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Henri Rousseau , 1844-1910, French primitive painter, b. Laval. He was entirely self-taught, and his work remained consistently naive and imaginative. Rousseau was called Le Douanier [the customs officer] because he held a minor post in the Paris customs service for more than 20 years before he retired to paint (1893). Although he claimed to have lived in Mexico in his youth, he later admitted that the claim was false. The only tropical vegetation Rousseau ever saw was in Parisian greenhouses, and his remarkable landscapes had no counterpart in nature. His painted jungles are an organized profusion of carefully defined yet fantastic plants, half-concealing various wild animals with startlingly staring eyes. These scenes are rendered in a vivid, almost hypnotic folk style. The finest ones include The Snake Charmer (1907; Louvre) and The Dream (1910; Mus. of Modern Art, New York City). With the same approach Rousseau employed in painting the familiar (e.g., Village Street Scene, 1909; Philadelphia Mus. of Art), he painted the haunting and dreamlike Sleeping Gypsy (1897; Mus. of Modern Art, New York City). His fantastic Gypsy sleeps in a nighttime desert, closely observed by a lion—the entire absurdity rendered in a compelling, straightforward manner. The painting thus combines the unique elements of Rousseau's art to their most startling effect. Rousseau exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants from 1886, but did not become well known until the early years of the 20th cent. when he was "taken up" by Picasso , Apollinaire , and other members of the Parisian avant garde. Video provided by Allpaintings Art Portal. Music: Candombito
25 Mar 2009
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Feel the ride & experience the thrill of riding the UCI World Cup mountain bike course in Madrid, Spain To watch more Nissan Sports Adventure movies, download the films as podcast or find out more about Nissan extreme athletes & events, check out: ***********
25 Jan 2009
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Impariamo a realizzare uno dei tagli più classici della cucina: la verdura così ottenuta, sia cruda che cotta, decorerà i nostri piatti salati. *******
20 Feb 2009
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CARINI E COCCOLOSI... VOI NON AVETE VISTO NIENTE!!! Sono su sky ogni sera e pure su Facebook! :D *******www.facebook****/ipinguinidimadagascar
16 Dec 2009
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17 Nov 2010
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*******www.M2FitnessPros**** Musician Amir Derakh describes benefits of improved physical health to manage world tour schedule as a musician with M2 Fitness Pros of Long Beach CA. $99-21 day trial 562-435-4639
27 Mar 2011
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3 Aug 2011
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Mouvement: Partie de composition musicale Dans la musique classique, le mouvement désigne ensuite toute section d'une forme musicale qui en comporte plusieurs suite, sonate, symphonie, etc. Dans cette seconde acception, on peut dire que les différents mouvements d'une œuvre sont délimités dans le temps par une suspension de l'exécution musicale.
7 Aug 2011
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Meriwether in the studio working on pre-production for their next upcoming album. For more exclusive content from your favorite Suretone artists go to suretone****.
20 Feb 2007
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Meriwether in the studio working on their upcoming album. For more exclusive content from your favorite Suretone artists go to suretone****
20 Feb 2007
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A metaphysical thought on time through a man running. Facing what choices he could have made and will be able to make in life, he sees them materialized as doubles of himself, going through majors steps of life.
7 Oct 2007
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Hôtel Manufacture est une marque de vêtements pour homme créée à Paris en 2007. L’univers de la marque, résolument moderne, s’illustre au travers d’une première collection diversifiée qui s’accorde autour d’un seul mot d’ordre : Intemporel. Coupes simples où chaque détail est travaillé, au fil des modèles, on découvre un style allant du « dandy décadent » au « casual chic » Chemises, maille, t-shirts, blousons et accessoires, chaque pièce représente Hôtel Manufacture dans son esprit basic décalé. La marque réussit alors un subtil compromis, celui de l’homme élégant et sobre voulant marquer un style qui lui est propre. www.hotelmanufacture****
2 Apr 2008
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www.bostonfrenchparty****:For the French in Boston, people who want to speak French and anybody who wants to party! Pour les francais a Boston, ceux qui veulent parler francais et tous ceux qui veulent faire la fête!
9 Feb 2009
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Meet The Clown Girlfriend, Ashley!
17 Apr 2008
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Meet Charlie the Clown!
17 Apr 2008
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Boob and Drippy train Charlie!
17 Apr 2008
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