 2011
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From the movie Land of the Lost - Rick (Will Ferrell), Will (Danny McBride), Holly (Anna Friel) and Chaka (Jorma Taccone) struggle to break free from hanging vines, unaware that a T. Rex provides a greater threat to their lives.
2 Feb 2011
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From the movie Land of the Lost - Rick (Will Ferrell), Will (Danny McBride) and Holly (Anna Friel) encounter Chaka (Jorma Taccone) and save him from other primates.
2 Feb 2011
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iTunes: Amazon: The 2nd Single from The Lonely Island's upcoming 2nd album! Featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters! The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone As seen on Saturday Night Live (SNL Digital Short)
10 Feb 2011
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Get the song off iTunes :) Get a physical copy of my original EP "Dinner and a Movie" and a new shirt here: I'm going on tour this April - May with some other awesome YouTubers! Get tix! Lyrics: This is a little song about getting some, ya know what I'm saying? If you don't.. then.... KICK IT I just held hands and it felt so good A women let me put my hand in her hand Have you ever held hands I did it felt sweet It felt so good when I did it with my penis.. I mean my hand A girl let me do it, don't ask me how it happened Holding hands can make a nice man feel uh.. the same I guess You'll never guess where I just came from, I held hands If I had to describe the feeling they were smooth Mine were a little sweaty, but hers were kinda warm I called Father Anthony right after I was finished Oh hey, why you creeping I don't hold hands and tell if you really wanna know just give it a smell "Woah guys, check it out, I think he's telling the truth Dave I wish I was you!" High five! I just held hands and it felt so good A women let me put my hand in her hand I just held hands, I couldn't ask for more I felt spark, heart to heart, girl you're the best I'm gonna tell the world To be honest I'm not sure if she was really into it Instead she tried to touch my face and my leg I ain't one to argue man, we so held hands She could be my wife, best 3 hours of my life I'm so humbled by a girls ability to let me hold her "Cool story bro, maybe next time she'll let you pwn her!" "Don't say that, she was sent from above!" She let me wear my hat and my favorite glove This ones dedicated to the girls That let us flop around on top of their hand If they're big or small weird looking or long This song goes out to youuu She was calling up her parents Doesn't matter held hands She might have been asleep Doesn't matter held hands She even had a boyfriend Doesn't matter held hands She didn't have a hand Still counts!!... "Wait that does not count mister" SOLO We just held hands and it felt "mehhhh... Awesome!!" A women let me put my hand in her hand We just held hands, we couldn't ask for me We felt sparks, heart to heart, girl you're the best I'm gonna tell the world. ______________________________________ This is a parody of the song "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island. ______________________________________ Twitter: Facebook: Website: Get the song playing at the end (You've Been on My Mind) Tags: * lonely island jorma andy akiva akon jessica alba blake lively john mcenroe itunes
6 Mar 2011
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Big Booty BItches party electro banger! ▄▄Download from, and join us on facebook here :) Avail on Central Station & Midnite Music via iTunes, Club releases on beatport shortly with remixes. check out some of our live stuff if you're bored BOMBS AWAY is paying homage to the lost peeps with some slightly different influences! still just two fools in the studio haha if DJs want the full version on promo, shoot us a message on here and we'll include you in the promo list before the weekend. BOMBS AWAY, the retarded brainchild of Thomas Hart, Sketchism & Jackness, Check out more tunes on beatport of in the links below :) Beached Whale remix! ------------------------------------------ fail, club, disco, nostalgic trance , old school trance, new trance , girls, fantastic techno, atb, benni blflanger effects, audio edit, music edit, dj tiesto traffic, ailblog maelstrom, vocal, airless, insomnia, future trance, club quake, house music, instrumental, intro, forever today, trance angel, angel, no mmre tears, remix, music automation, reason 2.0, propellerhead reason, turkish arabic techno, vicious cycle, vicious circle, turntable, vinyl, drum, bass, fantasia, guitar, revulotion of dance trance, hot music, hot club music, sexy drums, revulotion of trance, crosfade, ercik, dj 666, satanic techno, party, rome, paris, athena, frankurt , mad dance music , opera , bursa underground, bursa techno club, bursa city, fener opera, state of trance, world, brookers, dj crazy trance hits , best song ever, mp3 download the best techno ever, crazy, funny, awesome, parody remix, remake, mashup, headband, thomas hart, dubstep, progressive, club, clubbing, edit, bootleg, silly hair, idiots, guetta, Andy Samberg Akiva Schaffer Jorma Taccone Incredibad Lonely Island SNL Digital Short Saturday Night Live Molly Sims Jamie Lynn Sigler Justin Timberlake Comedy Music Video bootie bog breakingnyc raywilliamjohnson ray william johnson official boobs equalsthree equals three breaking nyc capitolhillgangsta capitol hill gangsta doing doin "electro remixes" "best electro remix" "best electro remixes" your mom first video raywiliamjohnson viral videos car crash best cry ever botches ELECTRO HOUSE 2010 CLUB MIX
23 Jun 2011
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A deleted scene from Hot Rod (2007). This can be seen on the Hot Rod DVD in the deleted scenes. This scene has a great joke in it, it's a shame it's not in the final movie. Starring Andy Samberg as Rod Kimble and Jorma Taccone as Kevin.
8 Jul 2011
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Hello, thanks for putting up the Miracles piece on YouTube. Just thought I'd point out which musicians you are actually hearing play on the songfrom the horses mouth so to speak. Personnel didn't change from the beginning of the Jefferson Starship in 1974 until the riot in Germany in 1978 when we had to cancel a show because Grace was too ill to play. The original Jefferson Starship (we actually only played two or three Airplane songs live) recorded the song "Miracles" which you are hearing, in 1975. It was from the hit album, Red Octopus. The band consisted of: Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Craig Chaquico, Papa John Creach, David Frieburg, Pete Sears (me), and John Barbata. Paul played rhythm guitar and sang back-ups on the track, Craig lead guitar, Papa John violin, Marty lead vocal, Grace lead back-ups, David Frieburg played the haunting B3 organ riff on the song and also sang back-ups, John Barbata drums, and I played both bass guitar and piano on the track. We had some good times with that band...I wrote a lot with Grace including the song Hyperdrive, and the band would play long three hour sets with plenty of improvisation. Jefferson Airplane had broken-up in 1972 after Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady decided to concentrate on Hot Tuna...I later joined Hot Tuna on piano for a wonderful ten year run during the 1990's.The Jefferson Starships sound, record producer, and several personnel changed quite drastically during the 1980's, eventually fizzling out at the end of the decade (Paul, Frieburg and I were long gone by then). Paul later reformed Jefferson Starship with some great musicians, including Diana Mangano who took over Graces parts. I was playing with Hot Tuna during this period. Jack would sometimes go off and tour with the new Jefferson Starship , and Jorma, Michael Falzarano and I would go out as the Jorma Kaukonen Trio, with me playing bass on keyboards with my left hand. Just wanted to set the record straight on which musicians you are hearing play on the song "Miracles"one of Martys best. All the best, Pete Sears Thank you for the information, and hope you enjoyed my slide. What a beautifully poetic, timeless piece Miracles is. Best Wishes! Ridina94softail Miracles If only you believe like I believe, baby, like I believe, we'd get by If only you believe in miracles, so would I If only you believe like I believe, baby, like I believe, we'd get by If only you believe in miracles, so would I I might have to move heaven and earth to prove it to you, baby So we're making love, and you feel the power and I feel the power Then there's really nothing we can't do (You know we could, you know we could) If we wanted to baby (You know we could, you know we could) We could exist on the stars, it'd be so easy (Oh, baby) All we got to do is get a little faith in you. Whoa, I've been so many places I've seen some things (Yes, I have) I know that love is the answer (Yes, it is) Keeps holding this world together (Oh, yeah) Ain't nothing better, ain't nothing better (Nothing's better) And all the answers to our prayers Hell, it's the same everywhere (Just the same now) Nothing ever breaks 'cept the heart (Love's a game now) Only your tears give you away (Ain't it a shame now) When you're right where I found you (Oh, baby) With my arms around you (Oh, baby) Baby, baby Love is a magic word few ever find in a lifetime But from that very first look in your eyes I see you and I have but one heart Only our bodies were apart (It's making me crazy) That was so easy, so easy I had a taste of the real world (Just a drop of it) when I went down on you, girl, oh I can hear windmills and rainbows whenever you talkin' to me (Never say never) I feel like swirling and dancing whenever you're walkin' with me You ripple like the river when I touch you (Let me touch you) When I pluck your body like a string (Show you what I mean) When I start dancing inside you Oh, baby, you make me wanna sing Oh, baby a love song, ah baby Oh, yeah, yeah, alright Baby, we're sure doin' it tonight Every time you come by let me try (Come on by) Pretty please, with sugar on it, that's how I like it, uh I can't even believe it with you It's like having every dream I ever wanted (Dream of a lifetime) come true I picked up your vibes, you know (I'm having a fine time) It opened my mind, but I'm still dreaming Yeah And you're right where I found you, with my arms around you (Oh, baby)... Made Especially For Chris
3 Aug 2011
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