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Katara is Water Bender
18 Apr 2008
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Courts hold Vikash and Vishal Yadav for Nitish Katara murder, Sanjya dutt marriage with Manyata is legal,Bainsla will make a political party, For more news, information, and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****.
31 May 2008
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Vikas and Vishal Yadav held guilty in Nitish Katara murder case, Sanjay Dutt Manyata marriage upheld by court, Vasunshara Raje puts the balls in Centre's court on the Gurjar issue, Finance Ministry rejects reports of oil cess on IT, Talwar's lawyer files contempt petition against Noida Police For more news, information, and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****.
31 May 2008
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the love story of aang and katara. i dont own avatar the last airbender or "all because of you" by saliva. enjoy
16 Dec 2009
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*******KataraChildCostume**** - There is only peace and harmony when the four elements : air, water, earth and fire are all in balance. Too much of either one of these and chaos will ensue. The Fire nation led by the fire lord Ozai wants to dominate and take over, but first he has to overcome the other tribes. Katara is the last waterbender in her Water tribe. The responsibility sits on her shoulders. Will she achieve balance and peace with Aang and subdue the fire lord? Join the great adventure with a Katara child costume this Halloween.
2 Oct 2010
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*******Ez****/kataracostume This Halloween unleashed the magic and shows your mastery in the ways of water bending. Wear this remarkable Katara Costume with rich texture dark blue cross-over tunic that is perfect for pretty girls like you.
18 Oct 2010
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*******Ez****/kataracostume This Halloween unleashed the magic and shows your mastery in the ways of water bending. The costume is great for costume parties and trick and treating around the corner with other friends. *******Ez****/kataracostume
18 Oct 2010
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This is actually 2 separate clips, taken from 2 different parts of the episode. I used Naruto BGM because it's the most fitting stuff I could find (also, Avatar doesn't really have a soundtrack, instead having little bits of music where neccessary). Cast (in order of appearance): Katara - Shika Megumi Sokka - R-Taco Aang - Lightofhope18 Toph - Sachibelle Jet - P3RFECT "Sweepy" - DaSob
26 Aug 2007
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Munde to air his grievances before BJP high command, Court to fix verdict date in Nitish Katara case on May 14, BJP stages black flag demonstration against Prime Minister , BSP disrupts Parl over Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal, summer is on in India
23 Apr 2008
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Katara is at it again with the Collies! She's hilarious when she flattens out the front end of her body, and sticks her butt way up in the air until she eventually falls over!
9 Jan 2009
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Katara's never walked in snow before. She became very feisty and playful, and was a joy to watch! I know some of the video is very dark... sorry. :)
2 Nov 2009
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Aangs true feelings towards Katara
23 Apr 2009
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Das hier ist eine Verarschung! Selbst gemacht!
10 Mar 2009
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Hey Hier im Video sind ein paar Zuckungen drin, ich habe echt versucht die weg zu machen hat aber nicht überall geklappt! Deshalb mache ich einen neuen Clip. So schlecht sieht es aber gar nicht aus! Bitte seid nicht so hart zu mir ok?
13 Mar 2009
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Well, I wanted to use a song nobody used before with a ship that (hardly) anyone ships. (Actually I think Taang is cuter) I had to cut away most of the song, but I think the remaining part fits the clips nicely.
8 Feb 2007
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avatar-ange amv at his best
27 Feb 2007
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