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Mckurlz has a true sucsess story talk about how Mckurlz cheese curlz changed his lige and how they could change yours _______________________________________ cheese curls cheese sandwich weird animals davemaster9 lol lolz imao funny hilarious videos haha funny cats 5 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 0 hot cool insane amazing fishy blobfish endangered species fat giraffe lalala video mcdonalds free credit report dot com youtube small big large tiny medium girlfriend cameron diaz evoultion of dance judson laipely red sox yankees celtics lakers chemical romance lisa nova smosh what the buck show peron75 my life in six words beef n go
4 Aug 2010
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Want free cash just for taking surveys? Go to *******tinyurl****/freecash4surveys Judson Laipply is back with the official sequel to "Evolution of Dance" - one of the most watched Internet videos of all time!
14 Jan 2009
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The funniest 6 minutes you will ever see! Remember how many of these you have done! Judson Laipply is dancing -
10 Jun 2009
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Judson Laipply stops by Cleveland, Ohio to do his Evolution of Dance at the Online Marketing Summit. #oms
9 Jun 2009
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Say No More il nuovo remix dance da De'Lorean, caratteristiche songwriter / performer / produttore BUSHTACCA. La produzione e lo stile della musica è ben lungi dal suono della metropolitana che abbiamo sentito da De'Lorean nei giorni precedenti BUSHTACCA Suona Inc. ha aggiunto un suono più commerciale crossover che De'Lorean riesce a adattarsi a molto bene. Come BUSHTACCA, De'Lorean piombo fa seguito. Questo duetto play off di un altro come BUSHTACCA colpisce i tasti alto De'Lorean rimane bassa. Say No More, è molto Dj e radio friendly. Abbiamo solo da meravigliarsi vuole successiva. Jahn-Paul De'Lorean, originario di New York City, è stato estraneo al mondo dello spettacolo. Dopo aver lavorato mostra modo eseguire con il modello / attore Judson Mills e la condivisione della compagnia di Jane Arnold (Ford Model) e Top Fashion Photographers, De'Lorean ancora trovato il tempo di appendere fuori con il suo tempo buon amico Antonia Larson (Penthouse Pet). Poco dopo De'Lorean, ha iniziato a lavorare con prenotazione agenti Noreen e Mitch Abrams, prenotazione band locali nei club nite in New York City. Poco dopo lui e Susan Moses (LA Top Fashion Stylist) ha cominciato ad accompagnare artisti di danza su tralci e concerti. De'Loreans ha fatto un ulteriore passo avanti e ha iniziato a produrre la propria musica e trovato aiuto con Eddie Baez, che ha iniziato a girare il suo primo brano dance, quando nessun altro si sarebbe "non avevi detto che era morta, con un picco grafici piscina record negli USA # 4. Come 91,7 WMPH, Dj Ray Devine (USA) ha cominciato a riprodurre il brano, Lavella Dance Music Radio di tutto il mondo hanno un interesse Dj Peke (Italia) aveva cominciato a tracciare la musica e "Pensiero hai detto che era morta, la sua prima metropolitana pista ha preso vita. De'Lorean ha remixato "Dance with me" per Arpee / Sony Records e si trovò sul CD stesso Victor Calderone che ha fatto il mix tribale per la stessa canzone. Così, dopo circa 7 canzoni più tardi De'Lorean detiene ancora un ritmo costante verso l'alto, tiene una mente aperta che il cambiamento è la risposta. Così come continuiamo a sentire l'uomo del sottosuolo andare flusso principale ho ancora a meraviglia, WHATS NEXT?
14 Sep 2009
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“The Gecko joins inspirational comedian Judson Laipply.”
26 Sep 2009
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Maggie discovers that her date has a few LESS than desirable qualities. Written, Produced and Directed by James Huffman. Features Anne Judson Yager and Akume. Edited by Josh Spiegel. Music by Jamie Coon ("Crazy"); Kill Kill Kill ("Damaged")
29 Aug 2010
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CATCH, the web series is written and produced by James Huffman and Indie City Entertainment. CATCH features Anne Judson Yager as Maggie and independent music by various artists including Kyll Kyll Kyll, Boy/Girl, Kevin MacLeod and Jamie Coon.
26 Dec 2009
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Maggie and Mickey went on a date; Maggie is desperately seeking a mate; Maggie and Mickey were having some fun; Then Maggie decided he wasn't "The One." Written, produced and directed by James Huffman. Stars Anne Judson Yager and Chris Tessitore Eighteen Wheels Burning From the album: "tweak'd out, strung up, and redlined"
14 Jan 2010
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Written and Produced by James Huffman; Directed by Wes Greeson; Features Bill Oberst JR, James Huffman, Brian Wilson, Amy Snively, Trevor Jones, Zack Sonnenberg and Anne Judson Yager; music by FogLizard and Kevin MacLeod.
26 Jan 2010
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Today in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13 Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will. Two plainclothes detectives entered first, followed quickly by a Lieutenant and vans full of blue shirt officers. After corralling everyone present in the back room, they searched the space and detained two members of the collective. The I AM collective was preparing for the NYC Anarchist Film Festival, a showcase of resistance movements and insurrectionary events from around the world presented from an anarchist and anti-authoritarian perspective. Our response to the raid: regardless of these attacks, the film festival will happen as planned on Friday April 16, 2010 at Judson Memorial Church. The voice of decentralized creative communities will not be silenced by police repression. They cannot raid us, because we are everywhere.police
15 Apr 2010
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BY STEPHANIE STOUFFER You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy What would’ve happened if Ferris Bueller had a tracking device when he cut class? Seventh and eighth graders in Anaheim, California are about to find out. Anaheim Union High School District is implementing a new optional system that tracks students with four or more unexcused absences. Now the media is saying it’s just creepy and unnecessary. “I just don't know about this one. That seems a little too much -- like -- big brother.” (KNXV) “This could be money well spent although it does kind of creep me out a little bit -- the big government situation.” (Fox News) “Sounds like the parents’ responsibility to me.” (KSBI) But similar programs have worked in other parts of the country. A San Antonio school district implemented a GPS tracking program last year and saw positive results. Here’s San Antonio’s KSAT. JOSE: “I skipped school because I didn’t want to go to school.” ROSENDA RIOS: “15-year-old Jose attends Judson ISD and was facing juvenile detention until he was invited to join AIM -- a program that involved a GPS tracking device.” TRAVIS KNOX: “Now, at a month after the program, he’s still maintaining perfect attendance.” Miller Sylvan, the Anaheim regional director for the program, tells the Orange County Register the goal of the program is to act not as a spy, but as a deterrent. "The idea is for this not to feel like a punishment, but an intervention to help them develop better habits and get to school." A writer for Gawker sarcastically argues -- if teachers are going to follow their students via GPS, why not just go all out? “All teachers should get an iPhone app with little blips showing where all their kids are. Twice every day assistant principals can roam the land with tranquilizer darts and 4x4s and bring in the truants.” And Fox News says maybe Wisconsin should look into the program. “Maybe they need GPS trackers for those teachers in Wisconsin.” “Yeah, if they could’ve found them. Or the state Senate!” Students will be enrolled in the program only with their parents permission. So... is this taking big brother a step too far? Or should the truants be tracked? Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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Come fantasize with Stay At Home Dad Visit for more awesome episodes. Stay At Home Dad shares a disturbingly in depth fantasy with a mother of four. Director: Adam Jones Writer: Brandon Williams Adam Jones Dave Bradley Adam Jones Cast: Brandon Williams Anne Bobby music: Judson Crane editor: Dave Bradley Cinematographer: Kevin Jones
8 Mar 2011
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Brandon has a terribly difficult time holding his tongue with a slightly... mature mom-to-be. Director: Adam Jones Written by: Brandon Williams & Adam Jones Produced by: Trevor Herrick Dave Bradley Adam Jones Brandon Williams Additional Credits CAST Brandon Williams Diane Henderson Rhys Williams Extras Christine Nelson Music by: Judson Crane Editor: Dave Bradley Cinematographer: Kevin Jones
13 Apr 2011
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Visit for more awesome episodes. Stay at Home Dad suffers through a kids party and finds another fathers relationship hard to swallow. Director: Adam Jones Writer: Brandon Williams Adam Jones Producer: Trevor Herrick Dave Bradley Adam Jones Cast: Brandon Williams Geoff Cantor music: Judson Crane editor: Dave Bradley
13 Apr 2011
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Visit for more awesome episodes. Don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash. Stay At Home Dad does his best to get himself out of a racist situation. Director: Adam Jones Writer: Brandon Williams Adam Jones Produced by: Trevor Herrick Dave Bradley Adam Jones Brandon Williams Cast: Brandon Williams Lawrence Ballard Amy Raudenbush music: Judson Crane editor: Dave Bradley Cinematographer: Kevin Jones
12 Apr 2011
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