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Two students surrounded by a crowd went into a slugfest and at first, it seemed the long-haired one would win but a roundhouse kick did the job to end it.
26 Sep 2017
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This is the kind of kick we all want to learn or desire to see at least in a fight, it's amazing to see how the fighter just kicked his opponent.
12 Oct 2017
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Watch the famous MMA star Alistair Overeem leg kicking a young girl inside a gym on request. The 2nd kick knocks her out of balance.
14 Oct 2017
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You cannot help but feel sad for this koala who got kicked out of a tree it was relaxing upon and then break down completely in a crying spree.
23 Oct 2017
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Kick off session with Akshay Kumar at HT GIFA Football Tournament 2017 Akshay Kumar Plays with the Cosco Football and with the Audience at #HTGIFA 2017 Opening Ceremony. #COSCOxHTGIFA is to witness some cool footballing action
27 Sep 2017
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Seems like this is not his day, or else by what chance the door of a car flies off during a race. Well, sometimes luck will kick us right in the face.
24 Sep 2017
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A bad guy tries to rob a store. But to his bad luck, a brave customer came in between and kicked his *ss . Seeing him others also barge in and catches the robber.
11 Oct 2017
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Crazy soccer penalty shootout
3 Oct 2017
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How to Prevent pemetrexed lung cancer Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide, according to the American Lung Association, and is the leading cancer killer in both men and women in the United States. Lung cancer is often caused by smoking, or long-term exposure to secondhand smoke. To prevent or reduce your risk for lung cancer, you can stop smoking, limit your exposure to secondhand smoke, and practice healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly and consuming healthy foods. 1 Stop smoking tobacco products. Cigarette and tobacco smoke contains harmful substances known as carcinogens that can damage the cells lining your lungs. Over time, smoking can lead to the development and multiplication of abnormal cells and increase your risk for lung cancer.[1] Contact your healthcare provider for help with smoking cessation programs if you experience difficulty with quitting smoking. Your physician may prescribe medications that can help you quit smoking, suggest that you join a smoking cessation support group, or recommend nicotine patches and gums that can help you kick your habit. 2 Limit your exposure to secondhand smoke. Non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke inhale the same carcinogens and cancer-causing substances as actual smokers. Avoid spending time around people who smoke, and avoid spending time at venues such as bars and restaurants that allow smoking. 3 Have your home tested for radon. Radon is a radioactive gas released during the natural decay process of elements such as uranium, thorium, and radium -- all of which are commonly found in rocks and soil. When inhaled, the radioactive particles in radon can damage the cells lining your lungs and increase the risk for lung cancer. Purchase a radon-testing kit for your home, or contact a local radon-detection specialist who can inspect your home for signs of radon
27 Sep 2017
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How to Stage Lung Cancer|lung cancer treatment solutions Lung cancer that originates within the lungs is referred to as primary lung cancer, while lung cancer that kicks off in other parts of the body, metastasizes and lodges into the lungs is a secondary type of lung cancer. Each type of lung cancer is managed in different ways depending upon the severity of the condition and preference of the patient. Proper diagnosis and management are essential in the treatment of lung cancer, and staging the disease is an important part of this. 1 Understand the simple staging process. Stages of cancer are used to define the size of cancer cells or tumors and indicate whether the condition has already metastasized to other parts of the body. Stages are used to provide information necessary for determining the proper management for the particular stage of cancer. Some health care practitioners utilize a very simple form of staging lung cancer (most specifically for small cell lung cancer) which separates the cancer into two stages. 2 Begin with the limited disease characterization. This stage is characterized by the development of cancer cells just within one side of the lungs, in the lymph nodes near the lungs or in the fluids surrounding the lungs (pleural effusion). 3 Categorize extensive disease. In this stage of lung cancer, the disease has already spread into the lymph nodes outside the lungs
27 Sep 2017
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A faerie tune performed on flute and accompanied by twin acoustic guitars and playful percussion. Flute - Lee Fitzsimmons * Marimba - Lee Fitzsimmons * Live Takamine acoustic guitars - Lee Fitzsimmons * Acoustic bass - Lee Fitzsimmons * Kick drum, rainmaker, wind chimes, guiro, claves, triangle, shaker, and sleigh bells - Lee Fitzsimmons This woodland-flavored composition is straightforward and simple. The twin acoustic guitars ring some high-pitched chords using different inversions as the kick drum and acoustic bass set up the beginning groove. The guiro along with two sets of differently pitched claves play a coordinated figure, giving the introduction a very distinctive color that continues throughout the piece. When the flute enters with the main melody, the entire ensemble begins playing the main groove as the rainmaker pours water over the mix. This tune consists of three sections that repeat until the song fades. At the end of the first section, the flute begins jumping octaves as it simulates the flight of a butterfly or a faerie. The sleigh bells enter at the beginning of the second section and the guiro and claves drop out. In the third section, the melody merges with the underlying harmonic structure and the two become one. The entire form then repeats several times before the piece ends.
28 Sep 2017
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This is some of my self defense training on the roof to floor speed bull i am rapped yesturday i fixed the roof to floor speed bull i am rapped i broke it caught on camera because i now i got power now i got to fix it again never ending story with me a long time ago true i kicked a bunching bag broke the chain and ripped the heavy bag in 1/2 and the bag flew about 4 meters forward every one in the bob ones class just posed and stared i had to control my power due to braking peoples equipment one time true there was a fire in a house shop i walked in the front of it the fire brigade with 3 fire man on 1 crow bar could not brake the security glass door it was a thick glass i kicked it and demolished the glass giving way entry in the place for the fire brigade i walked away everyone stared don't know what happened latter but i believe as witnesses said i saved a baby's life that was caught in the place because the fire brigade got in just in time and saved the baby's life my strength it is a gift from GOD THERE IS SO MUCH MORE DRUMMER IN MY LIFE IT IS LIKE NEVER-ENDING TRUE but enough for now now i am not telling you how great in strength i am so as in skill so on because i know how great i am but GOD is asking me to do so and i must obey him please understand.
29 Sep 2017
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