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Well, the gals on The View got into it over Sarah Palin (again), and all the others ganged up on Elisabeth for always standing up for Sarah. Joy Blowhard & Barabara Walters were bemoaning the fact that Sarah has to have a whole bunch of advisers surrounding her, prepping her for the debate tomorrow night. Excuse me, but did they not read the article about Obama having a team of 300 advisers on Foreign Affairs alone?!?!? What a bunch of dolts these women are, and Barabara pretends like she's "middle of the road" when it comes to politics - I say B.S.! Oh, and Joy Blowhard says Sarah shouldn't have joked about having heard Biden's speeches since the 2nd grade, seeing as how her running mate is old as "methusela." That's funny considering Joy's main punch line against McCain is that HE is old. I guess only professional comics can say stuff like that. Is Sarah not allowed to have a sense of humor? Oh, yeah, I forgot... she's a conservative. Don't miss the real lie when Whoopi says John McCain is a good friend of hers. Yeah, right. And when Joy said Sarah was dumb, the whole table dropped their jaws.
2 Oct 2008
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Joy and the Kitchen Dragon of Dinnertime Stress don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. While she likes to help with homemade, he encourages junk food. Their differences keep Joy on a constant quest to slay the Kitchen Dragon. Watch more at *******www.letjoyin****
1 Oct 2008
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14 May 2010
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Joy King spiega il programma della sua società (HP) che sta lavorando sul Social Software, uno scambio multimediale di messaggi, sia professionali che personali. Gli operatori hanno un doppio impegno: creare il sistema di sicurezza e aprire il network alla piattaforma dei servizi. Interview with Joy King Joy King explains that her company (HP) is currently working on a Social Software programme, a multimedial exchange of professional and personal messages. The operators have a twofold task: to create a security system and to open the network in order to provide a new service platform
20 Nov 2008
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Explore an expression of joy
25 Nov 2008
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*******www.videoonlinefree****/2008/12/03/house-s05e11-joy-to-the-world/ watch full movie online free free episode video
8 Dec 2008
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Joy in Australia 2008
17 May 2009
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Joy to the world The Lord is come, in many languages.
11 Dec 2008
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Queen Miss Left Titter and the Crew join the crew from The Hump Day Crew on Melb Gay Radio Station Joy 94.9FM for their Christmas Special ... we hope that made sence
24 Dec 2008
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Walt Disney World hold it's annual theme-park filled, larger than life, event "Night Of Joy" where the saved and unsaved get a chance to enjoy performances by the most popular artists such as Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, tobyMac and much more. Like What You See? SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT!
2 Feb 2009
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Queen Miss Left Titter talks how to survive valentines day as a single to Adam and Vinnie on the humo day crew, melbournes only gay and lesbian radio station joy 94.9 fm
4 Feb 2009
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What's what really make us have a good time? Haikuvideo about joy FILMED WITH A NOKIA N93i
5 Feb 2009
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