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Hillary supporters are beginning to visibly campaign for Obama. Governors from 3 states, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, who were remarkable and enthusiastic while supporting Hillary, are now working with Obama. Understandably, Hillary is taking a rest from her historic campaign, but her physical presence is most conspicuous by her absence. If her 18 million voters are to be kept away from the clutches of John McCain (McBush/McSame), then she will have to make the case to her supporters to vote for Obama. We can not forget that in 2004, Edwards, the VP, was not able to deliver his home state of North Carolina to Kerry. My best guess is that Hillary will be offered the VP slot if she actively campaigns for Obama, as, no other Democrat can lay claim to 18 million voters....
24 Jun 2009
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a rally that took place on mortagua.Portugal. its not that fast but its still kinda cool
28 Mar 2009
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