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Join TablaGirl, Tina Sugandh as she embarks on her journey to become the next International Bollywood Superstar. In order to accomplish her goals, Tina must train her voice, body, and mind. To reach her goals, Tina pursues the services of the top trainer in Bollywood, Guru Kanaiya. Join Tina and Guru Kanaiya as they practice singing in this episode. Will Tina reach superstardom? Be sure to watch all of Tina's episodes and the premiere of her music video, "BollyWood Girl" set to release in August.
24 Jul 2011
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Up and coming music Sensation Tina Sugandh, also known as "TablaGirl" takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to be a Bollywood SuperStar. On this episode, Tina shares her secrets on how to get those washboard Bollywood Abs. Does Tina have an incredible routine and diet, or just a really good trainer? Stay tuned to find out the secret to getting a "12 pack" and what it takes to be a "Bollywood Girl."
25 Jul 2009
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Hey re kanhaiyaa kisako kahegaa tuu maiyaa * Movie: Chhoti Bahu * Singer(s): Kishore Kumar * Music Director: Kalyanji, Anandji * Lyricist: Indeevar * Actors/Actresses: Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Nirupa Roy, Shashikala IS Jauhar * Year/Decade: 1971, 1970s he re kanhaiyaa kisako kahegaa tuu maiyaa ek ne tujhako janm diyaa re ek ne tujhako paalaa kanhaiyaa kisako kahegaa ... maanii maanataa_e.N aur devii-dev puuje piir sahii devakii ne duudh me.n nahalaane kaa god me.n khilaane kaa sukh ...
30 Mar 2009
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Krishna Kanaiya Laal Ki Jai.. Hari bol
7 Dec 2012
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Movie Bedardi (1993) Synopsis: Bedardi is a story of two brothers. The elder brother Nirbhay Saxena is a renowned professor who value his self respect more than anything else. The younger brother Vijay Saxena is in search of a job. Two lakh rupees which were to be used for their sisters wedding are robbed from Vijays hands. Afraid of the consequences that might follow Vijay agrees to a murder contract. This act of Vijay spells disaster for the entire family. The happiness that once existed comes to an end. And behind all this is the villain K.K. (Kanaiya) who is seeking revenge against Nirbhay. But to put an end to all the evil of K.K., Nirbhay and Vijay- the harmless become Merciless. Thrilling action, high voltage drama and exquisite song dance sequences make Bedardi an entertainer par excellence.
11 Dec 2013
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