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We have noticed that we haven't published a video to test your skills or the possibilities of your brain for several days. In today's video we have prepared five interesting exercises for your amusement. They will allow you to check your visual memory, your ability to remember information and your logic. In addition, one of the exercises will let you know the true age of your brain. Are you ready?
1 Sep 2017
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The secret that lies beneath all magic tricks and illusions is that people actually do want to be tricked and to believe in magic. The voice of reason tells us that it is simply impossible to saw a woman in half and then just glue her back together. Nonetheless, we smile joyously as children and give the magician a round of generous applause. We’re sorry to upset you, but this video is going to shatter a myth of the existence of magic as it reveals a few secrets of some world-renowned illusionists. So, these are 5 famous magic tricks revealed.
1 Sep 2017
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Have you ever dreamed of living like a millionaire? Of course you have! We don't know any person who wouldn't like to spend the day lying in a chaise longue next to a pool, riding expensive cars and living in a luxury penthouse… Oh, it's all so nice, but what can you do if you already have all this? All these beauties and luxuries will probably bore you some day. Real millionaires of all over the world invent all kinds of stuff to diversify their routine. In today's video we'll tell you about 10 millionaires that did something stupid and bizarre in order to make their lives funnier. So, here are the most eccentric magnates
3 Sep 2017
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Katherine Harris has made yet another absurd statement and Keith Olbermann caught it last night.
27 Aug 2006
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Katherine Gorge is a network of 13 gorges carved from billion-year-old sandstone country by the Katherine River in Nitmiluk National Park. It can be explored by canoe, boat and helicopter. The Nitmiluk Visitors Centre provides Park information and tour tickets.There are many ways to experience the spectacular Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge) and its world-renowned gorge system - you can walk, swim, canoe, boat or fly.
7 Jun 2007
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Paired with a GM vehicle, celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Katherine Heigl and Christina Milan strut their stuff on the runway at the GM TEN event at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.
20 Jul 2007
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to Katherine Hepburn Garden in NYC. (Jan. 22, 2008)
26 Jan 2008
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Xenon AAA by katherin (Colombia)
18 Mar 2008
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A smart and sexy comedy - SIDE EFFECTS stars Grey's Anatomy's hottest intern, KATHERINE HEIGL - it's the perfect prescription for a new comedy! 30 second trailer for the indie film Side Effects. Coming soon to DVD.
9 Apr 2008
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Katherine Flynn- The Auteur Movie - Tribeca Film Festival
7 May 2008
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Katherine Hepburn gave some unsolicited health tips to Humphrey Bogart when they co-starred in the 1951 drama "The African Queen". Produced with background music and sound effects in the style of old time radio, Hollywood Stories with Stephen Schochet is a new syndicated one minute program on the TalkStar Radio Network heard throughout the USA and Canada: *******www.hollywoodstories****/radioshow.htm Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of the audiobooks "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood". GREAT GIFTS!! Available at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Stores or toll free twenty four hours at 1-800-431-1579. "So many of our listeners have told me that when they needed gifts your Hollywood and Disney CDs have really helped them out" -- Tron Simpson, Morning Host KCMN Radio, Colorado Springs For more information go to *******www.hollywoodstories****.
10 Mar 2009
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29 Jun 2008
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