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Kawasaki Ninja 300 - Learner Legal, Low Seat, Optional ABS, Most Power in Class NO COMPROMISE
8 Dec 2012
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Nada para fazer decidi grava um video dando role de Kawasaki Ninja (=
16 Dec 2012
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Wanna see more vids like this one? Click the link below. ***********/playlist?list=PL0967C8093A0B8434&feature=view_all Click the links below to see some of my GOPRO HERO action riding videos. ***********/watch?v=tH2CU0P6wZM Chasing another rider in the front ***********/watch?v=yqTL41aICvs Riding a 2012 DUCATI Panigale ***********/watch?v=z5iD1JSBMNc YAMAHA R1 Superbike Canyon Crash ***********/watch?v=_OUnDuND9Q0 DUCATI Superbike chasing a Fully modified CBR 600RR ***********/watch?v=H9ysUOkumxE Canyon & Street Riding combined. Reckless riding? You decide. ***********/watch?v=4zIVcaFdRxw Canyon, Freeway & Side Street Ride ***********/watch?v=9Inp4IsJX_c Riding w/ The MAKABAYAN RIDERS in OJAI, CA ***********/watch?v=p35NCFsg5Aw Ripping up the canyon of OJAI, CA ***********/watch?v=rScfiWZFQc4 My GoPro camera fell off & got picked up by the good Hippies ***********/watch?v=y5ZATv_hNHg Ripping Up AZUSA Canyon ***********/watch?v=WDWjiiBNCvs Ripping UP Angeles Crest Highway ***********/watch?v=Jqcg68IDO00 Riding on some tight roads in Malibu, California ***********/watch?v=KFHSfBg-TMo&feature=plcp&context=C4586... Ripping-Up the street of Los Angeles! Ride hard or stay home. LOL! ************/watch?v=xzOsulw-6sM Body Positioning demonstrated by a GiRL nEXt DooR. ***********/watch?v=SwPuczVZz6I Riding my DUCATI 749 Superbike on Highway Two ***********/watch?v=2FZALa7dNbM&feature=plcp On my DUCATI, chasing a Kawasaki NINJA ZX6R ***********/watch?v=_OUnDuND9Q0 DUCATI Superbike hitting California Highway 2 ***********/watch?v=gaJWbyP35pw DUCATI Playing on the street :-)
15 Jan 2013
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2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Monster Edition w/ Yoshimura R77 Exhaust.
19 Jan 2013
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NEW! 2013 Kawasaki Ninja-250R Review The Official Review of Kawasaki Ninja 250 year 2013 new *******www.usmarketads****
18 Feb 2013
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This bike is for sale! Visit my blog at *******www.peteleong**** A quick demonstration of sound and look differences between stock and a carbon fiber Yoshimura slipon exhaust for 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R For those people who love to argue about stupid shit like if its Fuel injected or carb, please watch this quick little video I made just for you! *******
26 Mar 2013
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New Model 2012 White Kawasaki Ninja 250, Fuel Injection...1st Launch in Indonesia.. my 1st Impression about this bike, it's lighter than previous Ninja 250....and sorry for my Bad English.. 2009 & 2013 ninja 250r comparation video.. ***********/watch?v=tQ8UmbZO0vI 2013 Ninja 250 Helmet Cam: ***********/watch?v=Vcd0KiWzGPM
29 Apr 2013
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A Full review of the kawasaki ninja 300 in Sydney, Australia Just a brief over view of my experience while riding it, a look at the bike and some features included in the new bike If i missed anything please feel free to comment a question, i'll get back to you ASAP Thanks
10 May 2013
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The NINJA ZX10R is the most nimble Japanese liter bike i have ever ridden, but it's not as agile and nimble as my DUCATI 999. Of all the sportbikes i have ridden, DUCATI Superbikes are the most easy to turn through the corners on the canyons. But the new Panigale 1199 changed all that. The Panigale 1199 is more like a Japanese bike when/if talking about handling. What i mean to say is that, The new Panigale is not as agile and nimble as the 1198, 1098 and 999. But the bottom line, the new Panigale is very unique in it's own way. The new Panigale is an extra ordinary machine indeed! Now back to the NINJA ZX10R. I think the BMW S1000RR is the only bike that can out perform and/or match the green beast. I have ridden all the Japanese liter bikes. The ZX10R is the best in every category. I will test ride a BMW S1000RR before this year ends. I will make a comparison review between the Green beast and the German moto pride, so stay tune Folks!! Tired of reading paid off reviews in the magazines? Tired of watching paid off reviews on the internet? Well, stay tune Folks for more motorcycle reviews. Real reviews, no BS, no paid endorsements. Real reviews by a motorcycle Rider in the real world. :-) Click the links below to see/watch more reviews. ***********/watch?v=P42IWIuEZE0 2012 Kawasaki NINJA 650R Review. ***********/watch?v=MgjV-PnCX5A 2012 DUCATI Monster 696 Review. ***********/watch?v=niLLYoeIuYg 2012 DUCATI 1199 PANIGALE Review. ***********/watch?v=N-DFqhhRiS8 DUCATI 999 Testastretta Review. ***********/watch?v=1SmSR_hg2CI Tips and Advice when buying a Brand New Motorcycle from a Stealership. ***********/watch?v=zwqAgHKfCzc My currently owned Sportbikes' comparison review. ***********/watch?v=VpKEwzfRV6k The reasons why i bought a DUCATI SUPERBIKE. ***********/watch?v=yCTipz-fqW8 The best Starter bike? ***********/watch?v=YQIEXjZh7Rc YAMAHA R6 Review ***********/watch?v=1rx_bYkyExY 08 and 09 NINJA ZX6R Comparison Review
21 Jul 2013
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MotorcycleUSA**** got one of the first rides on the 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. This all-new sportbike is the open-class monster from Kawasaki and it really does live up to the green meanie moniker.
24 Jul 2013
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***********/playlist?list=PL5a5c5ayUpUALT23O0n9yNwjeH-RdxwEJ Click the link to see more Kawasaki Ninja 300 videos. ***********/playlist?list=PL5a5c5ayUpUCwR3AarrjjWI0fg0uFpn3t Click the link to see more CBR 250R Repsol videos. ***********/watch?v=OUVzji3vCcE On my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 636, chasing a BMW S1000RR! Click the link. Special Thanks to Barry, Mola, Darby and Dan.
3 Aug 2013
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DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE ! THANKKK ! Insane race between a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Audi RS6 car on a motorway in Germany. The two pilots run Augsburg to Munich, a distance of 50 km with an average speed of 215 km / h (133 mph). In the video drivers mount easily over 300 km / h in some places. ------------------------------------------- Grosse course entre une moto Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R et une voiture Audi RS6 sur une autoroute en Allemagne. Les deux pilotes roulent de Augsburg à Munich, soit une distance de 50 kilomètres avec une vitesse moyenne de 215 km/h (133 mph). Dans la vidéo les pilotes montent facilement à plus de 300 km/h à certains endroits.
14 Aug 2013
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Filmed in 2011 - Brazilian Road AUDI R8 V10 - Tuned with ECU, TCU, Exhaust and Filter - 600 HP SUZUKI GSXR1000 (SRAD) 2009 - 185 HP KAWASAKI NINJA ZX 10R 2008 - 188 HP
29 Oct 2013
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Here is the response for all the NOOBS who ask me to make a video about how to ride a motorcycle. Well, here is the video folks. Be sure to check out the other informative videos i made & uploaded in the last 3 years. Click the links below. I made a video like this one back in year 2009. On a Carburated Kawasaki NINJA 250R. Click the link to see/watch it. ***********/watch?v=6Y4ucI-5VSw Starting the engine of your motorcycle demonstrated by a Russian Model. Click the link. ***********/watch?v=LimoBS2CcOQ Next Lesson: Body positioning on a Sportbike when cornering. Click the link. ***********/watch?v=LvBGh2b5WSU What is the best starter bike for beginners? Click the link. ***********/watch?v=fWa1VbnfApU Things you should know and to consider before riding a motorcycle. Click the link. ***********/watch?v=2C9hhMMmXx0 ************/watch?v=xzOsulw-6sM Body Positioning demonstrated by a Girl Next Door.
21 Dec 2013
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Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja . Balap Liar Kawasaki Ninja . Drag Ninja Vs Ninja .
22 Dec 2013
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*******www.motorbeam****/ pits the Honda CBR250R against the Kawasaki Ninja 250R in a drag race. Read the complete review of the Honda CBR250R at *******www.motorbeam****/bikes/honda-cbr250r/honda-cbr250r-test-ride-review/
16 Feb 2014
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