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September 2008
17 Jan 2009
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Yeah, it's a great party, we really happy!!
29 Jan 2009
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Distinctive life 09
29 Jan 2009
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0321 5041457 rizwan ali siddiqui wah cantt taxila rawalpindi punjab pakistan
28 Jun 2009
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Raising Awareness Productions produces exciting commercials for broadcast TV and the web. This commercial was edited with a strong male voice over for Sky TV and the web.
6 Feb 2010
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20 Sep 2011
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22 Mar 2012
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Welcome ******* - ******* - *******benhvienthammy****.vn
29 May 2012
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[미디어인뉴스] 8월 30일 오전 서울 잠원동의 한 스튜디오에서 모델 최미나의 코리아그라비아 제작발표회가 열렸다. 완벽 글래머 최미나(28)가 코리아그라비아에서 과감한 노출로 아찔한 섹시미를 발산했다. 최미나는 팬들에게 더욱더 멋진 사진을 선보이기 위해 촬영 2개월 전부터 운동 및 식이요법 등의 꾸준한 체형관리를 하는 열의를 보이며 스스로 이번 화보에 대한 기대감을 감추지 않았다. 관계자는 "체력적으로 힘든 촬영임에도 불구 꾸준한 자기관리로 프로다운 모습을 선보여 기존 화보와는 차별화된 업그레이드 된 명품화보를 선보일 것"이라며 이번 화보에 대한 만족감을 드러냈다. 한편 성숙한 모습으로 돌아온 최미나의 이번 화보는 8월 30일부터 SK텔레콤 무선네이트 코리아그라비아를 통해 감상 할 수 있다.
3 Aug 2013
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FREE MP3 HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *******www.davidchoimusic****/videocategories Artist: Mr. Audio Preview (Next to Post Comment) Written and Produced by: David Choi My Music: *******www.myspace****/davidchoimusic
15 Feb 2012
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Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with *******Shazap****. Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at *******twitter****/devincurry. This book is a bit of a regroup issue for the team and doesn’t have the same level of action that we’ve seen in the first 6 but it is still just as good. There is an exciting development with Angel and how it seams that when he is threatened he now reverts back to Arch Angel until he calms down again. First off this kind of gives him a place on this team of living weapons, and it makes him a serious wild card out in the field. The best moment in this book was when Wolverine was yelling at Cyclops and holding him by the shirt and if you look at his hands you can see his claws barely poking out of his hands and little trickles of blood streaming down from them. Serious props to Mike Choi for bringing that kind of detail to his art work and adding depth to a character and a scene. This book has kept its momentum so far and I’m ready for the team to go out hunting. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Nov 2010
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If Los Angeles had an official food, it would undoubtedly be the taco. And to feed LA's incessant need for 24/7 snack-sized meat-filled tortillas, there are seemingly thousands of mobile taco delivery vehicles (aka "taco trucks") across the megalopolis, each with its own interpretation of the classic dish. For those on a budget, taco trucks make for cheap, recession-friendly but delicious eats—usually not much more than a buck per item. And for food lovers everywhere, the lively online and offline discussion among aficionados shows that taco truck culture is about being part food critique and part political activist with just a little bit of hungry thrown in. Highland Park, in the northeast part of the city near Eagle Rock and Mount Washington, is the city's proverbial taco capital, and that's where we start this episode of Good Food. Join our host, Evan Kleimain, to learn about the most common taco flavors—from the classic "al pastor," to the more adventurous cabeza (beef head and cheeks) and lengua (tongue). Then we head west to Venice Beach with Eddie Lin to sample the ultra-trendy Kogi truck where the Shin-Manguera family and chef Roy Choi bring gourmet Korean-inspired tacos to hipsters across LA, and still at only $2 a piece. Applauded for both their stellar menu as well as their high-tech savvy, you can get up-to-the-minute location data on the Kogi fleet at *******twitter****/kogibbq/. Or go to *******www.kcrw****/goodfood to learn more about this episode and taco truck culture in Los Angeles. Dive into food culture with Evan Kleiman, accomplished chef, restaurateur and host of KCRW's weekly radio program Good Food, to discover great but little-known restaurants, explore dining trends, meet dynamic food personalities, and learn about the politics of consumption. Created by 60Frames and KCRW. Hosted by Evan Kleiman. Good Food is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at *******www.60frames****.
2 Apr 2009
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