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4 Sep 2017
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Trafik Karman Çorman ama sorunsuz
23 Jun 2009
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7 Aug 2011
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8 Aug 2011
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18 Jan 2010
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22 May 2010
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25 Feb 2010
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CHAOSMOS/TOMIOKA Masahiro [CHAOSMOS]series Interactive Phenomenal Art Exhibit
1 Nov 2010
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Film Spot Brosway Jewels: Made of Light Francesca Lodo - Kal Karman
14 Dec 2007
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16 Feb 2011
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BY SARAH NG ANCHOR CHRSITINA HARTMAN Three women were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Friday. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen will share the award. KOVR reports. “Their first democratically elected female president will share the prize of another Africa peace activist and a woman that has worked for democracy and peace in Yemen. All three winners were awarded for their efforts to protect women from violence and help them gain rights.” Johnson-Sirleaf ran for president of Liberia in 2005 against footballer-turned-politician George Weah and won in a run-off election. Reporters for McClatchy say, her win symbolized more than just democracy -- it paved the way for equal opportunity for women in Liberia. “Sirleaf’s landmark election in 2005 after Liberia's brutal 14-year civil war demonstrated to Africa's growing number of female legislators, Cabinet ministers and other politicians that the top offices in their countries were no longer marked ‘Men Only.’” Ms. Gbowee, a compatriot of Johnson-Sirleaf, fought to defend women and girls who were raped by soldiers during the country’s long civil war. A CNN correspondent gives us her background. “She used to be a trauma counsellor and she was instrumental in pushing for pro-peace for activists to stop the second civil war in Liberia, bravely fought against in a way the tyranny of Charles Taylor’s time and help pave the way for democratic elections.” The Los Angeles Times reports on one of Gbowee’s attention-grabbing tactics during the war. “During the civil war, Gbowee organized a ‘sex strike’ to urge men to stop fighting. She told National Public Radio in 2009: ‘We didn't have the power to go to peace talks, so we just thought, what else do we have to lose? Our bodies are their battlefield.’” And Ms. Karman, founder of Women Journalist without Chains, was one of the main individuals who protested against the authoritarian government in Yemen long before Arab Spring. (The New York Times) “...Ms. Karman has been widely known as a vocal opponent of the pro-American regime of Mr. Saleh since 2007 … Her brief arrest by the authorities in January incensed many people and is credited by some analysts in Yemen with starting the widespread protests that have convulsed the impoverished land since.” In Yemen, Karman is sometimes called “The Mother of Revolution.” Her inclusion in the award is seen as a nod by the Nobel committee to the Arab Spring uprisings.
10 Oct 2011
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BY BLAKE HANSON After nine months of mass protests, Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh has finally said said he plans to step down. CBC News reports... “Yemen’s embattled president Ali Abdullah Saleh has vowed in an address on state television to leave power ‘in the coming days.’ ‘I reject power and I will continue to reject it,’ he said in the speech Saturday to citizens of the Middle Eastern nation, which has been largely paralysed by nearly nine months of mass protests against his 33-year rule.” Not long after, Saleh’s aides qualified his statements -- saying some of what the Yemeni president said was a mistake. CNN explains... “Following the remarks, senior Saleh officials said the president did not intend to say that he will be leaving within days, and added that he would step down only if a transition plan is approved. That plan was hammered out by the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional bloc of Gulf Arab nations.” Saying he’ll step down is nothing new for Saleh. The Blog American Thinker says he’s made this claim before. “There is plenty of history to suggest that Yemen's two faced president Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to pull another Bullwinkle on the Yemeni people and reneg on his promise to step down soon. Like Bullwinkle who kept trying to pull a rabbit out of a top hat but kept failing, Salah has 3 times in the past year said he will step down only to go back on that promise at the 11th hour.” Newly-named Yemeni Noble Peace Prize winner Tawakkul Karman is also chiming in on Saleh’s statements. The Global Post quotes Karman as saying... "We don't believe this man and if he wants to step down, okay, that belongs to him... He has to hand over the power; he has to give the power that he has stolen to the revolution people, the revolution rule. We don't believe him... We are continuing our peaceful revolution." Transcript by Newsy
10 Oct 2011
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