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The clip Junior insists on pizza, in order to set his father up with the school nurse from Problem Child 2 (1991) This place is awfully loud. You sure you wanna eat here? Of course. Pizza's my favourite food. It is? Oh. Fine. Hello. We'd like a table for... Annie? Ben? Maybe I'm gettin' soft, but I just had the craziest idea. So then Dad dropped his pants on live TV and he lost the election. Here's a campaign picture. What are you jerks doing here? I was supposed to have dinner with my mom. Quit yapping and let 'em have a good time. Everybody smile for your complimentary photograph. Say "Pizzarrific!" Smile for your complimentary photograph. Oh, boy, baby! When you're with me, it's first class all the way. We went to the restaurant, they let us in, we didn't have to wait. It's not like the restaurants where you talk into the clown face. It's not like that at all. Later on, we'll go home and I'll put on the Zorro outfit. Well, here's to an evening we'll never forget. It's them! Who? It's him and it's her and they're together. He has this flatulence problem and he's eating a pizza, and it's her... Hey, it's Peabody. I hate that guy. He's got such a grating voice. Yeah. I'll shut him up. Here, let me. Terrible kids, just terrible.
13 Nov 2011
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