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1 May 2008
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*******colinro1.auctiontnt**** STEP BY STEP, TEACH, YOUR SELF, LEARN TO PLAY KEYBOARD / PIANO. Whether you have a piano, or electronic keyboard by Yamaha, Casio, or Korg, this DVD will teach you all you need to know to be a Keyboard / Piano player.
4 May 2008
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5:25 Make mozilla firefox easier with keyboard shortcuts Shift and enter = **** Ctrl+shift+enter = **** Alt Enter =New tab Scroll Button = New tab Ctrl 1-2-3-4 or tab = swtich tab alt tab = switch program shift space = moves up web page space or page down = go down web page Thank You
26 May 2008
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Gary Rosenzweig talks about his success in putting his Mac keyboard in the dishwasher, and the risk you take when you try.
28 May 2008
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Simple way to make a keyboard shortcut.. For the explanation, click here tipsandtricks-vista.blogspot****
6 Jun 2008
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Ever get coffee or water spilled, or even pop? Most people buy a new keyboard but when you're not in luck with the bank what do you do? No, not steal one from your neighbor!! Fix it!! In this video-I know it couldn't be the best but however, just bear with it! Offspring - Pretty fly for a white guy plays in the background! Gimme a good rating and comment if you want! Thanks!
31 Dec 2008
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*******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/ (ENG) Blender: Object 3D - Computer, Monitor, Keyboard and mouse. Just an object created to compose a scene of mine. It don't have textures yet, only the solid form. This object was made only in the second day of learning how to work with Blender. (PT) Blender: Objecto 3D - Computador, Monitor, Teclado e Rato. Apenas um objecto criado para a composição de uma cena. Ainda nao têm texturas, apenas a forma sólida. Este objecto foi feito apenas no segundo dia a aprender a trabalhar com o Blender. *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
23 Jun 2008
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In this episode covering Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts, we talk about the extend edit, the trim backwards and trim forwards functionality and it's related keyboard shortcuts.
29 Jun 2008
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Yet another episode covering keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro. Today I show you all the keyboard shortcuts for playing, creating, deleting and moving in and out points in both the viewer and the timeline.
29 Jun 2008
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Segment from Hak5 1x03 - Build your own uber-gamer keyboard with this Model M mod
1 Jul 2008
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My friend pretends to be a kangaroo that plays on the keyboard. She is confused because she doesn't know exactly what she is doing.
10 Jul 2008
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This guy named Fokka gets killed by some LAN dude and gets really pissed at his keyboard. He looks pretty surprised at his own strength.
20 Jul 2008
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Are you a 99.9% happy Apple Keyboard user? Chances are, the thing lost that .1% because sometimes keys don't respond. I've found an easy fix for it, all you need is a guitar pick or other instrument, a bit of paper and some tape! Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Jul 2008
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Troubleshoot your MIDI Keyboard with MIDI-OX. Get expert help from OBEDIA. The resource for computer recording. www.obedia****
1 Aug 2008
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Microsoft Keyboard Mouse 3000 Consumer Depot www***nsumerdepot****
11 Aug 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - There were people waiting up to seven hours in my live chat room today. I FINALLY have gotten an Optimus Maximus keyboard, courtesy of ThinkGeek. I am completely stoked, since I've wanted this thing for like... EVER. I managed to let it sit on my desk all day, and build anticipation. People in chat ended up being as impatient and excited as I was for the unboxing.
16 Aug 2008
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