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JOY KITIKONTI the beach TORINO video by www.mirkorispoli****
11 Feb 2008
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JOY KITIKONTI & EMIX DIABOLIKA video by www.mirkorispoli****
16 Sep 2008
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"Aquabulb"(M), Waterlamps made of recycled material...for more information about that you can mail me:artofjoymsn**** with kind regards Art of Joy©
19 Mar 2008
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It feels depressing, evil, and joyful in different spots (and sometimes simultaniously. I composed this using FL Studio (Fruity Loops) and a string patch from my keyboard. I got permission to play this at one of my school's dances.
18 May 2008
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20 May 2008
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Todd Agnew talks to Joy Whitlock about her song Cost of Being Free. Download this song free at Joy's MySpace or iLike! myspace****/joywhitlock ilike****/artist/Joy+Whitlock
4 Jun 2008
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Joy Whitlock and her nephew, Isaiah, in the first video blog. That's Grace sneaking aroung in the background.
4 Jun 2008
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A Year At The Wheel asks America? What do you think would bring Joy to the world? We were passing thru Roselle, Il. when we asked this one for Brought to you by: - the Order of the Digital Trebuchet and *******www.ayearatthewheel****
20 Jun 2008
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Is your dog a meat maniac? Does he get so excited for mealtime that he sings, dances or goes bonkers when dinner is served? ALPO® brand dog food is launching a national search to find the biggest "meat maniac" in America – the lovable, everyday dog who has the most entertaining and memorable way of showing his excitement when dinner is served. The lucky winner of the ALPO Real Meat Moments video contest will be the new face of the iconic dog food brand, appearing on millions of ALPO cans and in national print advertising. Joy Behar, dog lover, comedian and co-host of the national talk show The View, is the celebrity judge who will help select the winning dog in the national contest, which kicked-off June 23, 2008 on alporealmeatmoments****. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/alpo/33523/
24 Jun 2008
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Check out this clip of Joy Behar, from The View, doing her rendition Of Ludacris' new song "Politics (Obama is Here)"....oh yeah, Whoopi is on the beatbox too.
28 Aug 2008
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living a flashback insomnia pachwork place dress code metempsicosi joy kitikonti sandro vibot zicky luca pechino video by *******www.mirkorispoli****
25 Sep 2008
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Well, the gals on The View got into it over Sarah Palin (again), and all the others ganged up on Elisabeth for always standing up for Sarah. Joy Blowhard & Barabara Walters were bemoaning the fact that Sarah has to have a whole bunch of advisers surrounding her, prepping her for the debate tomorrow night. Excuse me, but did they not read the article about Obama having a team of 300 advisers on Foreign Affairs alone?!?!? What a bunch of dolts these women are, and Barabara pretends like she's "middle of the road" when it comes to politics - I say B.S.! Oh, and Joy Blowhard says Sarah shouldn't have joked about having heard Biden's speeches since the 2nd grade, seeing as how her running mate is old as "methusela." That's funny considering Joy's main punch line against McCain is that HE is old. I guess only professional comics can say stuff like that. Is Sarah not allowed to have a sense of humor? Oh, yeah, I forgot... she's a conservative. Don't miss the real lie when Whoopi says John McCain is a good friend of hers. Yeah, right. And when Joy said Sarah was dumb, the whole table dropped their jaws.
2 Oct 2008
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