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Special Thanks to Kilohana Masters 2006. Seminar clips of Hanshi Anton Muhammad of World Wide Jiu-Jitsu & Karate Do. V.A.S.K Ryu system. Vee Jitsu, Al-Nas, Sanuces Ryu and Kumite Ryu. GrandMaster Anton S.A. Muhammad, 9th Degree Black Belt under Dr. Moses Powell. Video Starts with footage of Dr. Moses Powell with student Hanshi Muhammad.
23 Dec 2006
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Trailer for Urban Survival Series DVD Intense Pain Part 1. World Wide Jiu-Jitsu & Karate Do. V.A.S.K Ryu system. Vee Jitsu, Al-Nas, Sanuces Ryu and Kumite Ryu. GrandMaster Anton S.A. Muhammad, 9th Degree Black Belt under Dr. Moses Powell.
29 Apr 2007
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jushinkandojo**** Yosei kan Budo ("the house in which is taught with courage and honesty the way of the warrior") was founded in the early 60's by Hiroo Mochizuki Sensei, son of Minoru Mochizuki, one of the great martial artists of the 20th century. Mochizuki Hiroo Sensei has high Dan rankings in several martial arts, among them Aikido, Jujutsu, Wado-Ryu Karate, and Iaido. Yosei kan Budo is today spread throughout Europe, Africa and the USA. The FYBDA (Federation Internacional de Yoseikan Budo et Disziplines Asimilees) is the worldwide umbrella organization, which is subdivided in national Academies and regional federations. Mochizuki Hiroo Sensei realized that most basic techniques are based on a wavy movement beginning in the hip, which produces much more power than when movement is limited to only extremities. These basic elements are taught and applied to all YB techniques. YB consists of (modified) techniques of Karate, Judo/Ju-Jutsu and Aikido. The use of classical weapons as Bokken, Tanto, Bo, Nunchaku etc is taught as well as traditional and new forms (kata). Beginners usually study basic techniques for a year or so, including mae-geri, mawashi-geri etc, nage-waza, falls, foot-work, kata, etc. From 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu more aikido-techniques and the use of weapons are taught. Competitions are held and consist of kata, Randori, Tanto-Tanto, etc. There was a split of the umbrella organization in the early years, leading to a sub-style (found primarily in the UA) with the name YB that focuses primarily on Aikido-techniques.
9 Jan 2010
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9 Aug 2011
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Best Ju Jitsu moments from Dai-Ki Dojo Catania season 2008! Duo, Fighting and more! Enjoy Ju Jitsu! Music: Wax Simulacra - The Mars Volta
8 Feb 2009
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Define Defense offers martial arts, modern self defense, and private training in downtown Boulder. We offer unlimited classes for both adults and children, as well as a self defense program for women. Come experience our fantastic curriculum consisting of Karate, Ju Jutsu, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by taking a free class in our studio. We also provide yoga for cross training, circuit training classes and personal training packages.
12 Mar 2011
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26 Jun 2011
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mv bill music fight train grappling submission valetudo brazilian jiu jitsu rap metal judo muay thai boxe ju-jutsu karate kempo wing tsun
27 Oct 2011
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JU AIKIDO KNIFE FIGHTING JOČIĆ ZORAN (Jocic Zoran),SOKE 10th DAN Ju Aikido. Was born 2.06.1958. in Pec , Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia. In Real aikido he is since 1982 . His first club was "Prvi Vracar" at Belgrade . In first 4 years he had trained with different masters , like Goran Kurnik , Teovanovic Mladen and he get to blue belt , 2 kyu. During the 80's he participate in several seminars by KENJI SHIMIZU (8th DAN) , S. SEKI . 1986. Soke Ljubomir Vracerevic returned from abroad , and from that day till now , Master Jocic stood by him as his student , assistant and trainer . He was among the first who graduated at College for Trainers and Managers in Sport , in Novi Sad . He worked at WCRA as a trainer , with children from 3.5 year and above , and with adults . His specialty is working with children and he has long experience in this field . He had few clubs : מכבי "Maccabi" in Belgrade ; this club was a part of a big sport association and officially registered in it's central in Israel . Due to the lack of space for training it stop working. But , in this club few masters were "born"  - At Sport College , in Belgrade , he run a club for 4 years - He worked at School for children with damaged hearing for a year - Today he also work in Club "AS" in Belgrade , with adults - 2006 he founded club called "DO" -- In his book "FIVE RINGS" , Musashi sad that important thing is DO -- path which man choose to go through life. Also, he was instructor in Bodyguard school " Vracarevic" which is in IBBSA association ; trained police FOUNDER JU AIKIDO MARTIAL ART KO BU SHIN KAN AIKI JUTSU KAI KANCHO KYOSHI KU DAN 9 DEGREE RED BLACK- BELT 9.DAN AIKI JU JITSU Nippon Martial Arts Renmei BLACK BELT 8th DAN MARTIAL ARTS POLICE METHODS DELTA SWAT POLICE SYSTEM 8. DAN IMAA 7th DAN JU JUTSU 7th DAN STRIFE CONTACT SYSTEM/COMBAT STRIKER REAL AIKIDO 6th DAN
28 May 2012
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Master Bratislav Stajic, 8-th Dan, introducing self defense aikido tehnique ikkyo.Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defense skill. It involves joint locks, throws, strikes, blocks, and chokes.
18 Jun 2009
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Master Bratislav Stajic, 8-th Dan, introducing self defense aikido techniques in real situations
18 Jun 2009
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Ju Jutsu training
6 Sep 2009
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Master Bratislav Stajic, 8-th Dan, introducing self defense aikido tehnique Koshi nage.Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defense skill. It involves joint locks, throws, strikes, blocks, and chokes.
18 Jun 2009
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French "master" Jacques-Jean Quéro demonstrates and explains to-ate, or contactless projection using ki (in French). Here is the translation of the first part of the interview: Speaker: So, Jacques-Jean Quero, this vital energy, this coordinated energy you are talking about... How do you draw it from yourself? JJQ: Well... To sum up, as a first contact with me, I'm a Judoka of origin, and I did a lot of Judo, as well as competition, and Ju-jutsu. And here in France, I've been taught technique, but I still were using my muscular power in my technique. And... one day, I've read quite a lot of things, and I went to Japan, in order to find the sources of Judo and of Ju-jutsu. And in Japan, I've found authentic Ju-jutsu schools, where masters taught me how to work differently in Judo, and in Ju-jutsu, because it was Ju-jutsu that I was fond of, original Ju-jutsu. So, I've been taught that one can use the life power of a human being instead of his muscle power (...) I've been taught to coordinate my mind and my body, and to do interior breathing (...) and I imagine that the air goes down to the end of my belly and lightens an energy fireplace, that we call the Seika-Tanden, located 2 or 3 centimeters below the belly button. That's where the ancestral energy fireplace of human beings is located. And we work with the Hara, as Japanese says. And that's here one must place his spirit. By placing my spirit in my belly, and by doing interior breathing exercices, I stimulate all the energy circuits of the body, and I can do a fusion between my mental power, and my vital power, and this coordinated energy, is the mental energy, allied with the vital energy that circulates inside me, that... in a way, melt together, and at the precise moment of fusion, I can transmit it... say, genetically, to my partner, in the form of waves.
21 Dec 2008
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Ju Jutsu European Championship, unknown year, duo-system Ju Jutsu Europa-Meisterschaft, Jahr unbekannt, duo-system
23 Feb 2010
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..***ntinued ***********/watch?v=MJA8T8JlMMY Sensei Terry Parker demonstrates a number of throws. Jikishin Jujitsu
21 Dec 2008
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