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This short film show how You can play in this simple game. You only need car and rock fence. But You must be careful on childrens!
25 Jan 2009
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Woodstock: The Lost Performances Directed by Michael Wadleigh Produced by Bob Kaminsky and Peter Kaminsky. The Lost Performances is a compilation from unused Woodstock movie material. The movie was distributed as a VHS by Warner Home Video. The running order is not chronological.
2 Sep 2011
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10 Sep 2011
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// PEČI Keramika d.o.o. // ******* lončene peči peči na drva krušne peči kmečke peči zidani štedilniki zidane kuhinje kombinirane peči toplozračni kamini kaminski vložki kaminske peči šamotna opeka ekonomično ogrevanje
13 Sep 2011
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Making Whoopies! These pies are more cake like rather than a cookie or pie. Hannah Kaminsky's vagan version is sure to please the senses. It's hard to resist! You will find the recipe at
18 Jul 2008
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Http://Www.KaminskiyInc.Com 888.301.7815 San Diego Home remodeling, room additions, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling is Kaminskiy's specialty. When planning a home remodeling project or a room addition in San Diego, trust your home to San Diego's local, reliable and affordable Kaminsky Construction Inc. Free Design Service!
9 May 2010
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Looking for my kitty, have you seen him?
20 May 2007
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9 Jan 2010
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The Producer of MadWorld talks about the storyline, combat system, and soundtrack of the game.
13 May 2010
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Peter Silva of F5 finishes his chat with IOActive's Dan Kaminsky. Please see Part 1 for complete description. In this segment, DNSSEC conversation continues and Dan explains what's happened since his discovery of DNS Cache Poisoning vulnerability. And info on an upcoming DNSSEC Webinar.
19 Mar 2010
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12 Aug 2010
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Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov is an honest policeman in a very dishonest post-Soviet Union. He and his team are searching for a serial killer who has claimed at least forty victims. And then there is the problem of protecting a visiting British journalist who is working on a story about a Moscow prostitution ring -- in doing so Rostnikov and his team uncover a chain of murders that lead to a source too high to be held accountable if the police want to keep their jobs -- or their lives. learn more Format: Digital ISBN-13: 978-1-60283-891-8Length: 7 Hr 56 Min Price: $21.95
27 Jan 2010
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This particular childhood favorite turned out to be one of the most difficult recipes for me to master. Now, Hannah Kaminsky is happy to share her easy method. Get the recipe at
8 Oct 2008
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*******www.suprememastertv**** -Baking with Hannah Kaminsky, Author of My Sweet Vegan: Cashew Crème Pear Tart, Episode: 721, Air date: 4 - Sept - 2008
9 Feb 2009
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24 Sep 2010
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Video Source: Allstate Foundation June 13, 2013 /3BL Media/Corporate Social Responsibily/ Privacy - Big Brother is watching and Americans know it. New figures from the quarterly Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll show that most Americans exhibit a healthy amount of skepticism and resignation about data collection and surveillance, and show varying degrees of trust in institutions to responsibly use their personal information. Recent headlines focusing on government collection of telephone records within the United States may further stoke the underlying worries that the American public has about data privacy. Watch a live briefing on key findings from the latest Heartland Monitor Poll today at 8:30 a.m., ET at *******www.nationaljournal****/events, featuring Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN),member of the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus; Jon Leibowitz, former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission; and other privacy experts. The 17th quarterly Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll investigates American attitudes and opinions on the collection and use of their personal information by various groups and institutions and how big data affects their personal privacy. The poll asks Americans their impression of the likelihood that their personal information is available to the government, businesses, individuals, and other groups without their consent – and to what extent people believe they can control how much personal information is shared. A full 85 percent of Americans believe their communications history, like phone calls, emails and Internet use, are accessible to the government, businesses, and others. Two in three (66 percent) feel that they have little or no control over the type of information that is collected and used by various groups and organizations. Fifty-nine percent, meanwhile, feel that they are unable to correct inaccurate personal information. The poll – conducted days before the disclosure of top-secret government surveillance programs – also finds that just 48 percent of Americans have some or a great deal of trust in the government when it comes to the use of their personal data. Similarly, cell phone and Internet service providers are trusted by just 48 percent of the public. Healthcare providers and employers were seen as the most trustworthy institutions with respect to responsible use of information, with 80 percent of all respondent and 79 percent of employed respondents saying they have some or a great deal of trust in them, respectively. The survey finds that Americans are also divided on possible steps to improve national security, with just 10 percent supporting expanded government monitoring of phone and email activities. Rather, the public is more likely to favor increased use of camera surveillance of public places, with 44 percent supporting the measure, followed by 16 percent of respondents in favor of increased censorship of websites and less freedom to access sources on the Internet. However, a full 42 percent of respondents said they oppose all three options. With respect to privacy in the future, nine in ten poll respondents said they feel that they have less privacy than previous generations and expect the next generation will be even worse off. Meanwhile, a clear majority (88 percent) favors a federal policy to require the deletion of online information and nearly four in ten (37 percent) report they have personally experienced fraudulent use of their personal information to make purchases without their consent. Importantly, a wide majority of Americans (79 percent) believe that IRS scrutiny of the political activities of certain groups is typical and has probably happened under previous administrations. When asked to weigh the relative benefits and drawbacks of personal data collection, Americans generally believe the practice has a mostly negative impact. More than half (55 percent) say the collection and use of information is mostly negative because the information can be collected and used in a way that can risk personal privacy, peoples' safety, financial security, and individual liberties. A minority (38 percent) believe it is mostly positive because more information can result in better decisions about how to improve the economy, grow businesses, provide better service, and increase public safety. Despite an overall sense of discomfort with information collection and usage, Americans do recognize they could receive some transactional benefits or advantages in exchange for their personal information. More than two in three Americans believe that the collection and use of their personal information is likely to result in a greater ability to stay in touch with friends and relatives, receive more information about interesting products and services, and result in access to lower prices. Americans are understandably concerned that the fundamental American right to privacy is no more, said Marci Kaminsky, senior vice president of public relations for Allstate Insurance Company. A majority of Americans aren't happy or comfortable about the collection and use of their personal information, and they have mixed feelings about whether they can trust that their information is being used responsibly. Protecting privacy and rebuilding trust with Americans will require shared accountability and compromise among the public and private sectors, as well as among individual citizens. This survey found Americans teetering between anticipation and anxiety as they sort through the implications of the brave new world of communications, connectivity, and surveillance, addedRonald Brownstein, editorial director of Atlantic Media. Just as revealing, follow-up interviews with respondents found that many people feel as if they have no real opportunity to personally determine whether the benefits of the new communications world justify the cost: since few see opting out of the Internet and connectivity revolution as a real option, many of those interviewed project the sense that the erosion of privacy is another broad trend, like the decline of employment security, that is being imposed on average Americans by forces beyond their control. In that way, these new findings strongly echo perhaps the central chord of the previous 16 Heartland Monitor surveys: the widespread belief among Americans that they are 'paddling alone' without support from any institution as they navigate the turbulence of modern life. Key findings from the 17th Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll follow and are available via PDF. Additional information on the entire polling series can be found at:*******www.theheartlandvoice****/category/insights. For more CSR videos like this one subscribe to 3BLMedia's Youtube Channel at****/3BLMedia
19 Jun 2013
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