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just do it
11 Mar 2007
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nike just do it football's
24 Nov 2007
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Just do it
4 Jul 2008
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Day 7 - JUST DO IT Challenge - Build muscles while walking.... I am bringing my 72 OZ water bottle with me... 4.5 pounds over an hour walk seems to work arms and upper body... upper, lower and cardio all in one session
8 Oct 2008
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Just Do It vs Cico - Red Bull BC One 2008...Cico Wins...Its an Okay battle...seen better...
7 May 2009
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Art Williams The Best of A W Intro Just do and do very Inspiring jut do it tell you win NOW IS THE TIME TO GET EXCITED!!! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS AND START YOUR ENGINES! Very rarely does a company come around that can put you into serious positive cash-flow immediately, right out of the gate! There is only one network marketing company that can make that statement! Do you want to stop the insanity and finally start making money? Just DO it! What If? You just do it GET EXCITED!!! This is your business and your part of the team... Remember this: "If it's meant to be, it's up to me" Plug in! Your in the driver sit?
16 Sep 2009
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Chance Pe Dance - Just Do It Full HQ Video
11 Feb 2010
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Check out this dramatic clip from the new environmentalist documentary, Just Do It.
15 Jul 2011
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Watch this scene from environmentalist documentary, Just Do It.
15 Jul 2011
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Tax Article June 2017 This is NOT a boring tax 101 article it is for experienced property investors My key points 1. Most accountants are lazy 9 out of 10 people I talk to do not know if their accountant is doing the best for them, and getting back all they can. What is your accountant missing out on that gives more money on your pocket 2. Your property and investments are a business , treat it as such, as a professional 3. Understand ATO profiling of who you are and what you can claim within the guidelines 4. Know your stuff, spend time to get sorted and be prepared for tax time. No one else will for you. 5. Ask all your questions to your accountants, don’t be shy , empty your head , push them- that is what you pay them for Common Mistakes 1. ALL interest charged - Loan for property - Loan/ equity from home - Credit card for rates and all expenses 2. Business Expenses Insurances, phone, car, all advice, internet, meetings training/ courses/ education, the lot 3,. Office/ home office Furniture, including depreciation of, power, other Eg. $1000 on a laptop or a computer each year 3. Travel to and from your properties Due diligence time, pre purchase, during contract and building, at settlement/ completion 2 inspections per year, per property All travel, meals, meetings, expenses (phone etc) 4. No Tax variation in place to assist cashflow during the year. Focus that money each pay period on smashing your home loan 5. Scrapping and Depreciation What works did you do, what was taken out And then no matter how old the property ask a professional QS to give you a report 6. Being chicken to move away from a crap accountant, especially long term ‘family ones’ They are costing you a fortune, just do it 7. Giving someone else the responsibility for your money and tax affairs, own it
8 Jun 2017
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playing high class cs
1 Jun 2007
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26 Aug 2007
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Lets Enjoy this video
4 Sep 2007
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*******streamingtheolympics****/search/label/Rafa_Nadal ----- El nuevo spot de Rafael Nadal. Aqui está el último anuncio que ha grabado Rafa Nadal para Nike con motivo de los Juegos 2008. El tenista te descubre uno de sus secretos mejor guardados.
12 Aug 2008
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In these vedio there r two cool commercial of nike. from Nike****/freestyle. With a super cool song SUNDAY. So plz plz plz rate it 5 And comment it good.
2 Dec 2008
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RULES: Get out and MOVE! Walk, Jog or Run Go further each day Go faster each day Vblog your success (1 vid per day) Drink only liquid calories Do not weigh yourself for 30 days Eat healthy.. 30 days.. no free days
6 Oct 2008
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