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Ideas for Aluminum and Specialty Retail. Stocks covered include Kaiser Aluminum (KALU), Coach (COH) and Hibbet Sports (HIBB).
1 Feb 2012
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At Comfort Care Heating and Cooling, Incorporated it's our number one priority to make sure you're comfortable year round. We're locally owned and operated and provide high quality HVAC service, prompt project completion, and great customer service. Free estimates and 12 month financing are available, so don't wait. Comfort Care Heating and Cooling, Incorporated, Call us today! Comfort Care Heating and Cooling, Inc. (573) 677-4264 3669 Kaiser Rd. Kaiser, MO 65047 www.kaiserhvacservice****
7 Feb 2012
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It’s that time of year when many of us will haul out our holiday decorations, purchase gifts, throw holiday parties and gather family and friends around for feasts that celebrate the harvest and bounty from the year’s activities. Whether it’s in the form of gift-giving, sharing a festive meal, decorating or travel, there are many ways to celebrate the season that don’t create unnecessary waste. Here are some suggestions for having a happy holiday season, while keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum. We’d like to thank the Green Team from the Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center for sparking these great ideas. Decorations There are many eco-friendly alternatives to holiday decorations and rituals. Consider these greener approaches: Use LED holiday lights to save energy and increase safety (LED bulbs are cooler, thus reducing the risk of holiday tree fires). Purchase or make your own all-natural beeswax candles. Avoid using plastic or disposable decorations that aren’t recyclable. Holiday Trees Holiday trees are a festive way to add a touch of nature to your decor and honor the traditions of this time of year. The question of whether a real tree or an artificial tree is best for the environment can be a complex one. When making a decision about what kind of holiday tree to get for your household, keep these thoughts in mind: If you’re choosing a real tree, consider where the tree is being sourced. Look for trees grown organically or without chemicals and pesticides. Get trees that are sourced locally. Consider recycling or mulching the tree once the holidays are over. Choosing a real potted tree (with the roots intact) could be an even better option; plant or donate it and you’ll be allowing it to flourish and grow long after the holiday celebrations have faded. Choosing an artificial tree might allow a real tree to continue living. But make sure you avoid ones made with chemicals such as PVC, a plastic that harms humans and the environment. Choose trees made from natural materials where possible. Skip the fake snow on your holiday tree (often known as “flocked” trees) as it is often made from environmentally harmful chemicals that are also bad for our health. Try something altogether different and build your own tree out of pruned tree branches or other crafty materials. Gift Giving Reflect, and consider what the holidays mean to you. Take a pause before each holiday purchase. Gifts can be given in many forms: Take someone on an adventure; give the gift of time together. Host an exchange and swap delicious and healthy treats, clothes, toys or recipes. Give handmade or homemade items. Buy locally made or eco-friendly products. Purchase reusable items, like travel mugs, that help reduce waste year round. Replace paper cards and letters with e-cards and emails. Consider consumable gifts like food treats or flowers from your local farmers market. Include rechargeable batteries for electronic gifts, for a gift that keeps giving. Gift Wrapping Did you know that shiny or glittery wrapping paper is not recyclable because of the ink and chemicals used to process it? Create beautiful gift wrap that is recyclable or reusable: Save and reuse paper gift bags each year. Wrap gifts in the tissue and bags given out by department stores. Make your own reusable gift bags using fabric scraps, tablecloths, old maps, newspaper or decorate old grocery bags and use them as wrapping paper. Ask mail centers and shipping stores if they will take boxes and packing material like foam peanuts for reuse. Food This year, give yourself the gift of good health. You can enjoy the treats of the season while still keeping your health goals on track: Check out Dr. Preston Maring’s tips *******recipe.kaiser-permanente****/ on healthy, seasonal holiday foods. Use reusable cups, plates, flatware, and napkins when hosting an event with food. Plan meals carefully to avoid excessive leftovers that get thrown away, or send leftovers home with your guests. Travel Whether you’re headed over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, or to a beach along the coast, look for ways to reduce your use of fossil fuels and make your trip stress-free. Avoid vehicle trips when possible, especially shorter trips that can be made by bike or by foot. When it’s not possible to avoid the car, try carpooling or using public transportation. No matter what you do this holiday season, you can celebrate it and protect the environment. May it be a season of joy, warmth and total health spent in the company of family, friends and loved ones.
27 Dec 2012
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*******www.ppss-northamerica****/bullet-proof-vests/ See Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group get shot by a 9mm Parabellum from close range - demonstrating the outstanding performance of PPSS bullet proof vests.
16 Apr 2013
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*******www.ppss-group****/stab_vests.html - See Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group get beaten, slashed and stabbed - demonstrating the outstanding performance of PPSS stab resistant vests.
16 Apr 2013
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Shakira gave birth to her son Milan just three months ago, and she's already dropped 30 pounds! Her trainer Anna Kaiser tells Life and Style, "Shakira is incredibly smart and very focused when it comes to working out. She loves to make her workouts as efficient and effective as possible." The key is Anna's AKT In Motion workouts, dance-based cardio combined with cross-training. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Shakira was already in the best shape of her life, living on a clean diet of lean protein, fresh veggies and limited fat.
17 Apr 2013
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As a health care organization, Kaiser Permanente knows that victims of violence and abuse have an increased likelihood of stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and early death. Recognizing that violence as a preventable public health issue, the organization goes beyond providing care to victims who visit its emergency departments and medical facilities. Watch a 3-minute video to learn the unique approach Kaiser Permanente is taking to work with organizations like Youth UpRising, Wellspace and the Public Health Institute to address violence.
22 Jan 2014
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A second version to "I Predict a Riot"
30 Sep 2006
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a very cool match between these team & ther was a goal that was scored by the goal kepper essam el hadary (eyptian player).
9 May 2007
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Tashfactor give 2 free tickets away to some unsuspecting Christmas revellers!
4 Dec 2007
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ksar said 2 in the summer by salim touna and lotfi lou
2 Jul 2008
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Video showing Second Life working on Windows Mobile 6 AT&T Tilt with Vollee.
28 Dec 2008
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Video recording the install of TomTom 6 on ATT Tilt.
31 Jan 2009
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Vea el video completo en www.ErnestoJustiniano**** Las explicaciones de NSA, Erika, su mamá, Chaly Paz. La denuncia. Cecilia Sanabria no estuvo en el programa, vuelve?. TV: NSA - Red Uno
10 Apr 2009
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This is a video of myself testing out the new Wii Punch Out. This game is lots of fun and this is my first attempt at playing the game. Reviews everywhere gave it a 8.5 out of 10 but I would say it is more on the level of 9 out of 10 if you are a true fan of the original. The controls are a bit difficult when you are throwing punches but it is a pretty good work out. I will post more at *******extendedplayarcade****
23 May 2009
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Japan⇒『 Captain Tsubasa 』 『 キャプテン翼 』 The United States⇒『 Flash Kicker 』 Italy⇒『 Holly e Benji 』 Spain⇒『 Oliver y Benji 』 France⇒『 Olive et Tom 』 Germany⇒『 Die tollen Fußballstars 』 Poland⇒『 Kapitan Jastrzab 』 South America⇒『 Super campeones 』 Portugal and Brazil⇒『 Super Campeões 』 Taiwan⇒『 足球小将 翼 』『 天使之翼 』 Hong Kong⇒『 足球小將 』 Turkey⇒ 『 Küçük Golcü 』 Arabia⇒『 كابتن ماجد 』 『 Captain Majid 』 Hangul⇒『 캡틴날개 』
24 Jun 2009
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