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Many would-be iPhone 3GS owners are speculating about the new device, but what does Engadget think of the next StevePhone? We talk to Engadget Editor-In-Chief Joshua Topolsky about the new device, and get his take on the next iteration of the iPhone. He’s lucky enough to have had the phone for a bit, and gave the device a thorough run-through. His takeaways? It’s a nice update that adds many natural items, but rather than the revolution of the original iPhone, and the subsequent madness of the iPhone 3G, this next iteration is just that– an iteration. When hard pressed, he thinks he’s still in the market for a device that’s somewhere between Android and a Palm Pre, but says that the vast majority of non-nerds (and nerds, for that matter) will still dig the iPhone 3GS, if for nothing else but the improved video recording. The biggest downsides to the device? Joshua thinks that they have little to do with the actual device itself, and more to do with AT&T’s lack of braincells regarding MMS messaging and using the iPhone as a tethered modem, since the carrier hasn’t started supporting them though Apple has support built-in. For more info, hit the link below to check out Josh’s full review over at Engadget. Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Jun 2009
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PC Mag's Lance Ulanoff and Engadget's Joshua Topolsky take sides on the Zune HD. Does have a shot at living up to the hype? Should people be excited about it? What's the big story with the device? Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Aug 2009
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<p>Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! A new Motorola tablet passed through the FCC, and it looks to be a redesigned version of the Android-powered Xoom with CDMA and LTE radios onboard. Has the ex-Engadget Editor in Chief declared war on on AOL, his former employer? And is the price - and size - of entry to the world of Sonos' wireless audio about to shrink?</p>
11 Jul 2011
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Reviews of Apple's new iPad are in! We roundup reviews from The Verge, AllThingsD, and TechCrunch.
15 Mar 2012
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There's no disputing Apple's current status as king of cell phones in public perception, but today a report from Deutsche Telekom, parent of T-Mobile, says the company has sold one million T-Mobile G1s. Does the G1's perceived success mean its a worthy iPhone competitor? We ask Joshua Topolsky from Engadget and John Falcone from CNET Reviews. They both feel like sales numbers alone aren't enough to decide when a phone or platform is a worthy competitor, but instead it does show that T-Mobile has had some success. John points out that the more important number for Android fans will be 2, as in having a second Android phone to extend the operating system beyond a one-off device and into a true platform. Also, we heard today that The Pirate Bay's lawyer claims the judge who sentenced the four founders of the file-sharing monolith to a year in jail and a $900,000 fine was actually associated with copyright enforcement groups, and the lawyer wants a full retrial. Heading to various comment forums around the internet, it's clear that internet commenters feel like the Pirate Bay was wrongly accused and didn't deserve the punishment. What's the idea behind these commenters, what drives them to think that someone who named their site "The Pirate Bay" didn't actually think their actions helped copyright infringement? Our panel pushes out the obvious idea: Commenters like free stuff, but both delve into some of the potential ideas behind "fighting the copyright man" in the Pirate Bay's case. Do you think The Pirate Bay's trial was fair? Did they get a fair shake? Sound off in OUR comments, so we'll know what our extremely informed and well educated viewers think.
24 Apr 2009
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23 Apr 2010
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