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Obama Girl duet! And tune in to see her LIVE today at stickam**** from 1pm - 11pm EST! Song written and mixed by Michael Gregory. Performed by Leah Kauffman and Barack Obama. Edited by Michael Stevens.
22 Jan 2009
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'The' Elvis imitation
21 May 2008
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Obama Girl duet! And tune in to see her LIVE today at from 1pm - 11pm EST! Song written and mixed by Michael Gregory. Performed by Leah Kauffman and Barack Obama. Edited by Michael Stevens.
20 Jan 2009
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*******suprememastertv****/ - Science & Spirituality - The Essence of Life from Two Perspectives:Dr. Stuart Kauffman & Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Episode: 599, Air date: 5 - May- 2008
4 Nov 2008
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Momentary Engineering (2006) TRT: 21 minutes. Directed by Shaun Boyle. Written by J Wilder Konschak. Synopsis: Bobbie, a caseworker from the future who goes to work every day in July 1st, 1996, has been given a requisition to invisibly shape an event that she simply cannot bring herself to create - the moment wherein the man she loves seduces the woman who will destroy him. Credits: Caroline Murphy -- Bobby Scott Willet -- Davis Caroline Hay -- Abby Rebecca Servon -- Raeanne Walter Krochmal -- Jarvis Joel Santucci -- Eddy Patricia Russell -- Mediator Shaun Boyle -- Director Zak Kauffman -- Producer Alli Hartley -- Co-producer Joanne Konschak -- Executive Producer Michael Pierce -- Editor J Wilder Konschak -- Screenwriter Ben Schwartz -- Director of Photography Nick Lee -- AC Ryland Blackinton -- Songs and Score Stirling McLaughlin -- Additional Music Nat Aguilar -- Gaffer Mike Posillo -- Grip Jackie Boherty -- Grip Daniel Frei -- Sound Alanna Guy -- HMU Wilder Konschak -- Production Designer Rachel Wolther -- PA Carlos Del Rosario -- PA Jermaine LaMont -- PA Sam Anderson -- PA Jack Cristal -- PA
14 Jun 2009
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This is my daughter Marla singing at her cousin Mackenzie's wedding
4 Oct 2011
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Dr. Elliot McGucken on Arts Entrepreneurship & Technology & Hero's Journey Entrepreneurship *******artsentrepreneurship**** *******herosjourneyentrepreneurship**** *******herosjourneyfellowship**** *******herosjourneylabs**** The DTH reports at *******www.dailytarheel****/media/storage/paper885/news/2005/10/05/University/Course.To.Combine.Entrepreneurship.And.Arts-1366605.shtml : Students who always have dreamed of seeing their name on the silver screen, attributed to a famous work of art or associated with a famous symphony can start attaining these goals next semester. Regardless of the focus of interest, Elliot McGucken, professor of physics and programming, said these dreams can become a reality through the course Artistic Entrepreneurship and Technology 101. The course, which will be offered during the spring 2006 semester, was made possible through the Carolina Entrepreneurial Initiative Innovations Fund. This $11 million effort, funded in part by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, seeks to incorporate entrepreneurship education into all aspects of campus life - creating the knowledge to launch ventures of all kinds. The course will be open to 40 students who have "a prerequisite in passion," McGucken said. Students are required to submit an essay describing their ambitions to demonstrate their enthusiasm. For more information visit artsentrepreneurship****. The CEI sponsorship allows students to work alongside movie producers and record dealers to realize their potential within an ever-changing industry. "What was once offered only in New York or Los Angeles is now available right here in Chapel Hill," McGucken said. The basis of the class is organized around an independent project. Programers, artists, musicians, writers and designers will collaborate to create an entrepreneurial plan from which their dreams can flourish. Vision progresses into a business plan, which creates the possibility of expression for each talent within the group, McGucken said. The background details exist in the development, promotion and distribution of a venture, which requires the exploration of many facets of a particular industry. It is important that the members of the group come together to function as a unit, McGucken said. Students will be required to post a blog charting their progress and providing article resources from trade journals to other members of the class. By studying the careers of several famous artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs, students will see how others created a venue in which to launch a career. The diligent student will leave the class with a tangible product of his or her dream as pursued during the semester, whether it be a record label or an art portfolio. McGucken's personal entrepreneurial career began nearly 10 years ago with the establishment of jollyroger****, a Web site that is dedicated to classic literature. Today McGucken manages more than 30 Web sites aimed at providing an outlet for independent artists and creators. He also has published four books including two novels and a poetry collection. McGucken said the class will serve as a great way for ambitious students to pursue their goals. "The course gives an opportunity for one to follow his dream." --from *******www.dailytarheel****/media/storage/paper885/news/2005/10/05/University/Course.To.Combine.Entrepreneurship.And.Arts-1366605.shtml
29 Jan 2008
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Tanner Kauffman Skating At and Oviedo Fl
17 Dec 2007
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*******failpire.ning****/page/fight-club Video Fight Club Muppet Roommate VS Oops! All Lansburys Watch the two contenders and vote now. Starring Fletcher Kauffman Voting ends Thursday at noon! and then there's a whole new VFC - so vote now then check back later for the new challenger! Submit your original funny videos to failpire gmail dot com. Subject : VFC Submission for submission guidelines please check : *******failpire.ning****/xn/detail/2190239:BlogPost:3361
3 Mar 2009
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A KB Home built with Mexican Bricks, KB Homes, Bruce Karatz, Jeffery T. Mezger, Melissa Lora, Michael G. McCaffery, Leslie Moonnes, Luis G. Nogales, Guy Nafilyan, Ron Burkle, Stephen F. Bullenbach, Timothy F. Bollenbach, Robert L. Johnson, Disney Princess Roon, wish upon a star, suck, kb, kauffman, broad are responsible for this fiasco. Poor construction, shabby brickwork by KB Home tradesmen.
23 Feb 2011
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cbsepisode robert pattinson taylor lautner twilight new moon premiere hollywood kristen stewart hattie kauffman Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart New Moon Twilight Taylor Lautner Bella Swan Edward Cullen Jacob Black Vampire Wolf ryan seacrest twilight new moon world premiere bella swan birthday party scene edward cullen jacob black taylor lautner kristen stewart robert pattinson forks Stephenie Meyer eclipse breaking dawn vampires love blood romance summit entertainment Catherine Hardwicke Peter
20 Nov 2009
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BY ZHENG HWUANG CHIA You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Front row seats for American Idol? Sure! Well - Not really. Idol tells Ashley Kauffman - Sorry hun. That’s not gonna happen here. Why? You’re too fat. KPHO has the story. “She was left shocked and in tears after allegedly being told by production staffers that she could not sit with her friends in the front row because she was just too big and too heavy to be in the front.” Daily Mail says the weight insults didn’t stop there. “(Kauffman and friends) made their way to the second row but had been stopped by another member of Idol staff, this time male. (He) grabbed her ticket and said: 'This makes sense why you're not with the skinny girls. You're in the last row.'” An outraged anchor from CNN asks American Idol - Do we have a weight issue going on here? “Ashley. 5’2”, 150 pounds. Not super skinny but she looks like most girls her age. She looks like a lot of American Idol fans. Just one of those typical American Idols teenagers who make American Idol so popular and so much money.” But, some aren’t buying Kauffman’s story. It’s American Idol we’re talking about. Can they afford to be weight biased? ABC has the scoop. “The people around here said they’ve never heard a comment like that. It’s been tough to prove that this has been said. It seems like American Idol gave her a good seat, it was one of the best seats in the house.” Reps from American Idol told TMZ that the allegations were untrue. To which a blogger from The Stir says - Are you kidding me? “Can you imagine what a phrase like that could do to a girl's self esteem?! ... Sorry Idol, but I don't think that any 19-year-old would build up the courage to talk about her weight on national television without proper cause.” Ahh. American Idols and all their dramas. WLFD speculates - that’s what they’re doing to get those ratings up. “All sorts of controversy. The girls only vote for guys - Pia gets voted off. There’s always something. Gotta stir the pot somehow or another right? Like they need more attention. I think they have too few viewers already.” Kauffman says - she does not want any money from American Idol. Nothing - but an apology. Do you think American Idol is sorry? 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
16 Apr 2011
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