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Julie & Amanda Ashton exploring Rattlesnake Point, located near Milton, Ontario, on May 24, 2008. Our very good friend "Ozzy" (Doberman) had a great time with his favourite people.
6 Sep 2009
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Craven Moorehead and Dee Rino discuss the interview with Julie Ashton and some other general comedy for T and A with Dee on D's Nuts.
6 Sep 2009
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Fantasy Forest Ride, Little Red Riding Hood & Stallion, September 18, 2008. Angel Eyes Arabians, Julie Ashton & Jaybec Ibn Tammen
6 Sep 2009
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Julie Ashton Riding Straight Egyptian Chestnut Arabian Stallion Bareback, Part 2...Jaybec Ibn Tammen (Son of Tammen), Walking, Trotting, Cantering
23 Mar 2010
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Julie Ashton Riding Straight Egyptian Chestnut Arabian Stallion, Jaybec Ibn Tammen, Bareback, September 1, 2008
14 May 2010
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Straight Egyptian Arabian Chestnut Stallion Jaybec Ibn Tammen (son of Tammen) saying "Hi" to the rest of his ladies. Julie Ashton keeping her friend company. Mares & Fillies For Sale Inquire julieangeleyesarabiansgmail****
14 May 2010
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Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion Jaybec Ibn Tammen (Son of Tammen), saying "Hi" to his Ladies. Julie Ashton along for the ride. Angel Eyes Arabians
16 Jun 2010
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Fantasy Forest Ride, Julie Ashton riding Jaybec Ibn Tammen, Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion bareback through a magical hidden forest.
13 Jul 2010
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Straight Egyptian Arabian Black Mare, Cashmere Colours (True Colours x Bint Minmoniet). Owned by Julie Ashton, Angel Eyes Arabians, Ontario, Canada
16 Jul 2010
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Fluffy Angel Persians 2008 Most Adorable Litter; Sire: SMGCH, RW Fluffy Angel's Chunky Chip CNW, 3rd Best Cat in Canada 2006- 2007, National Winner 2 Years Running! (Cream & White Male); Dam: CH Fluffy Angel's Orange Blossom (Red Tabby & White Female); Kittens Born June 29, 2008, Video Taken By Julie Ashton August 19, 2008, Kittens Shown at 7 Weeks Old. Fluffy Angel Persians Inquiries Welcome, Experienced World-wide Shipper
2 Aug 2010
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The clip arriving at villa for porn shoot from Orgazmo (1997) with Juli Ashton, Michael Dean Jacobs Where is that little fucking choir boy? I don't think he's gonna show up. Oh, really? Rodgers, you and pickle dick here go find that bastard. And you tell him if he doesn't act in my film, his parents, his friends, his fuckin' pets are gonna pay! You tell him if he fucks with me, he'll be-- Well, hello. Hello. We were just talking about you. How are you? I'm fine. Super. Why don't you go get into wardrobe, and we'll get started right away. Orbison, who am I fucking in this scene? Uh, you'll be fucking Jeff and probably Ben. Have you met our new Orgazmo? No. Hi, how do you do? Hi, are we fucking? No. You'll be fucking his stunt cock. And I'm not doing any ass-licking today. I told you that, right? Yes, yes. No ass-licking. Okay. I'm not an ass-licker. Give 'em an inch, they take a mile. Oh, what was I thinking? There you are. Get in here. Come on. Just get in here and put this on.
22 Nov 2011
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The clip I'm Jizzmaster Zero! from Orgazmo (1997) with Juli Ashton, Andrew Kemler Give it- Oh, give it to me, you big stud. I'm not a stud. Huh?. I'm not a stud. I'm-- Jizzmaster Zero! Oh, no. Help! Somebody help! Ain't nobody gonna help you now, honey. Somebody, save me. Orgazmo! Unhand her, Jizzmaster Zero! You can't defeat me, Orgazmo! Oh, yeah, I can too. I'll use my Orgazmorator. [Yells] Oh, that feels good. Now I will kick your ass.
22 Nov 2011
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Amanda Ashton Riding Qahtahna Bareback. Qahtahna is a Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare of Top Bloodlines (Imperial Imdal). Amanda is 12 years old and rides fearlessly, she is very much like me at her age and I am so proud of her! Please go to for information on Mares, Stallions, and Foals for Sale as well as pictures, slideshows, and videos. All inquiries welcome. julieangeleyesarabiansgmail**** Phone 519-216-5539 please leave message.
24 Oct 2009
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This Breathtaking & Exotically Beautiful Straight Egyptian Arabian Filly was born Oct. 14, 2009, and is shown at 2 Days Old. Sired by the incredible Jaybec Ibn Tammen (one of the most outstanding Stallions ever sired by Tammen, owned by Patrick Swayze), combined with the incredible Qahtahna (Grandsire is the very Famous Imperial Imdal), this Filly is what every dedicated Arabian breeder dreams of....she may be available for purchase...inquiries welcome. 519-216-5539 Please Leave Message or Email: julieangeleyesarabiansgmail****
29 Apr 2010
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Amanda Ashton singing "It's All Right, It's Ok", by Ashley Tisdale. Video taken August 13, 2009
7 May 2010
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Amanda Ashton singing "I'd Lie", July, 2009 (By Taylor Swift). Please comment.
12 May 2010
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