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Terminator - Judgment Day Future War from Terminator 1 - 3
30 Jun 2008
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2012 Judgment Day and the Mars Earth Connection
23 Jan 2009
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Two legendary superstars will face off in one of most anticipated grudge matches of the year at WWE Judgment Day, live Sunday May 17th at 8/e/5p PM only on Pay Per View. For more, please visit *******www.wwe****/shows/judgmentday/
13 May 2009
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Terminator 2 Judgment Day 1991 R 137 min Arnold Schwarzenegger ... The Terminator Linda Hamilton ... Sarah Connor Edward Furlong ... John Connor Robert Patrick ... T-1000 Earl Boen ... Dr. Silberman Joe Morton ... Miles Dyson S. Epatha Merkerson ... Tarissa Dyson Castulo Guerra ... Enrique Salceda Danny Cooksey ... Tim Jenette Goldstein ... Janelle Voight Xander Berkeley ... Todd Voight Leslie Hamilton Gearren ... Twin Sarah Ken Gibbel ... Douglas Robert Winley ... Cigar-Smoking Biker Peter Schrum ... Lloyd
17 Nov 2009
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Questions on guardian , Prayers concentration & Judgment Day period
23 May 2010
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BY BRANDON TWICHELL You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy May 21, 2011 - that’s when Independent Christian ministry Family Radio Worldwide says God will judge the world - and save the believers. One such believer tells CNN what will happen on Judgment Day - and beyond it. "Once Judgment Day hits May 21, 2011, there will be a worldwide earthquake. And what’s going to happen is the dead and Christ are going to rise first, then he’s taking his people up, then October 21, 2011, there will be dead bodies all over this earth. They’re not even going to be buried.” The ministry says these events take place 7,000 years after the flood Noah built his ark to escape. A member of a similar - yet unaffiliated - group called WeCanKnow**** tells the LA Daily News - she’s heeding the warning. “I see it as an invitation to learn more, if you're interested... Think how devastating it would be to realize (following Christ's return) that May 21 is Judgment Day and no redemption is possible after May 21." But a professor tells Tampa Bay’s Fox affiliate WTVT - the Bible says man will never know the correct judgment date. “I think it’s all simply misplaced. You know, the Bible itself does not encourage anyone to calculate dates. But that’s not going to stop people. (FLASH) The people who are committed to believing that a certain date is correct, if they live through that date and it doesn’t happen, they simply regroup and recalculate.” Finally, an opinion writer for northwest Oklahoma’s Enid News says - life is too important to play the waiting game. “Life is far too brief to waste a moment worrying about it suddenly coming to an end. Why squander precious time worrying about dying when we could be using it to live? Christ didn’t tell us to sit around waiting for him. Instead he told us to love, to share, to give, to honor, to teach, to learn, to lead, to follow.” This is not the first time Family Radio Worldwide founder Harold Camping has predicted Judgment Day. According to Latin in America, Camping previously predicted it would occur in 1994. Camping maintains the 2011 date is correct this time. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
8 Mar 2011
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*******kingdomwarriors****/updates (Get Email Updates) *******kingdomwarriors****/donate (Support Today) *******kingdomwarriors**** If the Holy Spirit is convicting us of sin to bring into light and repent from it, it is way better for us today to respond to this conviction rather than suppressing it with our reasoning and self-justification. Because it is a whole lot better to be convicted today where there is still a chance to repent than it is if we are convicted on Judgment day when there is no more chance of repentance. So may we heed the advice of the word of God to not harden our heart if God speaks to us today so that we can turn back to Him in truth to find life through our Lord Jesus Christ.
19 Jun 2012
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When it comes time for you to arrive at heaven's gate, Satan will try to trick you so that your spiritual judgment day will not be what it seems. Learn what to look out for so that you can protect your soul.
8 Nov 2012
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Official music video of Doreen Taylor performing "Judgment Day" Release Date: November 6, 2012. Directed By Nayip Ramos. Produced by 5840 Productions. www.5840productions**** Download the track at iTunes: ***********/us/album/magic/id512405990 Lyrics available at: *******www.doreentaylormusic**** "Judgment Day", From the album "Magic", Lyrics by Doreen Taylor and Music by Doreen Taylor/Joe Mass. Recorded at Optimus Studios- Newtown Square, PA. Produced by Joe Mass and Lou Durso. with Doreen Taylor and Justin Lombardi. (c) 2012 Doreen Taylor Music, LLC. All rights reserved. *******www.doreentaylormusic**** *******www.facebook****/doreentaylorfanpage
14 Nov 2012
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Carter is ambushed by Skynet forces at the evac point as Walker tells of a future in which Skynet is seeking to destroy what's left of mankind.
8 May 2009
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This is a very funny video as well as serious in parts too. In it Victor predicts the auto bankruptcy almost 10 years before it happens.
14 Jun 2009
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What is going on in the world today and why?
24 Jun 2009
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I Tried-I really did!
10 Aug 2009
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I tried- I really did!
10 Aug 2009
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I tried-I really Did!
23 Aug 2009
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I tried-I really did!
15 Aug 2009
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