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Most Extreme Martial Arts in India - Bir Khalsa Gatka Sikhs SUBSCRIBE: ******* With eye-watering stunts, plenty of blood, cringe worthy moments and more than a few bruises, the stars of Jackass became international celebrities. Now a group of Indians are looking to do the same with martial arts performances that include being run over by cars, hanging each other by their heads, chewing glass tube lights and playing with swords and spiked maces. The outrageous group, who call themselves Bir Khalsa (The brave pure), perform to packed village fields in rural Punjab, claim their stunts - which include playing with swords and spiked maces - are the result of an ancient and almost forgotten martial art. The group practice the ancient Sikh martial art of Gatka, a fighting technique that is passed down from generation to generation and only Sikhs are allowed to perform. The 450 strong group have members who age ranges from 10 year old kids to 34 year old grown men. The group's extreme stunts, which often leave several of their members heavily bleeding, made them into stars on India's Got Talent recently, with judges and the audience covering their eyes in between shocked glances. For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Barcroft Media website: ******* Like Barcroft Media on Facebook: ******* Follow Barcroft Media on Twitter: *******
29 Sep 2013
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Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is one of the most powerful mantras known and is extraordinarily effective in dealing with health challenges. It is powerful. It is universal. It works on many levels; the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Ra Ma Da Sa is like a rare diamond, which connects you with the pure healing energy of the universe. You can instill the health trend in your consciousness by injecting this strong healing vibration into your mind. Then your actions and whole being will obey that thought. In order to change health troubles, we must alter the process of thought that brings the crystallization of consciousness into different forms of matter and action. RA - the fire principle - symbolizes the Sun. There would be no life on Earth if it were not for the Sun showering us with the pranic life-force. Working with the Sun is the highest practice of Kabbalah. The Sun is a source of energy, life and warmth. In other words, the Sun is the heart of our universe. It purifies and energizes. MA - the water principle - is the energy of the Moon. MA calls on the cosmos through the sound of compassion, causing the universe to become the mother and you the child, and this brings you help and healing. It is cooling and nurturing. DA - the Earth principle - provides the ground of action. SA - the air principle - is the impersonal infinity. When sound takes place in the external plane, it becomes "A", which represents manifestation. The first part of the mantra expands toward heaven. By repeating the sound SA as a turning point, it causes the spirit to descend from above into matter in order to animate and vitalize it with healing and life. In other words, the second part of the mantra brings the healing qualities of the superior world back down to the Earth. The last stanza of the emerald tablet from the great Hermes Trismegistus, which reveals the secret of healing and order in the material plane, is followed in this mantra. It reads, "Ascend with great sagacity from Earth to heaven, and then again descend to Earth, and unite together the powers of things superior and inferior. Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole world and obscurity will fly away from you. The secret is adaptation, transforming one thing into another thing." Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung transforms an imbalanced and unhealthy body into an harmonious, healthy one. As in the Star of David (a symbol of two interlaced triangles) this mantra interlinks spirit with matter. After SA comes SAY, which is the totality of experience. SO is the personal sense of identity. HUNG is the infinite, vibrating and real. Hung suggests Hu, which is the life of God in every thing and every being. The ng causes the sound in Hung to stimulate the divine glands. The sound of the breath is So Hung. The inhale is So and the exhale is Hung. The two qualities of So Hung together mean "I am Thou". As you chant this mantra, you expand toward the infinite and merge back with the finite. Most people have forgotten that their essence is with the infinite, unlimited creative power of the cosmos. When a person goes within himself and consciously experiences his own beauty, he touches his divinity. Then he can reunite his destiny to his highest potential. A regular listening practice is not only good for practical, preventative self-healthcare, but also it will aid in the assurance of a healthier life. It can help preserve the body and pave the way toward a positive mental projection. Chanting or listening to this mantra set to this classical tune will drive out depression and revibrate your life. It is timeless and can not be outdated. It has worked in the past, it works now, and it will work in the future. There is no time, no place, no space and no condition attached to this mantra. It burns the seed of disease. Use it everyday. Offer it to anyone. If you work with it, it will work for you. In moments of anxiety, despair, fear or worry, let it be your safeguard. It will give you a strong sense of your own centeredness. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, Master of White Tantric and Kundalini Yoga, who openly taught this healing mantra to the Western world, "It has worked for three thousand, four hundred years, why should it not work now?"
5 Dec 2008
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Shabad: "BARSE MEGH JI", sung by Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji....BIDAR SAMAGAR 2008
27 Dec 2008
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A collection of pictures of Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale, along with music from Jagowale & Tigerstyle. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale has been given the honour of the Greatest Sikh of the 20th Century by Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Click on the following links for more information on Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale: *******www.sikhcoalition****/SantJarnailSingh.pdf *******www.sikhiwiki****/index.php/Sant_Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale
24 May 2009
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Jus a Few clips and soundtracks puh togetha :) nd Sant Ji's Views on Khalistan
25 Jan 2009
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short speech
25 Jan 2009
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Parnaam Shaheedan nu---REMIX
29 Apr 2009
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ALARIPPU ~ About: This is the first piece in a Bharata Natyam dancer's repertoire. It showcases the unique rhythms and patterns of this form of dance.
5 May 2009
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The leader of the khalistan movement "khalistan zindabaz"
1 Aug 2009
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16 Aug 2009
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This video is tribute to all the great martrys who laid their life to acheive the utopian mission 'KHALISTAN' , their sewa to panth can not b described in words,they scraficed their life in the struggle,with doing nishkam sewa(without any desire of worldly things).lets give them a tribute , n chant waheguru for next 2 min, wkk wkf,long live revoloution long live KHALISTAN.KHALISTAN ZINDABAD
14 Nov 2009
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5 Apr 2010
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Japleen at the age of 5 - all 7 Nitnem Banis Kanth. She can do Sehaj Path as well
23 May 2010
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bole so nihal (sikhism)
4 Aug 2010
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Dedicate to all Shikhs who fight for Sikhism
30 Sep 2011
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Rajinder Singh Khalsa files civil suit for damages against hate crime attackers with the help of Sikh Coalition and Legal Access Network for South Asians
17 Oct 2008
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