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3:55 Welcome back to the JTWebMan show. Like I talk about last week I am changing it up and todays show I am going to highlight some of the shows I watch on YouTube. This week I am going to stick with the News Shows that I enjoy so lets get started. First off I love the Philip Defranco show. I am a huge fan which if you might have known from some of the t-shirts I wear. He has a Monday through Thursday show where he talks about the news and pop culture that matters to him. This past couple months my show has been a little like his show though I am not as funny or good as he is. The Philip DeFranco Show: Philip DeFranco’s Twitter: Phil has also started another new show called SourceFed. This show stars 3 different hosts with a few guests talking about news items Monday through Thursday as well and do 5 videos a day in under 20 minutes or less. The nice part about this show is they always have 2 hosts that banter back and forth on the subject. It makes it very playful and makes the show very funny and educational at the same time. If I had to pick only one show I watched on YouTube it would be this one. Sourcefed Show: Host Elliott Morgan’s Twitter: Host Joe Bereta’s Twitter: Host Lee Newton's Twitter: If you are more into geeky tech news then WilsonTech1 might be the show for you. Lamarr Wilson is the host and producer and he is hilarious. He is a lot like Phil in he covers news that he enjoys but it tends to be more tech and web news then politics and celebrities. WilsonTech1 Vlog: Lamarr Wilson’s Twitter: Please like and share the show as it does help out alot and have a great week!
11 May 2012
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This week on JTWebMan Show #58 Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Google's New Privacy Policy went into effect 3/1/2012 - The Lorax by Dr Seuss comes out today 3/2/2012, here is the trailer for it - Davy Jones you will be missed. Here is the video I showed in the show - The video of the week: Last Show: Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: Google Plus:
3 Mar 2012
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JTWebMan Show #61 Homeless Hotspot - Instagram on Android - Twitter buys Posterous - Past Shows: Heather Morris Leaked Photos - Google Play, JOBS Act now Law, Kony 2012 goes viral - Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: Google Plus:
14 Mar 2012
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JTWebMan Show #62 New iPad Released - ISPs Stop Copyright Theft/Infringement - Diablo III Release Date May 15, 2012 - NCAA March Madness Live iOS - NCAA March Madness Live Android - Video of the week - Have a great weekend and you can also follow me on ... Twitter: Google Plus:
17 Mar 2012
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