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a literally animated bit of praise for NBC's Journeyman in Adele Ward's December 2007 interview of Paul Levinson in Second Life ... (too bad Adele's avatar wasn't on the NBC show)...
25 Dec 2007
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Watch Journeyman Episodes at *******watchjourneyman.blogspot****/ The series centers around Dan Vasser, a newspaper reporter living with his wife Katie and young son Zack in San Francisco. For an unknown reason, one day he begins jumping backward in time. He soon learns that each series of jumps follows the life of a person whose destiny he seems meant to change. Dan's jumping affects his family life and his job, and instills suspicion in his brother Jack, a police detective. While in the past, Dan reconnects with his ex-fiancée, Livia, whom he had believed was killed in a plane crash but is actually a traveler like him.
2 Apr 2008
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******* If you want to hire a journeyman carpenter or you want to be one, go to our site and access free videos on how to get discounts and where to contact one. Or where to learn how to be a journeyman carpenter.
14 Jul 2010
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*******www.toolchestclassics****/product/52ON A Journeyman Wood Tool Chest is sized for craftsmen owning an average number of precision tools. It has limitless storage possibilities. Hand crafted of quarter-sawn white oak with nickel hardware. A Gerstner classic hand-crafted in the USA. Own a piece of American history that is sure to become a family heirloom.
14 Dec 2011
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15 Dec 2011
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June 2009 Statistics show that nearly one in three female soldiers are sexually assaulted whilst serving their country. For some the consequences are tragic. One victims family is determined to find the truth. Just 5 weeks into LaVena Lynn Johnsons Iraq tour, the 19-year-old was found dead in a contractors tent. It was concluded to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. But LaVenas family believes she was raped and murdered by another soldier, and the army is trying to cover it up. LaVenas father claims somebody murdered my daughter. I couldnt give up on my baby. So Im going to fight this until I get justice for her. Produced By SBS, distributed by Journeyman Pictures
19 Jan 2012
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April 2008 Located in the heart of Mumbai, the Dharavi slum is like a city within the city. Now ambitious plans for redevelopment mean its days are numbered. Home to one million residents, Dharavi is a hive of activity providing Mumbai with an essential recycling service. However, the slum will soon give way to brand-new apartments. Developers claim everyone will be re-housed into better accommodation, but unfair rules mean most families won't be able to benefit from the change. Driven out of their homes, they will lose everything. As one mother puts it: "We will stay here until they demolish, then we're in the hands of God."
5 Nov 2009
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Iliana has brought a piece of her home country, Cuba, to rural Nova Scotia. While realizing her dream of becoming an engineer, she started teaching her co-workers at Michelin how to dance salsa!
27 Feb 2010
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Sixteen year olds Palani and Karthik want to become 'ladyboys.' They're bullied in school and beaten by their families. Their parents would like to see them grow up as normal boys, but they're falling deeper and deeper into the world of the 'Aravanis'. Loved as dance performers but hated as homosexuals, their stories emblazon the inner conflicts of India's gender culture today.
28 Oct 2010
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10/11: Networks order more scripts of Cane, Bionic Woman, Chuck. Life and Journeyman; Cavemen dips in week #2
11 Oct 2007
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Tony T here with our “Rockstar” quick hitter for Saturday’s action. On Showtime on Saturday night a fight in the Junior Welterweight division as Ricardo Torres behind a solid 32-1 record and 28 KO’s will face Kendall Holt who’s career record is 23-2. The American Fighter Holt is the –260 favorite with the Columbian Torres returning +200 as the underdog. This is a rematch of their fight last fall when Torres stopped Holt in the 11th round in Ricardo’s native Columbia. Many thought the stopping was premature but Holt was a bit wobbly and fell behind on the scorecards after being knocked to the ground by a Torres left hook. Torres only loss was to Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto. In that fight Torres sent Cotto to the mat in the third round. On Holt’s resume are losses to David Diaz and Thomas Davis. Davis a journeyman fighter sits with a record of 12-7. Davis lacks aggressiveness at times and Torres could steal rounds in this one should it go to the scorecards. Torres’ aggressive style and his KO success make him the play here at +200.
4 Jul 2008
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*******www.certifiedlocalpro**** When looking for a Vancouver plumber it’s a good idea to ask if the man on the job is a Journeyman or an plumbing apprentice. You can relax if the man is experienced. Most Vancouver plumbing companies follow best practices, but knowing you have the right man for the job will put your mind at ease. No matter what type of plumbing contractors you hire, it is your responsibility to ask ahead of time if the man they assign to you has his plumbing ticket or not.
11 Jun 2009
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Watch the movie here! *******journeyman.booserver****/store?p=3676 Let me know what you think! Music from imovie follow me *******www.twitter****/jillhanner *******jillhanner**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Dec 2009
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******* Paradise Landscaping And Home Maintenance Services. Paradise Landscaping is operated by Darren Burns, for residents of Powell River,BC and the Sunshine Coast areas. Darren, a journeyman Horticulturalist, WCB insured and city licensed, has been involved in landscaping and horticulture for most of his life. Paradise Landscaping is capable of providing a wide range of services including irrigation installation, landscape design, planning and installation, lawn care and installation, tree care, gardening and weeding. All services are done to the BCLNA Landscape Standards and stand behind this with our dedication to quality service and products. Please visit our website at ******* and take a look around to see what we can do for you. If you have any questions at any time feel free to call me at 604.414.8427. Thank you, Darren Burns
3 Jan 2010
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September 2010 Behind the most expensive Commonwealth Games in history, lies a very different reality. Slums are destroyed for the tourists, and the poor struggle to eke out a living working to create the venues. "I have my good days and my bad days", says ten-year-old Arif. Just a stone's throw from the luxurious athletes' apartments symbolising the growth and promise of a new India, he lives, works, and plays in Delhi's biggest slum. Picking through the rubbish in the rivers and dumps of Dharavi, he ekes out a tiny living to give to his parents, risking both infection and injury. In the run-up to the games, thousands of slums are demolished and residents are banished. Many come from the outskirts to work, hoping to see the spoils of India's economic growth. Yet they earn less than a dollar a day working on the games sites. "Showing the most beautiful parts of the city and putting curtains in front of slums is not going to solve the problem", says Vinod Shetty. India has overspent on its Commonwealth Games budget by tens of millions of dollars. And according to a recent Indian report, has diverted money from schemes to fight poverty to further fund the Games. "Don't read the press, everything will be OK", laughs Head of the Games Committee, Suresh Kalmadi. The 5 million people living in slums with no access to clean water or toilets, beg to differ. Produced By SBS Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
8 Oct 2010
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