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NASA HQ Adriana Ocampo es una amiga excepcional y una cientifica de prestigio mundial. Todos la queremos muchísimo. Aca explica el impacto que acabo con los dinos y mas del 70 % de la vida en la Tierra hace 65 millones de años y los cráteres de impacto. Capa K/T: Cretácica /Terciaria. Siempre nos ayuda a enseñar en la Patagonia, Argentina. *******planetary**** http:/ *******
19 Jan 2009
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Charla ofrecida en Cordoba , Argentina por mi gran amiga la Dra. Adriana Ocampo de NASA HQ, Washington D.C. NASA HQ Adriana Ocampo es una persona excepcional y una cientifica de prestigio mundial. Todos la queremos muchísimo. Aca explica el impacto que acabo con los dinos y mas del 70 % de la vida en la Tierra hace 65 millones de años y cráteres de impacto. Siempre nos ayuda a enseñar en la Patagonia, Argentina. *******planetary**** *******
24 Jan 2009
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Charla ofrecida en Cordoba , Argentina por mi amiga la Dra. Adriana Ocampo de NASA HQ, Washington D.C. NASA HQ Adriana Ocampo es una amiga excepcional y una cientifica de prestigio mundial. Todos la queremos muchísimo. Aca explica el impacto que acabo con los dinos y mas del 70 % de la vida en la Tierra hace 65 millones de años y cráteres de impacto. Siempre nos ayuda a enseñar en la Patagonia, Argentina. *******planetary**** *******
16 Jun 2009
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Charla ofrecida en Cordoba , Argentina por mi gran amiga la Dra. Adriana Ocampo de NASA HQ, Washington D.C. NASA HQ Adriana Ocampo es una persona excepcional y una cientifica de prestigio mundial. Todos la queremos muchísimo. Aca explica el impacto que acabo con los dinos y mas del 70 % de la vida en la Tierra hace 65 millones de años y cráteres de impacto. Siempre nos ayuda a enseñar en la Patagonia, Argentina. *******planetary**** *******
26 Jan 2009
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6 Nov 2009
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On 25th Feb,2010 School Students representing india were designated as "Scientist For a Day" on NASA's Cassini Mission to Planet Saturn in furtherance to International outreach activity commemorating "Year of Astronomy 2009" organised by Cassini People Outreach Division, JPL, NASA. Importantly Pamela R.D. Pontius Vice Consul, U.S.CONSULATE GENERAL HYDERABAD was chief guest. Now these students work as been published in NASA's site along with similarly designated students from across the world. For more details visit www.ournewplanets****
6 Mar 2010
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At least 5 moons in the Outer Solar System could harbor life, says Dr. Randii Wessen from JPL. He discusses the search for life in the Outer Solar System and beyond.
3 Nov 2010
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1. The closest the comet will come to Earth is 0.23 AU (Astronomical Units), or approximately 34-million kilometers, so it poses no threat to us. We will attempt to keep this page updated with the latest observations. ******* Orbit Diagram *******;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb Stereo ******* . Try, for example, "Ahead HI1," "Slideshow," 512 x 512 resolution, start date = 20110801, and end date = 20110803. I've labelled objects I recognize on the attached image. I believe the object to the lower right of Alpha Sco is M4. You can also get an approximate idea of what's in the field of view (which is larger than the circle in he resulting diagram) with the SECCHI star map tool at: ******* (enter date, spacecraft, instrument at the bottom of the page). The dashed, red line is the ecliptic.
23 Aug 2011
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12 Dec 2011
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14 Jul 2012
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Last week JAXA had a huge success in safely landing its Hayabusa craft in Australia. But before we go in to that, lets back up and talk a bit about what Hayabusa is and how we got to this point.On May 9th, 2003 at 4:23 UTC the Japanese solid fueled rocket M-5 launched from the Uchinoura Space Center. Aboard was a little spacecraft designed to do something no other vehicle had done before. It would approach an asteroid, hover, take a sample and return the sample safely to Earth. Hayabusa would not land but rather touch the surface with its sample capturing device and then move away, so we're not to call it a lander.Four ion engines kept the petal to the metal for 2 years straight and in 2005 the craft rendezvoused with the asteroid Itokawa. That asteriod was actually not its initial target. Originally Hayabusa was supposed to land on the asteroid 4660 Nereus, but a faulty M-5 rocket forced a delay which pushed the asteroid out of our reach. But that's not where the trouble started or ended.Even prior to the launch there were some problems. The non-lander was to deploy a small rover designed by NASA and developed by JPL on to the surface of the asteroid, but was cancelled due to budget reasons. Minus 2 points US. Then in 2002 JAXA needed to re-check the O-rings of their rocket as it was found to be made of a different material than was specified, and thus the launch was pushed the launch back to 2003. Finally after it did take off the Hayabusa spacecraft got slammed with a large solar flare which in turn damaged the solar cells and greatly reduced their efficiency. This impacted the ion engines performance and delayed the arrival of the craft from June to September of 2005.Finally Hayabusa makes it to the asteroid and begins it scientific work. The first thing our little spacecraft does is survey the asteroid from a distance of about 20 kilometers. Once it was satisfied with its sample site it would move closer and finally swoop in for a series of soft landings and a collection of samples. Originally there were to be two sample sites, but when the second site was found to be too rocky, it was reduced to one. There was also supposed to be the release of a MINERVA miniprobe to take pictures of the surface and beam them back to the spacecraft. While the probe was released, it was done too high and the gravity of the asteroid was not enough to pull it is. The miniprobe is now forever lost in space. ;And to sum up some more issues, a loss of signal and some confusion in the control room led to the non-lander turning in to a full fledged lander when Hayabusa actually touched down and stayed on the surface of the asteroid for 30 minutes. Then there was an issue with the reaction control system then a problem with controlling the Z-axis of the vehicle. Follow that up with a sudden altitude change and a loss of signal from the spacecraft followed by... well... a lot of silence. Finally communication was restored and it was time for Hayabusa to come come.At this point was have a fairly crippled vehicle. Only 2 of the 4 ion engines are running, power is damaged, we have issues with communication and control. Nevertheless on Jun 13th, 2010 at
14 May 2013
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NASA's most ambitious Martian rover ever is on its way to the red planet. This is your SpacePod for November 28th, 2011   NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission lifted off the launch pad atop an Atlas V rocket on November 26th, 2011 at 15:02 UTC. This isn't just another rocket launch or rover being sent to the red planet. I could tell you how this is the largest lander we have ever sent to Mars and is nearly the size of a mini cooper. I could tell you that this is the heaviest rover that we have sent to our fourth planet coming in at over 2000 pounds. But instead I think William Pomerantz described this mission best at his LA Space Salon talk.   Needless to say the MSL mission with the Curiosity Rover will be a nail biter as the vehicle enters, descends and lands on the Martian Surface. To make things even more dramatic, Mars is far enough away that radio signals will take around 10 minutes to reach Earth. In fact, it is so far that by the time we start to get the radio signals telling us that the craft is about to begin its entry to the Martian atmosphere, the vehicle will actually already be on the ground, hopefully in one piece! If everything goes according to plan, then on August 5th, 2012 the Curiosity rover will begin roaming the gale crater on Mars. We're not just sending Curiosity to Mars for fun. This giant rover has several missions it will attempt to accomplish in one martian year which is nearly 2 Earth Years. The goals are to determine if life could have ever been there, characterize the climate and geology of this alien world, and finally, help prepare for human exploration of this alien world. NASA is known for its awesome Twitter accounts and the Curiosity Rover is no exception. If you would like to follow real-time update via the tweety bird, hit up the official account MarsCuriosity or visit the web site via the far more complicated URL which is Or the link at the bottom of your screen will bring you there too. If you missed the Launch that's OK! There are plenty of additional rocket launches coming up, and here's a quick list of everything you can watch or tweet about. Finally, if you're a space geek or interested in what is happening within the cosmos, don't forget to subscribe to our yoUTube channel. Click the big yellow button and new videos will be automagically added to your YouTube homepage from Spacevidcast. We also have a Twitter account spacevidcast or you can hit up our web site. Spread the word and help us make space exciting again!
27 May 2013
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The Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics presents Peter C Theisinger. Pete is currently the Director, Engineering and Science Directorate at JPL but has also served as the manager of the Mars Science Laboratory or MSL. In this hour long presentation Pete chats with us about MSL, why some decisions were made, why Curiosity is the best rover to ever be sent to Mars and what all of the science means. For the full 1 hour 50 minute video including the Q&A session, visit *******www.spacevidcast****/?p=7935 and log in to your Spacevidcast epic account. If you don't already have an account, memberships start as low as $8.33 a month and include amazing videos such as this one, an ad free experience and exclusive content.
27 May 2013
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In this live episode we look at a ton of space news from around the world! Here is a list of all of our stories: NASA Curiosity Rover Collects First Martian Bedrock Sample ******* What is this metallic looking object on Mars? ***********/news/um-whats-weird-hunk-metal-215530971.html Chris Hadfield may be the coolest ISS commander, ever! *******www.globaltoronto****/chris+hadfield+to+take+part+in+first+google++hangout+from+space/6442805422/story.html ************/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cj0xADpjSW8 ***********/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=f1ro4zkw-LA#! SpaceX Software engineers did a Reddit AMA *******www.reddit****/r/IAmA/comments/1853ap/we_are_spacex_software_engineers_we_launch/ China developing new propellantless thrusters *******www.wired******/news/archive/2013-02/06/emdrive-and-cold-fusion NPP saw Snowpocalypse from a few miles away *******io9****/5982915/without-this-machine-there-would-have-been-no-advance-warning-of-the-nemo-blizzard Just listen to this solar flare! *******io9****/5982092/this-is-what-a-solar-flare-sounds-like-here-on-earth NSS kickstarter Campaign update *******www.kickstarter****/projects/351762534/our-future-in-space-a-national-space-society-video?ref=live Social Network in Space *******www.indiegogo****/projects/spacecapsule1-the-first-social-network-in-space NEA Space Agency *******www.indiegogo****/projects/321049 Don't forget that the conversation continues! Spacevidcast After Dark is our show after the show. To view After Dark you'll need an Epic subscription which you can get for as little as $10/mo or $100/yr! That contribution helps Spacevidcast continue doing what we do and cover more and more space related events. Check out *******www.spacevidcast****/epic to subscribe today and help us continue producing the show!
29 May 2013
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Check out some of these epic pumpkin carvings from the annual contest at NASA JPL. Each team got an hour to carve their pumpkin and all supplies were paid for from personal funds.
18 Nov 2013
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ArtAlienTV - Exclusive " Is this a tiny Martian statue in the awkward yoga position (Utkatasana)? It may just be a ventifact but looks interesting either way. This Curiosity Rover image set is full of strange structures and well worth a look. See the Gigapan link below and check this area out. As the saying goes; "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." So to disprove this evidence, contrary evidence must be put forward. It can't be overturned by uninformed opinion or using non factual arguments. My image enhancements are always shown next to the official raw images to show that they are well within the bounds of sensible inquiry and analysis. As is always the case with members of UFAH. (United Family of Anomaly Hunters) However using my enhanced images without my permission will result in Google copyright action. An open mind is required when viewing images from other planets. One day our very survival may depend on it ". See me on the new Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel 2016. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars" First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in December 2016 and originally published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - January 13th 2017. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
19 Jan 2017
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