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Portrait drawing Megan Fox. How to draw by dry brush ******* Portrait drawing of very beautiful and popular Hollywood actress by dry brush technique ******* Portrait artist Igor Kazarin. Drawing a black and white portrait it took the time about 3 hours. Drawing materials: pencil 0,5 HB, synthetics and bristle brushes, black oil paint mixed on a palette with 2-3 drops lubricating oil, watercolor paper - Canson, a simple eraser, correction fluid Портрет видео Меган Фокс, рисование портрета сухой кистью красивой Голливудской актрисы заняло по времени около 3 часов, техника исполнения сухая кисть. Художник Игорь Казарин
24 Nov 2014
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Speed drawing portrait Emma Watson by Dry Brush. How to draw by dry brush ******* Emma Watson pretty Hollywood actress with a charming, soulful eyes. Black and white portrait drawn during 3 hours by Igor Kazarin If you are interested in information how to draw by dry brush: ******* Рисование портрета Эммы Уотсон видео. Портрет с фотографии в технике сухая кисть. Время рисования около 3 часов *******
3 Jan 2013
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My portrait drawings slideshow of beautiful women drawn by artist Igor Kazarin in technics a dry brush. What is the dry brush you can look video on channel PortraitDrawing showing process of work of similar portrait drawings, for example portrait of Monica Bellucci. In this portrait drawings slideshow some known actresses and models: Monica Bellucci, Natalia Oreiro, Josie Maran, Valeria Mazza, and simply beautiful women are presented. Next time, I also shall show you the others drawing slideshow, for example oil on a canvas ******* ******* ******* *******
3 Jan 2012
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I wished to draw for a long time a portrait of well-known actor Johnny Depp, ******* as a result a portrait is drawn in the dry brush technique. Speed drawing portrait video consists of fragments Shooting on video camera. When draw a portrait moreover the actor such calibre as Johnny Depp, shooting on video distracts from work with a portrait, and sometimes a little and at all I forgot to include it in the fullness of time, therefore Speed drawing in video makes approximately about 70 %. Portrait drawing Johnny Depp has appeared not absolutely simple decision, therefore during portrait drawing, often it is necessary to correct some errors, achieving the best result. Is it possible, you can Comment and Rate If u liked drawing of artist Igor Kazarin. Pleasant to you of viewing
24 Jun 2011
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Speed painting portrait Britney Spears ******* is drawn in technique of dry brush. People often ask me, what I use to draw a portrait in a dry brush technique. Many people think that I draw my portraits with charcoal or graphite, but it is not so. I draw only oil. Today it is Speed painting color portrait well-known singer Britney Spears. In portrait used only a few oil paints. I have been tasked to draw Britney Spears is very beautiful, great attention was paid to the make-up singer, brilliantly reflecting its beauty. If you liked Speed painting Britney Spears, if possible, please Comment and Rate this job. Портрет с фотографии рисует художник Игорь Казарин
13 Jul 2010
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Portrait painting in oil on a canvas for nice men. ******* Realistic painting portrait in oil from photo drawn by artist Igor Kazarin on a canvas in the size of 40 sm on 50 see Time of execution of this portrait has borrowed 3 weeks. In this video stage-by-stage process of drawing of a portrait by oil, with high-speed drawing playback is shown. Realistic oil painting portrait has deserved great glory starting with depth of centuries. Presently oil painting portrait in style of realism loses the positions concerning other methods of drawing portraits, but nevertheless admirers of artist drawing pictures in oil on canvas in realistic style to become more and increasing every year and it is no surprising in fact for understanding such portraits are accessible to much.
19 Feb 2010
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Speed drawing portrait of Monica Bellucci ******* in the modern style of drawing a dry-brush, Portrait in this technics of drawing very much pleasant for all women, as the example is portrait Monica Bellucci. Artist Igor Kazarin drew a portrait in current of 6 hours, and only on video collected from fragments of work of the artist, it has turned out to high speed drawing portrait. I always liked to draw Monica Bellucci, in current of 15-17 years some portraits of Monica, a portrait Monica Bellucci 2009 now have been drawn, You can see and estimate video Speed drawing portrait of Monica Belluci. I can admit it, as my best portrait technics a dry brush lately. Why in this technics I draw much, because such portraits very much like all women. Pay attention as it is effectively looked on this video speed drawing of Monica Bellucci.
28 Dec 2009
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