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Greatest Astrologer of the World Award conferred on 5th June, 2006, consequent on my 27 presentations on the same podium of U.N.O. International educational conferences and symposia and in the presence of the observers from U.N.O. head-quarters, New York. Ask for detailed prospects in your career, business, income, target project, choice-marriage, relationship, relocation on earth, re-union, hardships, overseas matters, trade, music, research, authorship, name, fame, recovery, speculation, political success, spiritual rise. Send your specific questions with or without D.o.b. / time and place of birth. Each question / issue is answered in detail as to the success, achievement, fulfillment, delay, broad time factor, happening / not happening, level of success, howsoever coming off. ‘ Do-it-yourself’ spiritual remedies suggested for specific improvement, without obligation. Keep my predictions and verdict for a few years to tally events. Nothing happens to the contrary, based on my 35 years’ research in Indian / Vedic Astrology and K.P. System. Legally, I am a disclaimer. Contacts: Dr. Ved Prakash: Ph. D. (Astrological Science) website: www.vedastrology**** e-mail: mailvedastrology****> <vedastrologyhotmail****> Tele: 91-11-28546404. 45535416. Cell-phone: 9899090121. 9899090205.
24 Mar 2011
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Watch My Name Is Earl Episodes at *******watchearl.blogspot****/ Earl Hickey's life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, but after winning a small lottery jackpot he has an epiphany and vows to change his ways. Upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his limp hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes off in Earl's dim head and he sets out to right every wrong he has done starting with a grade school geek.
10 Apr 2008
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WONG: New York is halfway across the globe from China, but it』s not as far away as you might think when it comes to the communist regime』s politics. Today, on the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Chinese regime is attempting to crush dissent yet again—this time on American soil. STORY: For the past four years, adherents of the Falun Gong spiritual practice have been protesting in New York』s Flushing Chinatown. They』re calling for human rights in China—and encouraging Chinese people to renounce their association with the Communist Party, which is responsible for persecuting Falun Gong. Well, it was about two weeks ago that this group of peaceful Falun Gong practitioners—in their trademark yellow T-shirts—was joined by a much less peaceful group. As we』ve reported recently, an angry mob of Chinese has gathered nearby almost daily to curse at, and even physically attack, the Falun Gong—doing exactly as instructed by the Chinese consulate. [Yi Rong, Director of the Quit CCP Center]: 」Falun Gong practitioners have been attacked by a large crowd of people, the CCP is definitely behind [this] for about two weeks, continuous attack for about two weeks. And on May 31, the CCP』s strategy got more sophisticated: several of their agents donned yellow T-shirts and pretended to be Falun Gong practitioners. Mingling amongst them, they started shouting that Chinese people deserved the earthquake in Sichuan as some sort of 」karmic retribution.」 Falun Gong practitioner Wang Weixing: [Weixing Wang, Falun Gong Practitioner]: 」They first pretend to be Falun Gong practitioners when they speak to people, then in the middle of the conversation they say, 』the more people that have died the better』...They are not Falun Gong practitioners but they pretend they are.」 Wang says it』s all part of the Chinese regime』s decade-long propaganda campaign to make Falun Gong practitioners seem crazy in order to justify its violent persecution. And today』s anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre is a reminder that some things never change; the communist regime used the same tactic 19 years ago. Before the massacre on June 4, 1989, the communist regime dispatched spies to mingle with the participants in Beijing』s democratic movement. They smashed military vehicles, stole weapons, and even burned the corpses of two captured soldiers. For 19 years, Chinese state-run television has played recordings of this over and over again. Former Chinese diplomat and communist party defector Chen Yonglin says many Chinese people still believe precisely what they have been told by the Chinese media: that no students were killed by the military. Instead, the students in Tiananmen Square attacked the soldiers. [Chen Yonglin, Former Chinese Diplomat] 」The young people nowadays have all forgotten. And for older people, they are too scared to speak because they』ve been under so much brutality and pressure over a long period of time. So if everybody』s like this, then China has no hope.」 And the attacks on Falun Gong in New York are just the tip of the iceberg, according to a Chinese political insider who wishes to remain anonymous for his safety. He told The Epoch Times that it』s part of a grand plan by Zh?u Y?ngk?ng, the head of the Chinese regime』s spy network, that the purpose of planting spies amongst Falun Gong protesters serves two purposes: One is to incite hatred against Falun Gong, and the other is to shift people』s focus away from the Chinese regime』s mishandling of the Sichuan earthquake and other natural disasters. He says the regime is also using the New York event as a testing ground to quash potential protests on other cities. If successful, he says, the plan will be implemented by Chinese embassies and consulates in Japan, Canada, and Great Britain. Kaman Pun, NTD, New York. 其他推薦: 2008新唐人電視台全球系列大賽(小提琴,聲樂,舞蹈,武術,鋼琴,漢服設計,油畫,廚技,攝影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 視頻百科 拓展您的視野 ******* 新唐人油畫大賽 台灣藝術家不缺席 *******
6 Jul 2008
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This guided meditation uses EFT and Ho'oponopono spiritual technology to deal with all your problems no matter what they may be. All the great Spiritual Masters tell us that our problems and challenges are nothing but reminders that we need to urgently deal with certain aspects of our behaviour or thinking. There are also those who tell us that problems, catastrophes, illnesses and loss are the results of karmic debts incurred because of our present of past actions and thoughts, or the actions and thoughts of our ancestors before us. The Gospel and other scriptures reveal that our Creator will swiftly delete these karmic debts and will erase all negative effects if we ask for this intervention in sincere prayer. In order to achieve this we must go before our Heavenly Father with the same mindset of a child who is seeking comfort and protection. This prayer meditation is especially powerful for those of us who grew up with inadequate parents who did not know how to give or receive love. In order to get the full benefit of this meditation we must go before our Creator with a mind free of opinions, blame or criticism against ourself or other people. Only then the Light of God will be able to do its work unhindered--and miracles can take place in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If you know someone who is in deep trouble--not matter how bad it may seem to be, give them a copy of this video or audio file. If you cannot do so, do the prayer on their behalf.
3 Dec 2008
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This guided meditation uses EFT and Ho'oponopono spiritual technology to deal with all your problems no matter what they may be. All the great Spiritual Masters tell us that our problems and challenges are nothing but reminders that we need to urgently deal with certain aspects of our behaviour or thinking. There are also those who tell us that problems, catastrophes, illnesses and loss are the results of karmic debts incurred because of our present of past actions and thoughts, or the actions and thoughts of our ancestors before us. The Gospel and other scriptures reveal that our Creator will swiftly delete these karmic debts and will erase all negative effects if we ask for this intervention in sincere prayer. In order to achieve this we must go before our Heavenly Father with the same mindset of a child who is seeking comfort and protection. This prayer meditation is especially powerful for those of us who grew up with inadequate parents who did not know how to give or receive love. In order to get the full benefit of this meditation we must go before our Creator with a mind free of opinions, blame or criticism against ourself or other people. Only then the Light of God will be able to do its work unhindered--and miracles can take place in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If you know someone who is in deep trouble--not matter how bad it may seem to be, give them a copy of this video or audio file. If you cannot do so, do the prayer on their behalf.
4 Dec 2008
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Sushmita is back with a bang! Our big-fat-Hollywood-Bollywood release Saregama India Ltd is scheduled to release “Karma Aur Holi” on the on 6th March 2009. Written and Directed by New York based Manish Gupta, the film has an eclectic mix of star cast from the east and west. Co-produced by Drena DeNiro, daughter of legendary Robert DeNiro, much-awaited film stars Sushmita Sen, Randeep Hooda, Rati Agnihotri, Suresh Oberoi, Deepal Shaw and international super model, Naomi Campbell, underground rapper Sticky Fingaz & Vincent Pannetta to name a few. Manish and Drena went great length to acquire services of Lysa Cooper, one of the biggest stylists in the world, having worked with likes of Madonna, Shakira and Britney Spears she made our gorgeous Ms Sen look even more sensational. Karma aur Holi happens to be the first Bollywood and Hollywood joint production with mainstream stars from both the film industries. This Karmic encounter of cultural confluences has come full cycle this Holi. Mr. Sharang Sharma - Head of Acquisition Distribution and New film Projjects says “We are confident that the movie will be liked by classes and masses as well, and we intend to go in for platform release strategy and will increase the print count as the movie builds up” The film deals with relationships of many dimensions, their conflicts and resolutions on the day of Holi signifying a new beginning. A contemporary film, wherein the story revolves around the identity of Indian families living in the U.S., having migrated from their native land, adapt to the difference in culture and how they have been ready to give up their inherent cultural inhibitions. The rawness of indie-film world of New York where Manish has worked adds the freshness and a flavor of timelessness to "Karma Aur Holi". The film was shot in New York and its suburbs and Princeton in New Jersey. This film is sure to pep up the Holi mood this year. H.S.COMMUNICATION
20 Feb 2009
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Watch My Name Is Earl Episodes at *******gowatchnow**** Earl Hickey's life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, but after winning a small lottery jackpot he has an epiphany and vows to change his ways. Upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his limp hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes off in Earl's dim head and he sets out to right every wrong he has done starting with a grade school geek.
7 Aug 2009
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FIND THE MASTERS HIDEN SECRETS OF MEDITATION********************* *******tinyurl****/relaxation-master ++++++++++++++++++++ White Fat Cow: How to Change Your Life, Fortune and Destiny Through Merit and Meditation If you have ever wanted to change your astrological fate and fortune, which is the karmic destiny you've inherited from past lives that you manifest in this life through your "hard efforts," then this manual will teach you how to defy a "capped" fate and turn lack into plenty and misfortune into fortune. By using the 6M method that combines eastern meditation techniques with Western material accomplishments, you'll become able to manifest a new fate and fortune you didn't have in store for this life.
24 May 2009
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SPREAD is a fresh, funny, and racy look at the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to a life of privilege in Los Angeles. Comic and karmic, the film is an immorality tale about a gorgeous guy who gives women what they want in order to live exactly as he likes.
1 Jul 2009
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Watch Movies For Free at:**************moovzon****/*******undepted****/Spread is a fresh, funny, and racy look at the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to a life of privilege in Los Angeles. Comic and karmic, the film is an immorality tale about a gorgeous guy who gives women what they want in order to live exactly as he likes.In Spread, Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) isn't a gigolo. He's a sexual grifter, a fun-loving, freeloading hipster who understands his greatest assets are his looks and sexual prowess, which he uses to charm his way into the hearts of the city's richest women and enjoy their lifestyle. Nikki gets a free place to live, fantastic gifts, A-list access, and plenty of sex. The women get to feel young, beautiful... and utterly fulfilled in the bedroom. It's a mutually beneficial set-up.Nikki's latest conquest is Samantha (Anne Heche), a stunning middle-aged lawyer who gives him more than he's ever had before. But then he meets a gorgeous waitress his own age named Heather (Margarita Levieva). She comes to visit Nikki at Samantha's house while Samantha is out of town, sees what an incredible place it is... and comes to the mistaken conclusion it's his. Unbeknownst to Nikki, Heather lives by playing the same game.When Samantha comes home, she discovers Nikki's infidelity and he's put out on the street. With nowhere else to turn, Nikki pulls out all the stops to win Heather over and they begin to form their own kind of bond. Sexually charged by a game of one-upsmanship, each shows the other their best grifts, and they unexpectedly begin falling in love the one thing they can't do in the life they lead. Soon, the truth of their unfolding relationship forces a choice between love and money, and Nikki has to decide whether he can live on his own once and for all in the hopes of finding something real.Studio: Anchor BayRelease: August 14, 2009Director: David MackenzieWriter: Jason Dean HallCast: Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva, Sebastian Stan, Sonia Rockwell, Maria Conchita AlonsoGenre: Comedy
22 Apr 2010
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SPREAD is a fresh, funny, and racy look at the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to a life of privilege in Los Angeles. Comic and karmic, the film is an “immorality tale” about a gorgeous guy who gives women what they want in order to live exactly as he likes. In SPREAD, Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) isn’t a gigolo. He’s a sexual grifter, a fun-loving, freeloading hipster who understands his greatest assets are his looks and sexual prowess, which he uses to charm his way into the hearts of the city’s richest women and enjoy their lifestyle. Nikki gets a free place to live, fantastic gifts, A- list access, and plenty of sex. The women get to feel young, beautiful… and utterly fulfilled in the bedroom. It’s a mutually beneficial set-up
25 Sep 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Rediscover Truth, Virtue,and Beauty - P1/2 April 24, 1993 Paris, France (In French). Episode: 1679, Air Date: 20 April 2011. Script *Good evening. I only wanted to say to you that today is a very special day, Supreme Master Ching Hai's first visit in Paris. For this type of event, normally speaking, Supreme Master Ching Hai never prepares her speeches in advance. She always speaks spontaneously, according to the public and the place. But because she is so in love with France and with the French language, and because it's been more than 20 years that she didn't have the opportunity to return to France, she therefore wanted to give her lecture in French. We worked a little bit yesterday evening - rather, a good part of the night - to try to write some lines so as to be able to offer you her message in French; to be closer and to help you to better understand it. So I wanted to explain that she never prepares her speech, but today the circumstances are a little bit special. She wants to offer this to you, to communicate in your language and to avoid any problems. I would like to take this opportunity to share a little bit of my experience with Supreme Master Ching Hai. I met her about four years ago, after having searched many years for the truth, and read many books. As I came from a Catholic family, I studied the Bible and I spent a big part of my schooling in a Catholic school. When my brother died, I was around thirteen and he was eighteen; I asked myself many questions about death. I suddenly realized that at the moment of death and after death, we leave everything we have, everything we have earned with so much effort during our life. In fact, we leave everything behind us. And since that day, I really asked myself questions about the aim of my life, whether we spend our entire life accumulating properties, social position, a certain prestige, and whether at the moment of death we leave everything behind. Something else must exist, my life wasn't… It wasn't clear. There must be something else. Then I studied a little bit, not only the western philosophies, but also the eastern philosophies, because one thing was sure, the truth - whatever exists in the East or in the West - should be the same. We all come from the same place, we have all the same fears, all the same needs. Therefore, I studied other philosophies. I obtained other answers, sometimes more concrete, sometimes more precise. Unhappily, this knowledge was always from books. I was very interested in reading a book, and this stimulated a huge feeling of curiosity within me. This also offered me a certain inner peace, intellectually speaking, but I still felt a kind of void within myself. I read stories of the lives of several saints, Catholic ones, or belonging to other religion. Sadly, these saints were part of another time, with other problems, with other temptations. All this was always, for me, something relatively distant. I was, therefore, a little bit frustrated. I tried some meditation techniques. I switched from one method to the other one when results were slow to come, but as Ramakrishna said it so well, if you spend your time digging small holes in your garden, you will never reach the spring. You must choose a place, dig a hole, and dig it every day until you reach the spring. Apparently I hadn't yet found the way which was suitable for me. I obtained many answers, which showed me that all religions, all philosophies, pointed toward the same direction. But this Kingdom of God, as described in the Bible, this Buddha Nature, as mentioned in the sutras and in many other holy scriptures, we don't know how to contact and to reach. Sadly, books don't give us enough information on this subject. They are like a menu. People speak to you about delicious dishes, but we never taste these foods. Then we are still hungry. One day I was very desperate to find a guide and a path, to find my reason for being on this planet, which was the most important thing for me. I think that life offers us many coincidences, although I don't think they were coincidences. I found in Supreme Master Ching Hai this incarnated truth that I read in my books. I don't say that as a sign of adoration or to put somebody on a pedestal, but because Supreme Master Ching Hai and all the great masters of the past, present and future, they all came to show us and to make us rediscover everything we possess forever within ourselves. I think that most of the time we don't think we are able, we don't think we possess this purity which is the characteristic of all saints and all great human beings who came to this planet. For this reason, the presence of a master is very, very important. It is indeed the mirror of our nicest qualities, the reflection of the potential we don't use because we are too busy every day. At home, at the office, we run left, we run right, because of all the responsibilities we have. And even before having had the time to look back, time is gone and we have become old, we have adopted many habits. We still want a little bit more, as a part of ourselves is not yet satisfied. The day I met Supreme Master Ching Hai I discovered a joy which was not based on something outside of myself. This is a joy that nothing can take from me. If I am rich today, nobody knows what tomorrow could bring; the stock exchange could collapse and perhaps I wouldn't have any money at all. This inner joy, described in all the great scriptures, we have it within us, and we can all find it. But for this we need the help of a guide, of somebody like us who had doubts, who has some knowledge, certain habits, who lives life as we ourselves live it. instead of having somebody who belongs to another century, who can't speak with us anymore, and who, perhaps, doesn't understand our problems. Then, after having met Supreme Master Ching Hai, I found not only a friend, a guide, but also somebody who showed me, at the same time, the inner path and the one for the day-to-day life. Because spirituality wouldn't make any sense if it couldn't help us in daily life - to find this inner peace of mind that we love so much, but let also the world around us enjoy it. And I think that everybody wishes to have peace in the world, everybody wants to have more compassion, more understanding for others, but we are “imprisoned” because of our habits, and because of our fears which paralyze us. We don't have the key that all masters coming to Earth have. They give us the key and don't demand anything in return; they only want us to discover our potential, following their steps. They never came to say that they are the only ones who are able to do it. Even Jesus Christ said, The things I do, you can do You will be able to do them even better.” This is the reason why today is a very special opportunity to have Supreme Master Ching Hai with us. It's her first official visit. I have not returned to France for almost twenty years. I studied French here for one year, but there has been little chance for me to practice it for a long time. Setting foot in Paris, I can taste the wonder and the beauty of this metropolis again, especially the evenings of Paris. I strolled around the city at dusk and enjoyed a cup of coffee with friends. I had almost forgotten the fascinating lifestyle of Paris, the cordiality of the people, the magnificent historical relics, and the prosperous culture. In some aspects, Paris has not changed much. Me neither. You neither, you didn't change. Paris is still as fascinating, beautiful, and elegant as before. She is always so artistic and romantic, representing the typical style of French living. Why does everyone love beauty? Why? Above all French people... We all love Truth, beauty, and kindness. This explains why women wear make-up and men put on smart clothing. People paint and furnish both the interior and exterior of their homes, and build beautiful houses, parks, gardens, fountains, and all sorts of artworks, and, of course, let's not forget the Eiffel Tower. We do all this to express our love for beauty. Even children demonstrate their tendency to this quality. They love wearing and showing their new dresses to others; they can easily forgive others, which is a demonstration of virtue. Children never lie because they are closer to Truth, beauty, and inner kindness, which are divine qualities. We show that we love Truth, virtue, and beauty because these qualities are inherent within us since childhood, but we have been influenced by the environment as we grew up. It seems that the more we succeed, the more we move away from our true Nature, from our essence. We have forgotten it because we fight for existence every day and collect useless information from society. So we are no longer as happy as when we were children. In childhood, we were so pure and innocent. We possess more kindness, virtue, and beauty than we can express. We cannot always be satisfied in our present situation, because the memory that comes with us from the Original Source is much more magnificent than anything we see in this material world. Most people are seeking endlessly for something, but they do not know what. We hope to find, in this material world, something that can lead us closer to our Original Source, the Heaven. However, the Paradise is within us. If we can find our inner Truth, virtue, and beauty again, then the material world will become more meaningful to us and the world will be more beautiful, and we'll find Truth in this illusionary world. Because we can always track down the real thing by following its shadow. Then we'll have no more discrimination. Even the longing for the Kingdom of God will vanish because we will see the Kingdom of God here and now and in this world. Our fellow practitioners who were initiated and are now practicing the Quan Yin Method are very happy. They also share their happiness with people around them, as they know how to accept and appreciate life as it is, and improve it by the knowledge acquired through meditation. Enlightened people, after enlightenment, their every action reflects their underlying Truth, virtue, and beauty. These qualities are extremely abundant and account for our existence; but we can never find sufficient Truth, virtue, and beauty from the material world, so we will never be satisfied with this life on Earth. There is nothing wrong with material life. However, if we indulge too much in the material aspect, we are only chasing after the shadow and forgetting the real object in the end. Similarly, you may have a photograph of your fiancée, but no matter how beautiful the picture is, you shouldn't get attached to the photo and forget the real person. Undoubtedly, this photo is helpful to you when you are apart; however, when your fiancée is right in front of you, she is the source of your happiness. You can only be fully content when you are with the real person. Such is the case with our original Nature. If you can discover and appreciate it, it is absolutely incomparable.We may keep the photo or even take some more, but no matter how well the photograph was taken, only the fiancée in person can satisfy us. An enlightened person can still enjoy this world in the same way a husband appreciates the photo of his wife. However, the beauty and the real bliss comes from the original person and not from the photo, which is most important. Similarly, worldly pleasures are only the copy of the real world. Only the real world can bring us real, eternal happiness. Before we were born, we were given a precise method to find our real life. Our way Home was paved inside us long ago. Should we forget this lifesaving map, we will be forever trapped in the cycle of birth and death. This path is so real and distinct when we observe it with our internal eye of the soul, but we can't see or feel it with our physical eyes, and imperceptible to our senses. It will automatically manifest when we sincerely seek it. Nonetheless, it is better to have the assistance of an experienced guide because most people have forgotten the path. Even if we can remember, the way Home is so long and risky that we need a guide to lead our way. This guide has walked this path before and he knows all the ways between this world and the superior worlds. Thanks to the grace of God, I have found this way back Home. I offer this discovery and my help to all who wish to remember, and I offer to help them retrieve this long lost blessing of bliss. Through initiation, we can taste the original Heaven again, right here and right now. Initiation is the transmission of a power that wakes up our real person, and brings us Home. After initiation, we are totally renewed. We're full of life and vitality. All the greed and desires leave us. We still live an ordinary life, but we won't be frustrated anymore when we fail to realize our goals nor become upset when we can't get something we crave in this world. These longings can only be minimized after we have found our true source. After initiation, you will get from God the intense, internal Light that shines all along the path back to our Original Source. A comforting melody from Heaven provides us with all we should know on our way Home. The enlightened master, the experienced guide, will stay forever by our side, protecting and helping us to complete this extraordinary journey until we have passed through all the worlds en route. This guide will do his very best in anything that comforts and benefits us, even in this physical world. We shall say farewell forever to distress and to lonely feelings. The guide understands that we have been away from Home for so long that we are both exhausted and have no courage. For this reason, he gives us all the help possible while we are on Earth, as if we are in Heaven. This guide knows the way well. Our life on Earth would be extremely tiring without him. Without the help of such a true friend, who accompanies us through the ups and downs of life and supports us in facing all the obstacles and traps, it is very difficult to reach our destination, the eternal Heaven. The internal Light and Sound are vital in achieving eternal lifeWithout them, there would be no happiness, either on Earth or in Heaven, and life, beauty and the true kindness wouldn't manifest to us. No matter how much we want to be good, virtuous and gracious, we can never reach a state of perfection, because these qualities belong only to the interior world. All the theories of so-called beauty, Truth, and virtue manifested in this material world are inferior duplicates. My dear friends, I sincerely welcome you to join the group heading for Home. There are absolutely no fees or obligations. However, if we only have intelligence and technology, but no sincere compassion for other beings, then our life is not complete. We will feel divided inside and experience an unspeakable sorrow and unease. This is simply logical. If we wish to bring Heaven into this world, we must live in the same way as the beings there. That is to say, live in harmony and respect the freedom and right of existence of all lives. We ourselves created the karmic cycle, and this is the cause of wars and of different opinions. We have suffered enough from the conflict between individuals and groups. The five precepts and the vegetarian diet are aspects of an upright and noble lifestyle, and the bearing of a great gentleman, of a sage having compassion and greatness, whose love embraces all living beings. Being the highest of all living beings on Earth, we ought to implement our true love and kindness as actions to bring peace to the world. That's what really is contributing to peace on Earth. This is the love, the kindness in action. I'm going to stop to let you ask questions. Thank you for your warm attention. What are we to do with our psychological problems, and what can we do with the spiritual evolution? Psychological problems are the result of the numerous pressures from our society; work problems, family problems and personal problems, etc. Sometimes these pressures are too much for our physical and mental strength, and this is why we encounter psychological problems. But these problems are the source of our thirst for spiritual life. This is why, if we are enlightened, all these problems will disappear. And do not worry that you won't have anything to do once you are enlightened; we can do many things. Look at us, we have so much work to do and there is never enough time because many people in the world ask for our help, and there are many things to do. Moreover, after enlightenment we will be able to solve our problems in a more efficient way, no matter what line of work we are in. This is why we should be enlightened. Could you speak of the different inner levels? I have spoken specifically on this subject at the United Nations. I think that we distributed copies of it, so take it home with you and take your time in reading it. What exactly is immediate enlightenment? How can we achieve it? Immediate enlightenment is possible because we already possess the awakening within us. It is like a diamond. It is already a diamond, we only need to clean it a little and we will have it. So we can have immediate enlightenment because it is already here. It is only because you have forgotten where it is, but I know where it is. I will show you where it is and you will find it immediately. What is meant by “abstaining from all sexual misconduct?” It means that if you already have one wife it is enough; or if you have a lover, a man or a woman, it is enough. If you have too many men or women, you will have problems and won't be able to be calm enough to find your inner greatness. So, if before initiation you already have two partners and both are happy, then do not worry; that is before initiation. Afterward, don't go looking for someone else. How can we know that we are enlightened? What are the manifestations? It isn't difficult. “Enlightenment” means with light, “en-lightened.” If we are enlightened, we must see the inner Light; but not with our physical eyes. When you are elevated, you will see immediately the inner, bright Light, and this is a sign of enlightenment. It works instantly because our nature is the Light from Heaven. We are not our physical bodies. They are only clothes that we can remove and put back on whenever we want, if we know how to do it. I will show you how to do it during initiation. Okay, you can do that. I need that, I need encouragement. Is suffering absolutely necessary for the soul to progress? No, it isn't always necessary. It depends. Some people have almost never experienced the world's suffering, but they still have a thirst for God. These people have a lot of goodness, virtue, and grace. It is maybe influences from their past lives. Why do animals suffer? Animals suffer like us. We are not animals, but we sometimes suffer. It is the cycle of death, birth, illness, and suffering. If we leave this cycle we will never experience suffering again. Animals must wait a little longer until they become human beings and can take the road that will lead them Home. What are the dangers one might encounter on the path of initiation without an experienced and living enlightened guide? There are several dangers we may encounter if we do not have a guide to help us. If we do not know the direction and the traps on the road ahead, we can sometimes make mistakes, and the road Home is very long and steep. This is why we need an experienced guide. The dangers include mental disturbances, physical suffering, and being possessed by other spirits. Can we meditate anywhere, at anytime? Yes, but not for all kinds of meditation. There is a meditation you can do in public and another that is better to do in private. We will teach you everything during initiation. What do you think about meanness, and what can we do to counter it? There aren't really any bad people. There are only people lacking security, wisdom, and the knowledge necessary for living in a pleasant way for themselves and everyone else. Maybe they have many inner problems and no confidence. They are always struggling with themselves and with the environment. They need more of society's love. This is what I think.
18 Jun 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** - VEG THE DIET OF MEDICAL DOCTORS Carter M.D.(m) The only individual action, which is a no-brainer and we all ought to be doing it, is just to stop eating meat. McDougall M.D.(m) if you make this kind of profound change, you should expect profound changes in your physical appearance, your activity levels, and the way you appear as far as age is concerned. Roba M.D.(m) Once you become vegan, your mind clears up and your spirit clears up. All that karmic, negative energy of being involved eating dead animals clears out of your system Klaper M.D.(m) I realized that an animal-based diet was not a healthful thing no matter what I had learned in school and our farm growing up. Milton Mills, M.D.(m) our bodies are not designed to handle animal foods Montgomery M.D.(m) One patient, she was wheeled into the office and exam room by her husband, and she’d had quadruple bypass (heart) surgery. She’d had a stent placed in one of the arteries subsequent to surgery, she was on 21 medications, had a history of diabetes, she was on insulin, she had arthritis, (and) she was on an oxygen tank. (She) was just discharged from the hospital; she’d had some bladder infection and some other issues. Neal Barnard M.D.(m) Our research shows several benefits of a vegan diet. Very gradually, very gently, your blood sugar starts coming down. Your weight comes down as well. Blood cholesterol comes down as well, very impressively and blood pressure comes down as well. Your digestion is better, so a person who has had chronic constipation, that’s usually fixed in about 24 to 48 hours. It’s that quick! Montgomery M.D.(m) They came back in 10 days. She was walking, talking, laughing, no wheelchair, no oxygen, etc. Alexander Dargatz, MD - Child psychiatrist; World champion bodybuilder (Germany), Vegan Anteneh Roba, MD - Ethiopian emergency medicine doctor; Co-founder and president, International Fund for Africa (USA), Vegan Arno Schneider, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), Vegetarian Baxter Montgomery, MD – Cardiologist, founder and president of Houston Cardiac Association and Wellness Center (USA), Vegan Caldwell Esselstyn, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and author (USA), Vegan David Ryde, MD - General practice doctor, Medical adviser to British Olympics Team (United Kingdom), Vegan Ernst W. Henrich, MD - Medical doctor and naturopath (Germany), Vegan Gholamali Beski, MD - Esteemed physician, surgeon, gynecologist, environmentalist (Iran), Vegan Hans-Günter Kugler, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), Vegetarian Hwang Seong-Soo, MD - Acclaimed neurosurgeon (South Korea), Vegan John McDougall, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Bestselling author, nutrition expert (USA), Vegetarian José Luis Pérez Albela, MD – Medical Surgeon, founder and director of Institute Bien de Salud (Perú), Vegetarian Leila Masson, MD - Pediatrician (New Zealand), Vegan Luciana Baroni, MD - Neurologist, geriatrician and gerontologist (Italy), Vegetarian Mei Hsiang-yang, DMD – Dentist; Founder of the Long Chain Against Cancer Program (Formosa/Taiwan), Vegetarian Michael Greger, MD - Physician, international speaker, author (USA), Vegan Michael Klaper, MD - Physician, nutrition expert, lecturer, author (USA), Vegan Michela De Petris, MD - Surgeon and food science specialist (Italy), Vegetarian Milton Mills, MD - Internal medicine doctor and national speaker (USA), Vegetarian Neal Barnard, MD - Clinical researcher, author; Founding president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; President of The Cancer Project (USA), Vegan Pedro Silva Jaramillo, MD - Internal medicine physician, neurologist (Chile), Vegetarian Peter Carter, MD - Family physician; Founding director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Canada), Vegan Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD - Internationally known physician, nutritionist, author (USA), Vegan Thomas Nocuń, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Women’s health specialist and author (Poland), Vegetarian Umberto Veronesi, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and oncologist; former Italian Minister of Health (Italy), Vegetarian Wichai Ekataksin, MD - Tropical medicine faculty, Mahidol University (Thailand), Vegetarian Zareen Patel, MD - Clinical geneticist (India), Vegetarian Zarin Azar, MD - Iranian gastroenterologist, Kaiser Permanente (USA), Raw Vegan Huang Chien-Hsun, MD - Director of Hospice Ward, National Taiwan University Hospital (Formosa/Taiwan) Jérôme Bernard-Pellet, MD – Physician and Co-Founder of APSARES (France) They are some of the countless noble examples of compassion and wisdom. Dr Greger. M.D.(m) To prevent… both prevent and treat diabetes, the best thing we can do is move very rapidly to a vegan diet Neal Barnard, M.D.(m) There was a man who came into our study named Vance. It seemed to him like the easiest diet in the world, because he didn’t have to limit how much he ate. Well as time went on he lost weight, he lost weight and he lost weight. After a year he had lost 60 pounds. His blood sugar, which had been out of control, came down so much his doctor sat him down and said, “Vance, you’ve been on this diet; you don’t have diabetes anymore.” His doctor took him off his medicine. Cousens: M.D.(m) The most optimum diet, it’s again organic, vegan, 80% live food. Greger. M.D.(m) The difference between vegans and meat eaters in the United States is an average of 40 pounds. A new study published in the Journal of the American Diabetics Association, the largest study of vegans in human history ; Never before have thousands of vegans been studied at one time. And what it showed was that the only dietary group that actually achieved a healthy weight, in fact the perfect healthy weight, was the vegans. Klaper M.D.(m) I wish someone had told me in medical school how effective a plant-based diet would be for real life diseases. So keep in good company with the noble circle of vegetarian and vegan elite. Klaper M.D.(m) The truth of this is so powerful. John McDougall M.D.(m) It's a simple message: Roba M.D.(m) The first and the foremost thing anybody can do is be vegan. John McDougall M.D.(m) There's nothing complicated about this. It's one big solution. Greger. M.D.(m) You have to give it a try, and once you experience the benefits, it’s unthinkable to go back. Esseltyn M.D.(m) And the most exciting thing of all is that the benefits do nothing but continue to improve. Neal Barnard, M.D.(m) There is one regret that sometimes people have. They regret that they didn’t do this about 20 years earlier. Because to be in a body that feels healthy, it’s the best possible thing. Kids: Go Veggie! And the list goes on…Please visit www.SupremeMasterTV****/VE for further club list and info. Choose Veggie and Join the Club!
22 Jul 2011
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Gobekli Tepe is a troublesome thorn in the politically correct conceptions of the archeology community. It proves that their theories about the timing and the process of the start and the advancement of modern civilization is incorrect. Yet, they continually try to explain it in terms that support their cherished, previous assumptions. It is clear that the only explanation lies outside the bounds of their invested interests. In this video, Zarin, Author of the book "Atlantis: A Karmic Memory of the Rise & Fall" (available at *******bookofatlantis****), brings to bear a different perspective. You can also read an article about the Gobekli Tepe, Atlantis connection at *******isatlantisreal****.
13 Aug 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Auspicious Locations for Leaders’ Headquarters, a Boon for World Peace – P1/4 August 24, 2011. Episode: 1823, Air Date: 11 Sept. 2011. Q (f): Greetings, respected viewers. Out of her deep love and concern for the world, Supreme Master Ching Hai is setting aside her invaluable time to make an important and urgent announcement in just a few moments. In a July 16th conference she had graciously granted Supreme Master Television staff, Q (m): Supreme Master Ching Hai told us of the many perilous sites of leaders and military headquarters around the world that have been negatively affected by hell and lower world portals, sub portals and roads. Never in history have humans been given such crucial, priceless information. Q (f): Before Supreme Master Ching Hai makes her vital announcement, we would like to go over a summary of the information she has previously shared. On our planet there are places where there is hell or lower world energy, which has made those places into negative areas of hell-like suffering. One such area is the Bermuda Triangle, which is a portal leading to a lower world, where people who are into fighting or harming others will be drawn to while passing near that place, or after they die, and they will stay there until their bad karma or retribution is paid off. Beings live in this lowest astral level in constant anxiety, sorrow, pain, and fear. Q (m): In addition to portals to lower worlds, there are also hell portals to take spirits that have violated moral principles of the human world or Heaven's standard. There are many negative portals in our world, created by the negative power. Some portals are more powerful than others, with their influence reaching from one group of people to the entire nation, or even the whole world. In addition to portals, there are also connecting roads to the lower worlds and portals. Furthermore, there are sub portals or road junctions where roads meet. They are almost as powerful as the others. Q (f): Meanwhile there are also portals and roads that lead to Heaven. These can bring blessings and hence there are Spiritual Blessing Portals. Master shared which countries have how many Spiritual Blessing Portals or SBPs. In contrast to heavenly portals, which give blessings, the negative portals and roads can awaken negative hellish qualities in humans. Supreme Master Ching Hai also addressed the reasons why there are so many prolonged wars on our planet. Q (m): While prolonged war is ended only when the killing karma, or retribution, is finally finished among all sides, or if one side forgives the other's blood debt. But in addition there are the negative portals, sub portals, and lower roads that push the war to last for a long time. These spawned webs of negative influence manipulate leaders subtly without them knowing it, to use their power and bring trouble such as death, injury, pain, and sorrow for people. Q (m): If the leader of a nation or armed group happens to be in the vicinity of a lower portal, lower world road, hell portal, or hell road, then he or she will be prone to aggressive tendencies, and start a war or participate in war. This is especially the case if this leader does not have a strong moral foundation. But even a morally fit person would feel unwell mentally or physically if near these places. Q (f): The negative power would use any small seed of violence or greed, bullying or dictatorship within a human's heart to make him or her become an instrument. A leader who is influenced by these negative connection sites will helplessly wage war or continue warring, even if the leader knows that war is no good or wants to stop it, or feels that something is not right. Thus, peace is very hard to achieve. Q (f): When Supreme Master Ching Hai saw how pitiable the situation was, and why war is always so evident on this planet, she had to endure much discomfort and shed many tears during her research as she vividly saw the flashing images of people's real pain and sorrow. Q (m): Therefore as Supreme Master Ching Hai has reminded us, any one leader should not be blamed for war, because this world is the domain of the negative power's system, which makes it difficult for human souls to disentangle themselves. Q (m): Furthermore, an erring leader should be given an exit to repent, recover, and rebuild what they have destroyed. Q (m): There are several ways that a leader is influenced by negative portals, sub-portals and roads: Q (m): One, as mentioned, they would be pushed to wage war. The war or aggression may be in or outside the leader's own country. Two, besides outright war, they may engage in dictatorship and the bullying of citizens or other nations. Three, they would have bad luck for themselves and their own families. For example, they may be killed or injured, or suffer in hell after they die. Q (f): Supreme Master Ching Hai further described the horrendous untold suffering that people who participate in war must experience, including leaders and soldiers, for eons due to the heavy karmic burden. Supreme Master Ching Hai then read a list she had compiled country by country, of which political and military headquarters are near one or more negative portals, sub-portals and roads. She also stated how much their total negative influence is on a site, in terms of percentages, ranging from the tens to the hundreds. Q (m): However, there is a solution: It would help tremendously if the leaders move their headquarters or palaces away from the negative portals, sub-portals and roads. No matter how beautiful it may be, they should abandon, destroy or seal off their negatively-influenced headquarters, cutting off their physical, emotional and mental ties with that unlucky place. Then, things would change dramatically and quickly for the better. Q (m): Once out of the clutch of the negative power after a cleaning period of at least 3 weeks to 3 months the leader will see, think, and react differently. Q (m): They would win their people's hearts. In sum, peace will be easily in reach. Q (f): Supreme Master Ching Hai also expressed her loving prayer for the leaders, that they would value their own lives and the lives of their co-citizens more than power and fame and possession, and that they might move out of war and violence - and move at least to another palace. Our minds cannot comprehend all that she sacrifices, not only physically through her time and energy, but also spiritually, to complete this precious research for the sake of the world's survival and upliftment. We are grateful beyond words to Supreme Master Ching Hai for this momentous occasion as she imparts more vital knowledge to help bring true peace on Earth. We sincerely pray all leaders and citizens worldwide will heed what she will disclose today and quickly proceed toward lasting harmony on this planet. Q (f): Concerned viewers, thank you for tuning into this live broadcast. In just a few moments Supreme Master Ching Hai will be making an urgent announcement that could greatly benefit the world's leaders and citizens. For the sake of world peace at this critical time for our planet, Supreme Master Ching Hai will be revealing precisely where governments and other leaders can move their headquarters if their current headquarters is near a negative area. Q (m): She is sharing this precious, never-before-revealed information with the world at a huge cost to herself physically and spiritually, for the sake of helping the leaders and for the sake of world peace. Q (m): As Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed previously, there are invisible negative portals, roads and sub-portals which are like roundabouts, and these lead to hell and lower worlds full of fear and suffering. Unfortunately many of the current leaders' political and military centers have these negative energy sites nearby, inside or under their buildings. Q (f): Supreme Master Ching Hai wishes that these leaders will avoid the harmful effects they have, such as inciting and prolonging wars even against the leader's good intentions. Master is now ready to be with us. Supreme Master Ching Hai: It's okay, please continue. Q (f): Welcome Master. We're so glad to see you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Please continue. Yes. (applause) Q (f): Thank you Master. Q (m): There you are, Master. Beautiful. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you, thank you.) You look beautiful today. Q (f): Thank you so much for being here today, Master. We are so honored. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I am sorry, the cameraman just let me jump in like that. (all laugh) Q (f): It's okay. It's okay. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please continue your wonderful speech. Q (m): Thank you, Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Q (f): Negative effects also include personal misfortune for the leaders and their loved ones. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: That's right.) In general, leaders simply cannot withstand these negative powerful effects. Q (f): Going country by country, Supreme Master Ching Hai told us exactly which headquarters of which countries are under negative influences and to what degree. Not only does she urge that the leaders move out, she has gone even further to help by researching the best alternative places for the leaders to move their headquarters. If they move, peace efforts will be greatly facilitated. World peace would be in reach. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Correct. Q (m): And we're extremely grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai who willingly sacrificed her precious time, energy and comfort to conduct this research over the past several weeks. This information is not only unprecedented, but it also comes with a high price, and Supreme Master Ching Hai is about to share it freely with all viewers at this time in hopes for a more peaceful world. Thank you. Q (f): Thank you, Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you. Are you done (Q (f): Yes.) with your beautiful speech? Thank you so much, Steve and Debbie. (Q (m): Thank you, Master.) You are so kind. You're so kind. And I wonder how you understand me so well. [laughs] Okay, we didn't have to pay much in the sense of financial loss. No. Just spiritual loss and some other physical stuff, but I will recover. Don't worry, okay? I will recover, yes, yes. Q (f): Please take care. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, I am stronger now than before, yes, even though meditation long hours is good for the world, but it's also good for me in a way, yes? So it's good for both. Thank you for your beautiful introduction. Thank you, thank you for understanding the importance of our discovery and to understand the grace of Heaven that has been bestowed upon humankind through all these revelations, and thanks Heaven that I even have enough time, peace and opportunity to receive all this information. I'm thanking everyone and every soul on this planet and in Heaven. I cannot thank them enough, that they love us so much, that God blesses us so much, in this time of difficult situation. First of all, my respectful salute to all leaders of different groups, idealistic groups and nations; leaders whose responsibility and well-intentions are to create a peaceful world and happiness, contentment to all citizens and co-citizens - I mean, co-inhabitants. Well, the animals are also citizens of the world, in different forms. Regardless of ideology and principles, we all want peace so that we can concentrate on our spiritual development, learn to know more about God, the Kingdom of God, the Buddha Nature, meaning our Real Great Self. To discover God, to discover Buddha Nature is our intention before we came to this world, so that we know the great knowledge inside. What I am going to reveal to you is nothing. It's just a speck of dirt compared to the knowledge that you have inside, if you just take the time to discover it. Because each of us is a world in ourselves. We contain so much greatness, so much wisdom, so much beauty, so much intelligence that we never dream that we have, but we do have, okay? Our world will become Heaven on Earth if we have peace, if all live side by side without fearing each other and just protecting each other. So, we must have peace so we can get on with our lives and get on with our family-loving, protecting, affair, and enjoying the family love and family togetherness. When we have peace, our people will have security to work, to take care of ourselves and loved ones, to develop all their potentials. I salute your courage and goodwill in what you have been doing because I know your intention is to protect the meek, to erase war, erase injustice, in your opinion, so that our world will become a better place. But we don't have to kill, we don't have to fight in order to do that. There are alternatives. You see, the Buddha did not fight with weapons but he wins millions of hearts. Even after he died 2,000 plus years ago, he's still winning people's hearts. He wins nations without lifting a finger. Jesus Christ, he walked barefoot, he wore just simple clothes, he had no swords, no guns, no artilleries; he wins the whole world. He's still winning. Billions of people still worship him. Even though he has passed away from our physical world 2,000-plus years ago. You see, Krishna. Mahāvīra, Guru Nanak, they did not have any weapons, and they win all over, and they win again, again and again, and they're timeless victorious heroes, so there are alternative ways to win people's hearts and to make peace on the planet. I hope to contribute to peace by reporting to you some of the incredible information that has been revealed to me through the grace of Heaven and that I had time to collect through very intense concentration. Well, I wish I had had it much earlier but, you know, sometimes I had other work to do. Sometimes I just couldn't bear it a minute longer while doing this research, so I had to take a break now and then. So all that contributed to the delay. I really am very, very sorry but, you know, this body sometimes cannot always withstand the powerful force of negative and positive - either of them -sometimes. So we have to sometimes relent for a while. Now the following are reports of my spiritual research with Heaven's grace and permission, to you, with all Heaven's blessing and love, and my devotion. Now, the details will be read as revealed to me. Please pay attention, please, to details. You can jot it down, your own country's details, the things that concern you. Because it will be a long while until I think Supreme Master TV would broadcast with many subtitles again. This is very simple, straightforward English. Everyone would understand it. Or you could even have your assistant help to understand, if you don't. You see, because sometimes it's not so easy to understand. For example, when it is said “central west,” meaning right in the middle of west direction according to the compass, a leader's office should be at that position and facing the direction of the rising sun. All offices, all leaders should face the rising sun because you get more information from the sun, you get blessing from the sun and even your psychological, your physical well-being will also be enhanced by the sun's blessing when it just rises from the east, okay? Now, when it's said “southeast,” then it is central of the southeast, according to compass. When it is said “east-south,” Supreme Master Ching Hai: however, then it's not south-east, because there will be more east than south. For example, if you build your house like three meters long, or three meters wide, then should be two meters in the east and one meter in the south, for example like that, or two and a half meters in the east and a half-meter in the south - I will tell you more in detail after this - not like south-east. So I will detail as how much position in east, how much in south etc., etc., as clear as possible, as exact as possible; and the best is to build exactly where recommended. Any difference will bring different results, regardless of who will be the leader sitting in that office, now or in the future. Okay, I'm going to read. I hope I will help you somehow to protect yourself, your position, your family and above all, the lives of people and all beings on this planet by contributing to peace. Thank you so much for your attention. Alright, here we are. Yes, we begin now? You have a pen ready, any of you, anyone who is listening? And we will probably post it on our website again and re-air again with multi-language subtitles, but the sooner you know, the better, so please jot down. It costs you nothing. It costs you nothing to write down and think about it, okay? It might cost a little bit more to build a new palace or a new office, but it will cost more if we have war, and we can't afford to keep having war. The world is going bankrupt already all over. Also it will cost much more - irreplaceable - in terms of life. Sorry, sorry. I'm getting a little emotional. I will be there soon, don't worry. Okay, okay. Also the light makes my eyes hurt, because when I meditate a lot, the eyes get more sensitive and when I face all the spotlights, it's kind of painful. Okay, now, I will begin it with A-B-C like the way we did last time when I reported to you about the negative portals and roads. It begins with the nation and the old place and then with the new place where you should go, if you will. I wish you will. Okay, now, Afghanistan, presidential palace… Remember all this, what I am reading to you, are the leaders of the nations' or groups' headquarters that have been situated on the negative areas, either hell road, hell portal or lower road or lower road portal, or lower roads area, or sub-lower road, sub-lower portal, or sub-hell portal. So these, I'm reading, I am not repeating it again. So when I read presidential palace should move to where, then you know why. Okay, now, if we move to a new place that is more positive and lucky and victorious, you will be a virtuous, caring leader, peaceful leader. Now, Afghanistan presidential palace, should move to central west, 40 kilometers away from the old one. Now, military headquarters, move to south, but leaning south east, 30 kilometers away. Okay, leaning toward, three quarters of south east. I will explain that now. Okay, here for example … I make it simple. You cannot see well? How about black one? What's wrong? Is it too, too bright or something? The white is too bright? Okay, can you see better with the black one? Okay. Here, okay, we have like here, here, the four corners of the planet. Let's say this one is west, this one is east, this one south, this one is north. Okay? Now, when it says “lean three-quarters to south east,” it means like this: this is south east, this is the central of south east, okay; now three-quarters towards south east, meaning from the central of the south to the central the south east, we divide it into four sections. And so the military headquarters should be right here, you know, somewhere, right next to the border of the third portion, the three-fourth portion of the far east. Over here, here is the third, here, okay? In the first section between the south and south east central, but leaning on the border of the three-fourth section. Is it clear to you? Yes, I hope it is clear. Are you clear, Steve? Debbie? Supreme Master Ching Hai: This is south east. Q (m): Yes, okay. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right? Okay. But between this and this I have to divide into four portions. Q (m): Yes, yes. (Q (f): Right.) Okay. Supreme Master Ching Hai: And then we have to lean toward the three-quarters of the south east. (Q (m): Okay.) You see what I mean? (Q (m): Yes, yes, we have it.) Yes, we are in the south. Here is the south actually, you know? (Q (m): Yes.) But have to lean towards more south east, you see what I mean? Q (m): Yes, I understand. Supreme Master Ching Hai: It's not exactly in the central of the south, (Q (m): Yes.) more toward the south... This is still in the south, (Q (m): Yes, I understand that.) but not in the central of the south, but lean toward three-quarters of south east. You got me? Q (f): We understand, Master. Q (m): We understand, Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai: This is south east, right? (Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: This is east, okay, (Q (f): Right.) this is south, and in between south and east is south east, yes, and then we divide from south to south east center four times, (Q (m): Yes.) and then we take the first part of it and build right at the border of the three-fourth, here. Okay? Yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: This is three-fourth, this is one-fourth, got it? (Q (f+m): Yes, Master.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: And we build it at the border between the one-fourth and the three-fourth here. Not right there, not right there, not there, but at the border, Supreme Master Ching Hai: but 30 kilometers away from the old one. The reason why we have to move 30 kilometers away and not 36 or 40, because sometimes if we move further or we move southward or more eastward, then we will run into the spawning web of the negative roads or you know, lower road or lower hell portals (Q (m): Another portal.) or lower hell portal, hell portal, hell road again. You see what I mean? (Yes.) Q (f): Q (m): I understand, yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: So it has to be exact, 30 kilometers away and at the three-fourth border of, between south and south east. Got it? Q (m): Yes Master. (Q (f): Got it.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope I make myself clear. (Q (f): Thanks for the drawing.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, okay. Alright, thank you. Q (m): (Thank you.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Alright, now there is another group, idealistic group headquarters. Well, they have their ideal, you understand? All the groups, they have their ideal to fight for. They believe their ideal is good. That's why they sacrifice their lives for it. But sometimes, ideals are not always manageable. It's not always uncostly; it will cost humans' lives - and we can have alternative, more peaceful ways to do it. We can cooperate, we can work together. (Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: Put ideals together to make the world a more idealistic place. Okay? (Q (m): Yes.) (Q (f): Yes, Master.) Now, the Taliban is one of these groups, perhaps? And the headquarters should move to the east, but not in the east central but lean two-thirds to north east. Just similar to here. Okay, where do we have north east? Here is the north east, right? Q (f): Right. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay, now, now we have to lean two-thirds to north east side. Okay, we divide it into three times first. This is north east. Can you see me well? Q (m): Yes, we see you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay. Now we divide it into three times, three portions, like a cake. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay, it's three times. And we have to lean to the... it's not east - okay, they have to be still in the east, but they have to lean to two-thirds of the north east, two-thirds border, here, is two-thirds. Got it? (Q (m+f): Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: And this is one-third. Now have to lean right here, and not in the centre of the east, but lean toward two-thirds toward north east - Q (f): (I see.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: two-thirds of the north east, got it? Yes. Q (m): Yes, yes. (Q (f): Yes.) Supreme Master Ching Hai: And that should be 60 kilometers away. This one 30 kilometers, okay? Alright. Presidential palace moves to central west. This, right here, this is central west okay? - but like 40 kilometers away from the old place. So this is Afghanistan. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay? Supreme Master Ching Hai:This is the presidential palace, should be, not here but only 40 kilometers from the old one, okay? This is for military and this is for the Taliban. If they all move, we can talk better, we can work better together, we can see more opportunity, more logic behind peace talk. Alright? We'll find better solution. Okay, we're done with Afghanistan.
7 Oct 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice - P5/10 Chicago, Illinois, USA August 11, 2001. Episode: 1814, Air Date: 2 September 2011. If everyone told us, all the Masters of old told us that we are the children of God, then we are the children of God. Why should Jesus lie to us about our origin? Why should Buddha tell us the untruth about our greatness? So we have to believe it. We are the children of God, no? So to go back to be the children of God again, it's so easy. But since we have come to this slumber as you have put it, we just have to wake up. There are two things to do only, very simple: the physical and the spiritual. Physically we have to clean ourselves in order to recognize ourselves again. Suppose your daughter has been lost on the streets for many days or many months and she has been in hardship, because she's without home, without parents, and when you find her, you cannot even recognize her. She wouldn't even recognize herself, the way she was before; she'd be dirty and unkempt, and tattered, maybe very sick and troubled. Yes? So, the first thing, clean her, no? Bathe her, give her new clothes, feed her, so that she becomes strong and healthy again. Now, similarly, to go back to our True Self, the two things to do: physical and spiritual. Physical: clean ourselves by turning back to the compassionate lifestyle, God-like lifestyle, Heaven-like lifestyle. No harming, no killing others. Just everything it said in the Bible, or in the Buddha's sutra (scripture) or in Mahavira's sutra, or even in the Qu'ran. We misunderstood the Prophets when we kill others, even for God's sake; we are not to do that. God never teaches any of us to kill. The first commandment in the Bible is “Thou shall not kill.” That includes the animals, because God did not say thou shall not kill men but can kill animals. No, it was very clear already, I have mentioned before. So now we have to return to the God-like. You know she has to behave now like Miss Avila, the way she was before. Even if she has been on the street, maybe bad influence or something, met some bad people and maybe misbehaved and not behaved nobly or, like the daughter of the great commissioner and madam like that, she has to return to family life, a good-girl lifestyle now, you see? Same. So physically we clean ourselves by keeping the five peace principles: Not kill, not steal, not tell lie, not commit wrong sexual relationship except with your partner, and do not take poison, like intoxicants, drugs, alcohol, cigarette. These are poison for the body. Meat is also poison. We know it by now already. So we have to eliminate all these in order to keep our body clean and healthy to receive the strong, powerful grace again, because a sick body cannot assimilate good vitamins or nutrition. It could even turn into poison. Yes? If your stomach is poisoned somehow and you drink milk it gets worse, for example like that, or if you eat something, you get worse. Yes, food turns into poison. So now, first of all, physical, we clean our “house,” clean the “temple.” Live the way a God-child would live. No harming any, just helping, being benevolent, being virtuous. So, you see, the five universal principles are in all religions, more or less modified, but it's the same. We keep those five precepts. That's the one thing; be vegan. It is also included in those five precepts, because do not harm or do not kill means indirectly as well. If we don't harm the animals but we eat them, then other people have to harm or kill them for us. So the vegan diet is included in the first principle. So, physically we keep the five peace universal principles, and then we're clean and pure, ready for God's Light again. Secondly, spiritual. This is a harder part, but it's not hard if we can find the Guide who helps us. Nowadays, it's not difficult: we have internet; we know which gurus teach what, which school teach what yoga, teach what meditation. There's no excuse to say that we don't know. We know everything, we just don't do it. That is the second part. Now we're ready, we're clean, the “temple” is swept and washed and mopped, everything clean; now we go and find the Guide to show us how to see the Light within again, the Light that's mentioned in the Bible, the Light which shines in darkness but darkness knows it not. Okay? `Know you not that the Light is within you.' “Know you not that the Kingdom of God is at hand.” You see that? Okay, now, we have to find that Guide, the Guide that knows, the friend or teacher, whatever you call him or her, a Guide, who has already been enlightened, who already sees the Light - I don't mean the flashlight here, the electrical light, I mean the Light inside you, the Light without any instrument. When you close your eyes, your whole body is flushed with Light, Light of more than a thousand suns. You are that. You are that Light. You are that God quality. And there's also the Music of the spheres. You can hear forever and it will soothe your troubles, heal your bodies, enlighten your souls, make you closer and closer to God. So, very simple: Physical, clean the “temple”; spiritual, find the Guide to show you how to reconnect with yourself. Because you are the great Self, you are the children of God. Everybody says, “You are the children of God.” “I'm the child of God.” But how, what? You have to prove it to yourselves that you are the children of God by contacting God, and if you cannot do it yourselves, just go find somebody who knows how. Mostly… I have to say that I think all the teachers teach these things free of charge, because it's your property, so nobody costs anything anyway. Suppose you forget your glasses in your pocket and I say, “Hey, your glasses are there, look in your pocket,” should I charge you for that? For the guidance that your glasses are in your pocket? No, no. Therefore all these teaching are free of charge, ever since time immemorial. So, Madam, that's it. Two things to do; physical, spiritual. There are many teachers, yes, who teach different ways, or just… anyone could find what he is looking for. When you're ready for spiritual guidance, you will find a teacher, or the Guide; we call it the “Guide” anyway, the inner Guide. Yes. The outer Guide will guide you to the inner Guide, and then you can talk to Jesus, talk to Buddha, to Prophet Mohammad, whomever you would like to contact, and contact direct to God. Why listen to anything? Why read the secondhand experience from anybody? Like, okay, `John sees the Light,' `John hears the trumpet.' You will see the Light. You will hear the trumpet. It's the same. You will see God like a bush of fire. Yes. You will hear God's voice like the Sound of many waters, like the Sound of trumpet, etc., etc. It's mentioned in all kinds of scriptures - Buddhist, Christian, the Granth Sahib, the Hindu scripture, etc., etc. Just have to find it, and verify it. Thank you. Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): Thank you. Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you very much for your comment. Mind, body, and spirit. Excellent. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, sir. That's right, sir. Commissioner Avila (m): Sherry and I derive great pleasure from the insight you have about people and the world we live in. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) Here is my next question. People in the United States are one of the most Hard working people in the world. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: True. True.) And yet our economy has been experiencing downturn in the last few years. So, is it true that the economy does not just depend on how much you work, but something else? If so, what is that? Supreme Master Ching Hai: It is true, sir, that the economy doesn't depend on how much we work and earn. It also depends on how much we spend or waste. Yes. Right now, you mentioned that Americans are (one of) the hardest working people in the world. I have to testify that it's true. When I was in America, as long as you have money, you can buy anything, 24 hours, seven. Not in every country like that. Some countries, they have siesta, and they close on the weekend, and they close at certain hours. America, no. No. Even in a small town, you can buy things in Home Depot, for example; if you need, desperately, things, always ready for you. Anytime, you can buy anything in America. So they truly are hard-working people. I had the impression that what you said is true, but the thing is, all this earning and tax paying goes where? Many places that it's leaking to, your hard-earned tax money. Subsidies. Subsidies for the meat industry - otherwise, the meat industry will go bankrupt, and the hamburger will not cost 99 cents but will cost at least 30 or 50 dollars apiece. That's the leaking “1”. And the US is spending too much money on military operations, in the far lands, as I told you before. I am sorry. I am very sorry, but I have to tell you the truth because you asked me, and I so much love America because they honor me so many times: at least 10 states of America gave me honorary citizenship and the key to the cities and states and all that. I am forever honored by and grateful for the American government's recognition and many of your presidents, at least five, six presidents, have written congratulations notes to me and given me awards, certificates, Presidential Award, things like that. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I'm just trying to repay your kindness, by telling the truth. You see? Because the policy needs to be turned around. As President Obama has stated recently, we should not use money For war in foreign land anymore but to use the money for the benefit of the people at home and the needy instead. I'm glad he has said that. I'm glad he has realized that, because that's where the money is running to, and fast-paced. Because, besides the irreplaceable cost to human lives, war puts a great financial burden on the nation. Every day, as you know it yourself - I'm saying this for the sake of others who don't know - every day, the US has been spending at least, at least US$720 million for the war in Iraq alone. One day, in one country alone, US$720 million. It is also estimated that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan will cost the US at least US$3.7 trillion in another 10 years of long-term payments and interest. So, even if your citizens, the Americans, are working 24 hours, seven, even if you are the richest country in the world, no matter how large your budget, it will run out. Would you agree with me? Commissioner Avila (m): Yes. I agree with you. Yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: The poor American citizens, they cannot put up with all this. They cannot catch up, no matter how much they're willing, no matter how deep they reach into their pockets, they have nothing in there anymore to reach to. So, it's not the American citizens, it's the policy that has to change. We should not do it as habit as a proud nation always going to war and “beat the…” whatever - you know that - out of everybody else. The way we're doing like this, it gets bigger and bigger, more and more resistance, and more Americans die also in foreign lands in the prime of their lives. Look at all of them. Look at all the soldiers. You saw them on TV, how beautiful they are: the best of Americans; the best-looking guys. Any girl in the world would like to marry one of those soldiers. They're so good-looking, aren't they? Beautiful. So beautiful! So pure. Their faces are so pure, and so intelligent. We cannot afford to even waste this kind of human resource. If the Americans, all young and beautiful, and intelligent and handsome like that, go out and are dying all the time like this, what will you have left in the future? Because able young men have all gone out, got killed. Either that, or you kill other countries' youth and beautiful and able people. Either way it's not correct. You see, plus, we have to spend extra on the aftereffects of the war, such as to care for the veterans, for another… many years. And you can't… Sometimes the budget is not even allowed to care for the veterans. Many veterans became even homeless. (Yes.) It's not fair that they sacrificed their youth, their prime time for the country and then come home to become a homeless beggar. This is not the dignity for Americans. Please think again, what we can do with all that money. And of course, some of the most painful costs of war are not able to be paid financially but emotionally, psychologically, environmentally and spiritually. So the economy and the sense of accomplishment, for the hardworking people of America, would benefit greatly from the monies being spent on good causes, like President Obama mentioned. (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) We should spend this money on the things that help improve everyone's quality of life. Trillions of dollars, my God! The Americans don't need to work anymore if… Just sit there and the government takes care, if we have all this money, yes. If we don't spend in war, then Americans can sit pretty, yes. And with all that money saved and all the hardworking Americans, your country will be so powerful that even you don't have to go to any war. But you weaken your own power, economically, manpowerly, and karmically, okay? This I cannot prove, but I can only tell you logically that if we spend all the money, then we have to go begging elsewhere; and where goes the dignity of the great nation like America? First, charity begins at home. We have to take care of our home, we have to have a stable foundation before we even take care of the world. We could provide in abundance for children's education, parents' healthcare, the things that help improve everybody's quality of life, you know: early retirements, more hobbies, more happiness, upliftment of the disadvantaged neighbors, and investing in green technology or organic farming; in short, prosperity for everyone to enjoy their God-given lives on Earth. Thank you for your thought-inspiring question, Commissioner Avila. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I just have to tell the truth. Commissioner Avila (m): And thank you for your thought-provoking answer. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope it helps, sir. Commissioner Avila (m): And, you know, I agree that if we spend that money on organic farming,(Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes, organic farming. Yes.), that would help us and the world also. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, and people will be healthy, (Commissioner Avila (m): Yes.) and the planet will be saved. Because organic farming also absorbs 40% CO2 in the air also. Commissioner Avila (m): Yes, that's true. You know, when we treat wastewater, at the end it comes out in what we call “bio-solids” and liquid. Well the bio-solid is fertilizer, and when we give it to the farmers to grow their crops, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) they have greater yield per acre using our treated waste. Our human waste is treated as you mentioned; the animal waste is not treated. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, understand, yes. Commissioner Avila (m): And that's what causing the problem as you mentioned, down in the Gulf of Mexico. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) We have that dead zone down there. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes. I'm glad you are doing something. It's helping your community; and then other counties, other cities could learn from your method or your examples. Thank you. Yes. Commissioner Avila (m): Now Sherry will ask the next question. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, ma'am. Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): When I was a Girl Scout leader, part of the program was a cross-religious, cross-cultural invitation, that we would get to know somebody from another culture, from another religion, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right.) and I was very fortunate, because I knew Amber. Amber was Muslim, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Oh.) and Amber invited us to her home, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) and all my Girl Scouts came to her home, and she helped them to understand the Muslim religion, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) and… She helped us. She also had a baby at the time. She fed my Girl Scouts, and she was very generous and kind to them, and that brings me to my next question, Supreme Master Ching Hai. The freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: That's right.) Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): In the past few centuries, many faiths have flourished in this country, thanks to that Bill of Rights. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) However, after the tragedy of 9/11, there has been a tendency of discrimination against Islamic citizens. Also, there has been an increase in the number of Islamic schools so that the Muslim children would be treated with respect and dignity in their own schools, because they weren't being treated with respect and dignity in the public schools. What can people do to stop prejudice, and to promote love and peace among all people, regardless of religious background? Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes Mrs. Avila. It's not only in the United States, but there is kind of a wave of “counter-Muslim” in the world, including in the European Union. Hence, you see many new laws come in, you know, like the law that discourages or forbids Muslim ladies to wear a full gown to cover the face, for example? It had not been like that before - just recently. It's because, I think, the government is also afraid that any extremists could disguise themselves in the garb of this full-veiled woman Muslim, and do some harm to the public. That's another thing. And one more thing is they want them to integrate into the country where they stay, to be like everyone else, you know? Like, “we like to know each other, we like to see what each other look like.” I also, not for religion, but I would have loved to have seen the lovely woman behind the veil also, because I've seen some of them. When I was still married with my husband, some Muslim ladies came to have treatment from him, and when they unveiled the veil, they were very beautiful inside, very beautiful. Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): Very beautiful eyes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, beautiful eyes, yes, and flashing their eyelashes, you know? Very, very attractive. God creates us so beautifully. I would have liked to see them, you know? - man, woman without covering, yes. In the West, people are also afraid that if you cover yourselves, that means you have something to hide. That's why they're afraid, and especially after 9/11. You know, it affects not only America but affects the world as well. So, you see, I share the same wish with you. And we all have to exercise - help each other - tolerance and understanding for the different stages of development in various nations. We should try to reflect on the common ground that we all have, that we all share; that is love, universal love, and love for the family. We all have, whether Muslim or Christian or Buddhist, love for our favorite family members, our pets, our friends, our teachers, our countries. We all have this kind of love, Muslim or not. We all have all this common ground that we all share. We all have the innate nature within us to “love thy neighbor” and to help them when they are in need. So, we just have to be loving, friendly, and let each one be, let each one be in peace. Saying that, however, I would like very much also to see the people of Islamic faith really go all the way to take responsibility for world peace, to take any opportunity to have respect, to integrate into the societies where they live, and to prove their worth; the more they hide in their own community, the more people will not understand them. You see, just like when you were in the Girl Scouts time, the Muslim lady invited the children to her home, and therefore the children understood what Islam is all about. They see the kindness with the Muslim people. You see that? The example speaks louder than words. So they, the Muslim people, also should open their hearts and minds and houses as well, to accept others, no matter how different in looks, religious beliefs, and traditions. If the Muslim people are in America, they should try to integrate to become like Americans. I don't mean eat the same or have to go to the same church or anything, but outwardly at least look like the neighbors -yes? - so that there is no maybe suspicions, or a little hesitance between the neighbors, yes? If the Americans have a Muslim next door, maybe he or she would like to make friends with the neighbors, but if she comes out always veiled like this or keeps to herself all the time, then the American people, they very much respect privacy, they will not always come and make an initiative to get to know them, thus also know the Muslim faith. You see? So, in Âu Lạc, Vietnam, there's a saying, “When you enter a river, be mindful of where you're going,” because there are currents difference, and the shallowness and deepness are different in different places of the river. So, be mindful of the currents and the place that you're entering. And “When you enter a home, be mindful of the house rules,” so that you'll be in harmony with your environment, with the people that you meet. It has to be mutual respect and consideration in order to build lasting friendship and peace. And, above all, everyone, be they Muslim or other faith followers, must discourage and boycott any germination or exercise of violence, because it destabilizes the friendship of nations and destroys peace in the world, including where they live. As God's nature is love and forgiveness and peace, and we are God's children, we should do the same. Thank you, ma chérie (my darling). Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): Thank you, Supreme Master. Thank you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I also agree that religious and spiritual leaders should work together and let people know that it's time to change, that the planet is in urgent danger now, and we must be more loving in our actions, whatever religion we belong to. And be vegan to save it, whatever religion we belong to, or non-religion we belong to. VOICE: Please join us on Supreme Master Television, Saturday, September 3, for part 6 of the re-broadcast of the live conference entitled “World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice,” with Supreme Master Ching Hai; the Honorable Commissioners Frank Avila and Patricia Horton of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Ms. Sherry Avila, docent of the Loyola University Museum of Art and the Irish American Heritage Center; and performances celebrating compassion and environment, right here on Words of Wisdom. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I'm not just trying to talk or convert you or people into my way of life or anything. I was sincerely, honestly, genuinely concerned that, if any word I have spoken, through the grace of Heaven, should benefit people, your people or any people who are listening. VOICE: Please join us on Supreme Master Television, Sunday, September 4, for part 7 of the re-broadcast of the live conference entitled “World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice,” with Supreme Master Ching Hai; the Honorable Commissioners Frank Avila and Patricia Horton of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Ms. Sherry Avila, docent of the Loyola University Museum of Art and the Irish American Heritage Center; and performances celebrating compassion and environment, right here on Words of Wisdom. Commissioner Avila (m): World Vegan, World Peace - it's got to be our Conscious Choice. If people stop eating the flesh of another being today, that is a good way to start a responsible, compassionate, and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the future of the planet is in our hands. We are the protectors. We are the stewards. We are the example of our children. They can pick up where we left off effectively, with a determination to keep the planet clean, fresh, flourishing in peace and in love. VOICE: Please join us on Supreme Master Television, Tuesday, September 6, for part 8 of the re-broadcast of the live conference entitled “World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice,” with Supreme Master Ching Hai; the Honorable Commissioners Frank Avila and Patricia Horton of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Ms. Sherry Avila, docent of the Loyola University Museum of Art and the Irish American Heritage Center; and performances celebrating compassion and environment, right here on Words of Wisdom. Commissioner Avila (m): This is our planet home. I was deeply, deeply inspired by the wonderful experience I had tonight. I think we all kind of forget and we go down, but today, wow! I am up. I'm really up. We will continue in our quest to inspire love, peace and compassion. Take care of your heart. Take care of what is in it. Check for the love, the peace, the compassion for all beings, and for the environment. VOICE: Please join us on Supreme Master Television, Wednesday, September 7, for part 9 of the re-broadcast of the live conference entitled “World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice,” with Supreme Master Ching Hai; the Honorable Commissioners Frank Avila and Patricia Horton of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Ms. Sherry Avila, docent of the Loyola University Museum of Art and the Irish American Heritage Center; and performances celebrating compassion and environment, right here on Words of Wisdom. VOICE: Tune in to Supreme Master Television today for our program, “World Vegan, World Peace: A Conscious Choice,” on Words of Wisdom.
2 Dec 2011
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