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Sorry for the delay getting this up. *******www.jtwebman****/shows/google-glass-gaming-companies-purge-sex-offenders-instagram-is-on-android-jtwebman-68/
10 Apr 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/3-must-see-videos-im-moving-to-la-jtwebman-78/ First off I want to say sorry it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last video. I am in the process of moving out to LA. So I have filled up my days with getting ready to move out there. I am going to stick to one video a week on Tuesday till I get out there and settled in. Then I will go back to 2 videos a week and maybe even more. If you watch the show before I was doing news I did vlogs as well every other day. I plan on bring those back since I want to lose weight and I just found them fun as well. I didn’t want to put them on the main channel so I created a new channel called JTWebManVlog. I plan on only posting that on YouTube so you can either click over there if you are watching this via YouTube or you will find a link to the channel in the description. I will also add them to the end slates as I start making them. New Vlogging Channel: *******youtube****/JTWebManVlog Ok now onto the 3 videos you should watch.... This first videos is titled the Now or never moments! It is compilation of a bunch of just that. Now or never moments: ***********/watch?v=LafJCYI1FPY The second video is a trailer that released yesterday for the new James Bond movie called Skyfall! I don’t know about you but I love, love, love James Bond movies even though they are very predictable. They did a great job on the trailer at leaving as a teaser. Skyfall Teaser Trailer: ***********/watch?v=24mTIE4D9JM The last video for this week is [drum roll] Maxims Top Hot women for 2012. Maxim ask the internet to vote on the top hot women for 2012 and the results are in. This is a quick video showing them all in 100 seconds. Lee Newton and wonderfully smart and sexy host on SourceFed made #57! Congrats Lee! Maxim’s Top Hot women for 2012: ***********/watch?v=66GZBH3GeY8 And that’s my show. Please leave a comment below telling me which video you enjoyed the most as it will help me pick videos in the future. Also please like, favorite, and share the show with others on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, or any other social network as it really helps out the show. I hope you guys have a great week.
23 May 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/evacuated-tube-transport-dick-clark-rip-jtwebman-72/ For those that have not heard Dick Clark past away this week at 82. He was most known for hosting American Bandstand and a host on a bunch of game shows. I want to dedicate this show to Dick Clark, you are an inspiration to all that broadcast, you will be remembered. In some geeky hope to have one day news, Evacuated Tube Transport or ETT for short is a new transport type that has pop back up into the news. ETT basically uses airless vacuum tubes and a frictionless magnetic rail to push these little pods around. These pods can run much faster than trains and use far less energy to get to their destinations. You might be asking well how fast can they go, well in a regional setting like within the state they could get up to 350 mph and across the country or world can get up to 4000 mph. Getting you from New York to LA in 45 minutes and cutting 5 hours off a flight and costing 90% less. Now this isn’t new, it has been around since the early 90’s and even had a patent filed for it in 1997. So I say instead of going to the moon lets build this! Now don’t take this the wrong way I think going back to the moon is cool though Mars would be even cooler but with the US at over 15.5 trillion dollars in debt. Which by the way is over $50,000 dollars per person in the US. We might want to spend it on something that we know has a direct impact on making us more productive and making more money to pay off the debt. Though shoot what am I think just close the US foreign bases and pull out of all these meaningless wars and we could afford to send man to the moon again or mars. Ok sorry about the rant, what would be even better would be for a railroad company, since they have the real estate, to pick it up or any private company. This way it creates real jobs not government ones and would be more likely to be on budget and making money. ***********/watch?v=McpWcn-1RZU What do you guys think, I know I would love it, leave a comment below. And on this note this news items was given to me by a view. He actually was in the same graduating class as me in High School, thanks Seth. If you guys find geeky news please send it my way via twitter, Google+, Facebook or *******www.jtwebman****. I love geeky news and there is so much out there that I sometimes miss it. Same goes for cool videos. I am only one man so if you see a cool video let me know. Video Of the Week: Since the last show was so long I figured I make this a short one so we will skip to the my favorite segment on the show and that is the video of the week. It looks like now that Facebook bought Instagram they might make a movie about it. Check it out... ***********/watch?v=UN1qzNgadh8
25 Apr 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/facebook-buys-instagram-youtube-goes-3d-jtwebman-69/ Facebook purchased Instagram for 1 billion dollars - ******* YouTube Goes 3D - ******* Facebook's Blog Post- ******* Instagram's Blog Post - ******* The YouTube Channel of the week is The Gentlemen's Rant found here - ***********/user/ooJLEoo
12 Apr 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/google-new-look-facebook-timeline-apps-tribes-ascend-jtwebman-70/ In a little social media news, Google+ changed up their look. Are people still using it? I know I use it but I have noticed it slowing down. I have to say I am not a fan of the change but it might be better than what they had before. First I don’t use the chat so why take up the right side for a feature that might or might not be being used? Second the center content is pushed to the left. So on smaller screens it probably looks ok but on my big 24 inch monitor it looks bad as you can see here. But Google is doing the right things as they made $10.65 billion for the quarter and that’s up 24 percent from last year. ***********/watch?v=A3Atj57r15U In a little app development news, Viddy, UStream, StumbleUpon and even Digg have seem to boost their new signups and interaction with building apps for the new Facebook timeline. Now I have to say I am still not a fan of the time line, it can be very powerful and has a lot of data but it makes the pages confusing and filled with way too much, but that’s old news and just my opinion. What it does for applications like Viddy which a video sharing app for the iPhone and UStream which is a live video sharing website is getting a them a huge bump in interactions. Companies are calling it the “Timeline Bumb” so that good news for apps and if you don’t have a timeline app and have a app you might want to think about it. I wonder if I could make a Wordpress Plugin Timeline App? In some gaming news Tribes Ascend was released today. Basically it’s a free first person shooter much like Halo. I only played around in practice but it looks like a fun game. So if you are into first person shooters you should check it out. I might even do a few gaming videos showing it off. ***********/watch?v=O-70Bg2zRsg Join me in Tribes:Ascend by signing up now! My player name is "JTWebMan". Click here to get started for FREE: ********account.hirezstudios****/tribesascend/?referral=1973543&utm_campaign=email Video of the Week is Caine's Arcade: ***********/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U
17 Apr 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/my-top-3-news-youtube-shows-jtwebman-77/ Welcome back to the JTWebMan show. Like I talk about last week I am changing it up and todays show I am going to highlight some of the shows I watch on YouTube. This week I am going to stick with the News Shows that I enjoy so lets get started. First off I love the Philip Defranco show. I am a huge fan which if you might have known from some of the t-shirts I wear. He has a Monday through Thursday show where he talks about the news and pop culture that matters to him. This past couple months my show has been a little like his show though I am not as funny or good as he is. The Philip DeFranco Show: *******youtube****/sxephil Philip DeFranco’s Twitter: *******twitter****/PhillyD Phil has also started another new show called SourceFed. This show stars 3 different hosts with a few guests talking about news items Monday through Thursday as well and do 5 videos a day in under 20 minutes or less. The nice part about this show is they always have 2 hosts that banter back and forth on the subject. It makes it very playful and makes the show very funny and educational at the same time. If I had to pick only one show I watched on YouTube it would be this one. Sourcefed Show: *******youtube****/SourceFed Host Elliott Morgan’s Twitter: *******twitter****/elliottcmorgan Host Joe Bereta’s Twitter: *******twitter****/joebereta Host Lee Newton's Twitter: *******twitter****/leenewtonsays If you are more into geeky tech news then WilsonTech1 might be the show for you. Lamarr Wilson is the host and producer and he is hilarious. He is a lot like Phil in he covers news that he enjoys but it tends to be more tech and web news then politics and celebrities. WilsonTech1 Vlog: *******youtube****/WilsonTech1 Lamarr Wilson’s Twitter: *******twitter****/WilsonTech1 Please like and share the show as it does help out alot and have a great week!
11 May 2012
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/tupac-back-from-the-grave-cispa-the-new-sopa-reed-hastings-rants-on-comcast-jtwebman-71/ Over the weekend it looks like they brought back Tupac on the stage at Coachella. Tupac Coachella: ***********/watch?v=DQgrce1VflI They used a hologram where the images were built from other live performances he had done before his death in 1996. The internet is 50/50 on if they like this or not but it seems like most think it was a little weird but would go see live events where other died artists were holograms as well. I know I would go see Michael Jackson or John Lennon or even someone really old like Mozart but how about you would you pay money to go to a live event that was a hologram? Ok so I was joking a little on the intro CISPA as it isn’t totally like SOPA and PIPA as it’s not about piracy or privacy issues but the bills share similarities in that it raises red flags with digital rights. The language of CISPA is vague, broad and leaves much open for interpretation, which is not good for us as the government will push it to it’s limits. CISPA would amend the current law and allow the private sector and government to share information. Now it doesn’t require the private companies to share the information but if and once it’s shared it could be passed to anyone. They are relaxed on what cybersecurity provider means as well just saying, “goods and services intended to be used for cyber security purposes.” You might be saying what does that mean. Your guess is as good as mine. In short it could allow companies to pass your history or any information between them and the US government without a warrant or any due process. I’ll put a link down below and let you read it, that way you can get what you want from it and see how vague they are: ******* It has passed the committee and looks like it’s going to get amended before going to the floor of the congress on April 23rd, 2012. Don’t be surprised to hear more about it and if you are against it like I am then please call and write your congressman and tell them to vote no on the bill. Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix went on a rant yesterday in a Facebook post. He said Comcast was not using net neutrality when it came to network bandwidth caps. He pointed out if you watch a show using Comcast’s Xfinity service it doesn’t count towards your cap but that watching Netflix or Hulu would count. I can see why he is mad about it but think if you watch a show using a cable box it would be the same so I am not sure if that really counts. What do you guys think is it not net neutrality? Reed Hastings Facebook post: ********www.facebook****/reed1960/posts/10150706947044584 YouTuber of the week is Raychul Moore. You can follow here here: ***********/user/RaychulMoore/ ********twitter****/#!/theRaychul Also please vote for her here: *******maximgamergirl****/Raychul
20 Apr 2012
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This week on JTWebMan Show #58 Windows 8 Consumer Preview - ***********/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview Google's New Privacy Policy went into effect 3/1/2012 - ***********/policies/privacy/ The Lorax by Dr Seuss comes out today 3/2/2012, here is the trailer for it - ***********/watch?v=1bHdzTUNw-4 Davy Jones you will be missed. Here is the video I showed in the show - ***********/watch?v=okQe_lmM8OI The video of the week: ***********/watch?v=_sUeGC-8dyk Last Show: ***********/watch?v=UGNXryctkwQ Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: *******twitter****/jtwebman Google Plus: *******
3 Mar 2012
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4 Apr 2012
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31 Mar 2012
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JTWebMan Show #61 Homeless Hotspot - *******homelesshotspots****/ Instagram on Android - ******* Twitter buys Posterous - ******* Past Shows: Heather Morris Leaked Photos - ************/watch?v=LktxerFHpek Google Play, JOBS Act now Law, Kony 2012 goes viral - ************/watch?v=AqjqQ0mlT-8 Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: *******twitter****/jtwebman Google Plus: *******
14 Mar 2012
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JTWebMan Show #62 New iPad Released - ******* ISPs Stop Copyright Theft/Infringement - *******cnet***/AxJmux Diablo III Release Date May 15, 2012 - ******* NCAA March Madness Live iOS - ******* NCAA March Madness Live Android - ******* Video of the week - ***********/watch?v=LdjY6oy4Y2c Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: *******twitter****/jtwebman Google Plus: *******
17 Mar 2012
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