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The clip lunch from Backdraft (1991) with Scott Glenn, Juan Ramírez That money will probably end up coming from- This better be good. Or we feed you to the thing. Shut up. You got something against dalmatians? Accident or murder? That's the question arson investigators are struggling with... after a freak explosion known by firefighters as a backdraft- Hey, Pengelly, you're on TV. I saw you too! Look, that's me. He's been identified as Alan Seagrave, a prominent Chicago C.P.A. Despite pressure from the city council, fire officials refuse to speculate on the cause, saying only that their investigation is continuing. Gentlemen, gentlemen. Here he goes again. As 17th's official toastmaster- And bullshitter. Thank you, Santos. Did I mention you were cut out of my will? I think it appropriate... that we recognize the two asswipes... probationary firemen, among us today, who were officially baptized... into the world of old man fire. First, to Tim. Despite the fact he was born with a dull expression... and a really hideous pair of ears, he not only took on the beast, but pulled from its clutches, assisted by a more famous and brilliant firefighter... me, a kicking and screaming civilian... who'll probably wind up suing us for breaking her fingernails. And to Brian. Help me, Santos. Whose own contribution... was both more beautiful and less likely to sue us. Son-of-a-bitch. When I heard that both McCaffrey brothers...
14 Nov 2011
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From the movie Hoodlum - An enraged Henry (Juan Ramírez) compares his bravado to Dutch (Tim Roth) and gets shot in the throat.
16 Jun 2011
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