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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Leaning on bench with one hand and knee (same side of body) 2.Other leg firmly on ground, other arm holding weight straight down at side 3.Row the arm up, bending elbow until arm is level with body 4.Lower, finish repetitions and switch sides
5 Mar 2009
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Using bench, face away from bench placing palms on edge with fingers curling over the edge 2.Legs out straight in front, heels on floor 3.Keeping butt off of bench, lower body towards floor 4.Elbows stay in – don’t let them flair out 5.Don’t touch the floor, lift body up to starting position
22 Jan 2009
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Feet shoulder width apart, don’t lock knees 2.Hold dumbbells down at your side, palms facing inward, raise lower arms keeping upper arms at side 3.Do 7 reps only raising arms halfway so that forearms are parallel to ground (works lower half) 4.On 7th rep, hold and start next 7 from that position, curling arms all the way up (works upper half) 5.On 7th rep, lower arms all the way to sides and do complete range of motion
23 Apr 2009
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www.fastfitnessvideos****. 1.Lie stomach down with ball beneath lower abs/pelvis 2.Feet are wide against the wall for stability 3.Hands behind head or crossed over chest, bend over ball towards floor 4.Slowly raise up until body is in alignment, back is straight 5.Feel it in lower back, glute and hamstrings
7 Apr 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Facing the floor, hands on floor, feet on ball shin/ankle height 2.Body in alignment parallel to floor 3.Pull legs in towards body, butt in air 4.Use abs to help pull 5.Extend legs out and repeat
4 Apr 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Sitting at 45 degree angle on bench, knees bent over pad 2.Twist torso so that opposite elbow goes towards opposite knee 3.Twist to the opposite side doing same thing
28 Jun 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Lie on back on floor with legs out straight holding stability ball, arms overhead 2.Grab the ball with both ankles and lift up, arms reaching up to grab ball, transfer ball to hands 3.Keep slight bend in the knees, lower legs and arms but don’t let ball touch the ground 4.Transfer back to legs in the same manner, works inner thighs as well as abs
11 Nov 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Feet shoulder width apart, knees bent at 90 degree angle 2. Never want your knees to extend beyond your toes 3. Extend legs out so that there’s still a slight bend in knees – do not lock knees 4. Keep your weight in heels and lower back pressed into seat 5. Slowly lower (but not all the way) and repeat
5 Apr 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1.Feet shoulder width, knees straight, back straight 2.Holding barbell, bend towards floor like you’re going to touch your toes 3.Keep back straight, weight in heels, stick butt back 4.Hold for a couple seconds and slowly raise up using hamstrings to do the work
4 Apr 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Hold dumbbells in each hand, feet together 2. Take big step forward with one leg 3. Drop back knee straight down towards floor without touching it 4. Rise back up, step back into place, repeat with other leg
31 Dec 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Start with just the bar as a warm-up – 45 pounds 2. Hands little more than shoulder width apart, feet flat on ground, back flat on bench 3. Release bar and slowly lower until elbows are even with body 4. Increase weight slowly and have a spotter if doing heavier weight
7 May 2009
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Set up machine so that handles are two or three notches back. 2. Facing forward, grab outside handles and pull together in front of body keeping slight bend in elbows 3. Slowly back but don’t let weights touch
4 Apr 2008
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