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The priest of the Catholic church from which Obama recently resigned was asked by the parish to step back from his obligations for two weeks. Father Michael Pfleger has been placed on leave from Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ after a much-debated video of his sermon from last month circulated the internet. In this video, the priest mocks Hillary Clinton’s cry during the New Hampshire primary run-up. He pretends to cry and suggests that Clinton thinks that because she is a Caucasian person and a former first-lady, she feels entitled to the presidency. While Father Pleger did apologize and Obama commented that he was deeply disappointed by the sermon statements, the priest’s leave of absence began on Tuesday. And an update on Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s brain-tumor surgery. He is listed as having no complications from Monday’s medical treatment and his office reports that he is walking the hospital hallways, enjoying time with his family and even staying up-to-date with current news. The 76-year-old is scheduled to remain at Duke University Medical Center for about a week before returning to Massachusetts for targeted radiation and chemotherapy treatment. ..........
6 Jun 2008
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Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot. For decades, books about John or Robert Kennedy have woven either a shimmering tale of Camelot gallantry or a tawdry story of runaway ambition and reckless personal behavior. But the real story of the Kennedys in the 1960s has long been submerged -- until now. In Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, David Talbot sheds a dramatic new light on the tumultuous inner life of the Kennedy presidency and its stunning aftermath. Brothers is a sprawling narrative about the clash of powerful men and the darker side of the Cold War -- a tale of tragic grandeur that is certain to change our understanding of the relentlessly fascinating Kennedy saga.
11 Jun 2008
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kennedy airport
20 Jun 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Celebrities leaving the Ronnie Scott party held in London. Robbie Coltrane, Sharleen Spiteri and Bruce Forsythe is seen leaving. Classical musician Nigel Kennedy is then seen leaving and appears to be worse for wear as he drunkenly chats to photographers.
20 Jun 2008
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A path through the years with Ted Kennedy.
24 Jun 2008
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Kennedy's 2007 trailer fuses together clips from his sell out shows in the Castle Keep in Newcastle as well as BBC Radio interviews and his national theatre tour.
1 Jul 2008
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Kennedy Lake by the Arizona Game and Fish Department *******
4 Jul 2008
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Anney Kennedy of Beyond Ink is the SEO professionals representative on the SES Advisory board, that was formed by Kevin Ryan Vice President, Global Content Director of Search Engine Strategies. In this interview Anne discusses with Li Evans of SearchMarketingGurus**** what's happening with the SES Advisory Board and what's going to be coming up for SES San Jose. If you are coming to SES San Jose and want a sneak peek at what's coming up, check out this interview. Full transcript at: *******www.searchmarketinggurus****
8 Jul 2008
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In 1937's The Other Fellow, classic comedian Edgar Kennedy (one of the original Keystone Cops) ditches his dangerous driving (road rage aggressive driving) and learns to obey the rules of the road. Kennedy reforms his reckless driving ways through humorous lessons (like ridiculous car accident clips) that stress the importance of safe driving. Informed and cautious thanks to safe driving tips, Kennedy is no longer the other fellow causing accidents. Kennedy learns not to be The Other Fellow that everyone else can't stand on the road by learning how to drive a car properly. A great responsible driving safety video.
16 Jul 2008
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2408 A Barack Obama for President Rally at UCLA Oprah Winfrey is a commanding figure at the lecture Oprah and Caroline Kennedy chat Oprah mugs Michelle Obama comes out with Stevie Wonder Stevie sings Michelle speaks 2408 A Barack Obama for President Rally at UCLA Oprah Winfrey is a commanding figure at the lecture Oprah and Caroline Kennedy chat Oprah mugs Michelle Obama comes out with Stevie Wonder Stevie sings Michelle speaks
25 Jul 2008
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ABC Covers Ted Kennedy
29 Aug 2008
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The Kennedys stand their ground on TV.
3 Sep 2008
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Shot by: Clayton Woodley Edited by: Chris Bredesen Boost Mobile Rock Corps volunteers teamed up to paint the full size skate half pipe, mini ramp, storage shed, and church. Two large murals were also constructed. Over 20 sheets of skatelite wood donated from the old X Games ramps were used to replace the old rotting ramp. Over 80 feet of new fencing was added and painted and over 40 bags of debris were collected. The new and improved skate park had an immediate impact. The skate park and surrounding area is now a popular hang out for local youth and open free to the public of all ages every day. OUTTAKES This amazing project was attended by Boost Mobile VIP winners and was also attended by rap legend Busta Rhymes. Skateboard pro, Terry Kennedy, also made an appearance. Both Busta and Terry worked shoulder to shoulder with volunteers, getting dirty painting and cleaning but always taking time to stop and take pictures with excited youth. Boost also supplied their VIP bus for volunteers to sit back in style during their breaks. The volunteers enjoyed watching past BMRC concerts on the bus plasma t.v.s, chilled out in the air conditioning and helped themselves to the fully stocked Vitamin Water bar. Interviews with Busta Rhymes, Terry Kennedy, Kioni Castaneda, Heidi Lemon, Rich Zucarello, Zack Grove, Jason Kuska.
8 Jul 2009
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Listen in as we talk about pistachio nuts and how to engage customers, how to use online videos to dominate your market, plus Dan Kennedy and Seth Godin as great mentors of ours. Who Pops Your Popcorn?! Episode #13
12 Oct 2008
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*******dantzerdaze**** Jackie Kennedy addresses Spanish speaking voters, urging them to vote for her husband John F. Kennedy
26 Oct 2008
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*******www.inforiches***.cc - Dan Kennedy's INFO RICHES is the ultimate A-Z system for information marketing in 12 DVDs, 21 CDs and 2 giant books taken from the original $3475 per person seminar. Visit *******www.squidoo****/DanKennedyInfoRichesReview for more info about Dan Kennedy's Info Riches Review.
19 Jun 2011
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