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Welcome to my lets play of Napoleon total war, an expansion to the popular RTS game Empire Total War, in which you can choose to command Napoleons French armies to victory, or stand against him and crush his tyrannical rein.In this lets play I choose to play has the British and stand against in order to crush his pathetic empire.In this part, Stalin gives you the lay of the land, outlining the features included in Napoleon total war, and examines what has changed on the Campaign map.
15 Mar 2010
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Welcome to my lets play of Tropico 3, a city building game were you take control as El Presidente of your own Caribbean island. In this part Stalin starts creating his El Presidente.
12 Mar 2010
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Welcome to the historical battle of the Austerlitz, included in Napoleon total war. This battle will give you a feel of the epic land battles in Napoleon total war. This is a battle of the French against a combined Russian and Austrian force, played on the hardest difficulty setting.
15 Mar 2010
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Welcome to a Napoleon Total War Drop in Battle. This battle will give you a feel of the drop in battle system in Napoleon total war. In this battle I command an outgunned Portuguese force against my French opponent xPEACEx.
15 Mar 2010
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Remember to check out www.josefvstalin**** for early videos, the forums, exclusive content and more! Welcome to our mind blowing let's play of the most unbelievable game which ever existed, Road Construction Simulator. The name says it all; you must take on the critical task of constructing roads for the greater good of all of humanity. Only self actualization will exist at the end of this let's play. All the greatest mysteries of life will be revealed to us, FORWARD COMRADES TO A BETTER TOMORROW OF SMOOTHY PAVED ROADS AND GREAT PROSPERITY!
3 Oct 2013
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