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Being on jury duty was an excellent chance for me to do some notebook work.
30 Mar 2011
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They may be sorry.
18 May 2009
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I got called in to do Grand jury duty and now I gotta get a fucking haircut!... Just so I can PRETEND to fit in? To look Normal?.... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................... WHY ME? Craig Amabello
2 Dec 2009
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i couldnt tell her the truth man lies to police about having a stolen wallet so he would not have to tell his wife he spent the money, jc jurystar jesus christ jury duty - www.myinboxnews****
2 Dec 2009
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From the movie Runaway Jury - Easter (John Cusack) makes a scene in the courtroom in order to avoid jury duty, but the judge refuses to accept his excuse.
2 Aug 2011
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Larry thinks of a good way to escape jury duty.
9 Mar 2012
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Katie Couric comments on the unfortunate process of jury duty. It is a shame that in a tough economy we have to choose between being a good citizen and being a good provider.
27 Aug 2012
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A buncha Sox fans try to weasel out of jury duty so they can watch the World Series, kid. Barats and Bereta Juror - Bobby Jennings ***********/user/bobjenz Prosecutor - Luke Barats Defense - Joe Bereta Pregnant Woman, Co-Writer - Gina Ippolito *******twitter****/#!/ippy2 Nazi Sympathizer - Kevin Brueck ***********/user/kevinbrueck Alien #1 - Brian Flynn ********twitter****/#!/FlynnB Alien #2 - Melissa Russell *******twitter****/#!/melissarla Attractive, Mute Jurors: Brittany Cope Clare Schmidt *******www.clareschmidt****/ Amanda Tudesco *******amandatudesco****/ Dan McLellan Special Thanks: Petar Mandich, Dane Boedigheimer, The Collective, UCB's Goodman B&B on Twitter: 

 B&B on Facebook: 
*******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 Music from jewelbeat****
20 Mar 2013
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Danny must serve jury duty.
16 Nov 2013
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"CBS This Morning" takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.
12 Sep 2013
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From the movie Twelve Angry Men - Juror #11 (George Voskovec) explains to the others why he feels jury duty is their sworn responsibility.
16 Apr 2011
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The clip Cindy meets the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) with Jim Carrey It'll take them years to sort this out. This is his and now it's yours, and this hers and now it's his! And for the rest of you: Jury duty! Jury duty! Jury duty! Blackmail. Pink slip. Chain letter. Eviction notice. Jury duty! Would you mind helping me take this to the back room, honey? Be careful of the sorting machine, right? Yeah. Gesundheit. You're the... The... The Grinch! That worked out nicely. Help! Help me! Somebody! Max, let's go. Our work here is finished. Help me! Please help! That is not a chew toy! Stop it, Max! Get that out of your mouth! You have no idea where it's been!
29 Nov 2011
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The clip The post office from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) with Jim Carrey Heck of a rush. Merry Christmas, Mo. Heck of a rush. But, Dad I just don't understand something. Why won't anyone talk about the Grinch? You kids and the Grinch! You see, Cindy, the Grinch is a Who, who always... Actually, not a Who. He's more of a... A what? Exactly, honey. And he's a What who doesn't like Christmas. Take a look at his mailbox, sweetie. Not a single Christmas card, in or out. Ever! But why? Lou, where's my mail? Lou! Got the wrong mail here. Lou! I got the wrong mail! I'll be right there. Lou, we got a problem! All right, we'll straighten this out. It'll take them years to sort this out. This is his and now it's yours, and this hers and now it's his! And for the rest of you: Jury duty! Jury duty! Jury duty! Blackmail. Pink slip. Chain letter. Eviction notice. Jury duty! Would you mind helping me take this to the back room, honey?
16 Dec 2011
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Horrible quality. Homer gets caught sleeping while doing jury duty.
12 Oct 2012
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Bieber Fever! The only cure is to disable the brain. Just ask Lil Wayne. Watch Behind the Scenes HERE! ***********/watch?v=hbnzRBolN3M Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical Directed by Tom Small. Lyrics / Vocals by Mark Douglas. Music Reproduction by Jake Chudnow. Bieber: is Jan Uczkowsk Bieber vocals: Carolyn Castiglia Lil Wayne Vocals by Keith from Up Tha Block ***********/keithfromupdablock Lyrics: Hey yo, its me again. Im everywhere and Im still rockin lesbian hair Im on your T.V. Im on your phone I declare this world a Bieber zone Im made of cupcakes, ice cream, and flowers Young girls are helpless to my dark powers They cant stop screaming they dont know why They pee their pants then they fall down and cry Chorus All these shorties got Bieber Bieber Fever They love me like Milfs love Derek Jeter I got em drooling like golden retrievers They all bow down to me cus I am their leader SCIENTIST It starts with screaming, and OMGing Followed by weeping and lots of tweeting Once theyre infected they are insane The only cure is to disable the brain JASPER I hate this pop crap, I like to rock Hes worse than Backstreet Brothers on the Block. CHET Hes aint so bad, he could be worse. (He becomes hypnotized) I think I love him. JASPER (Hes now hypnotized as well) Hey, I saw him first! SCIENTIST If your daughter catches Bieber Bieber fever Chop off her head with a meat cleaver REPORTER Can adults contract Bieber fever? SCIENTIST Yes! But its mostly single moms and substitute teachers. Lil Wayne Weezy F. Baby and you know Im paid I dont want to drink no Bieber Kool aid I sip on syrup and smoke that Cheeba Im way too gangta for Justin Bieber I dont want to do a do a duet This little motherfuckers gonna ruin my rep Every rapper has to do a song with this cutie Its the hip-hop version of jury duty Ill never sell out, cus Im little Wheezy Im feeling light headed and a little queasy Wanna carry you around on my shoulders And tattoo your name up on my shoulders You could be my little caucasian brother If we go to the movies do we have to bring Usher? I got a baby mama but I want to leave her Cus I gotta bad case of the Bieber Fever BIEBER Bieber Bieber Fever Now the whole planets got Bieber Fever The streets will flow with blood of the non-believers Theres no defense against Bieber Fever LIL WAYNE Bieberback, Bieberback. Bieberback, ribs. Yummy. -- MORE BARELY: Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical Facebook! *******www.facebook****/thekeyofawesome Get the songs on iTunes! ***********/us/album/the-key-awesome-deluxe-edition/id374349910 TShirts! *******thekeyofawesome.spreadshirt**** Mark's Channel: *******youtube****/markdouglas Todd's Stuff *******youtube****/wombatron *******www.twitter****/toddwomack Follow us on Twitter *******www.twitter****/barelypolitical *******www.twitter****/barelydigital Leave us a voicemail 1-(646)-827-2202 Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome P.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113
13 Feb 2013
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1:30 Laser Pointer Stand off 16:36 Prayer and Cancer..... 19:50 Swami Levitation..... 24:11 MARS Virus..... 27:00 Fear Of Numbers..... 29:08 Naming Rights..... 38:15 Jury Duty 1..... 41:01 Jury Duty 2 (Cocaine)..... 52:34 Islam's Fall..... 57:10 Religion and Science 1:02:50 Intelligent Design 1:03:30 Stupid Design (classic) 1:05:10 Birth of Atheism 1:07:30 Religion among scientist 1:12:26 Bible in the Classroom 1:15:49 Einstein and God put to rest! Astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson presents the keynote address at TAM6. His "brain droppings" cover everything from UFO abductions to 13th floors to jury duty. Dr. Tyson is the host of NOVA scienceNOW on PBS, and has been a frequent guest on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. His presentation from TAM6 is one of the most entertaining presentations from any Amaz!ng Meeting.
30 Sep 2013
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