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Francais (English below) La chanson, The Kidnapping Coup, raconte l'histoire du renversement de la démocratie en Haïti le 29 février 2004 par le régime americain de USA Bush-Cheney. Une soi-disant « armée rebelle » a été placée et équipée par les USA à Santo Domingo voisin. Ils « ont envahi » et ont tiré beaucoup de personnes dans plusieurs villes. Simultanément le USA a envahi en Haïti par l'air et la mer. Le USA a pris la ville capitol, Port-au-Prince. Les marines de USA ont pénétré la porte du palais présidentiel haïtien au milieu de la nuit. Ils ont enlevé le Président Jean-Bertrand Aristide et son épouse Mildred. Ils les ont mis sur un gicleur de militaires des USA, et les ont pilotées toute la manière à la République Centrale de l'Afrique, où le President et sa femme ont été mises sous l'assignation à domicile par un dictateur français de marionnette. Les membres du Comité Congressionnel Noir ont volé là et ont exigé le dégagement d'Aristide et de son épouse. Ils ont volé en Jamaïque, mais Condoleezza Rice et Colin Powell ont fait des menaces sur la Jamaïque souveraine. La famille d'Aristide est maintenant dans l'exil en République Sud-Africaine, et le Haïti reste sous l'occupation militaire à côté des forces complicit des Nations Unies. Englsh/Anglais: The Kidnapping Coup tells the story of the US Bush-Cheney regime’s overthrow of democracy in Haiti on Feb 29, 2004. A so-called “rebel army” was funded and equipped by the US in neighboring Santo Domingo. They “invaded” and shot a lot of people in several few towns. Simultaneously the US invaded Haiti by air and sea and took the capitol city of Port-au-Prince. US marines broke into the Haitian Presidential Palace in the middle of the night. They kidnapped President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his wife Mildred, put them on a US jet, and flew them all the way to the Central Republic of Africa, where they were put under house arrest by a French puppet dictator. Members of the Black Congressional Caucus flew there and demanded the release of Aristide and his wife. They flew to Jamaica, but Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell made threats on sovereign Jamaica. The Aristide family is now in exile in the Republic of South Africa, and Haiti remains under military occupation by the complicit forces of the United Nations.
4 Sep 2009
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0:43 Brad pitt screams like a little fairy boy when he gets kidnapped by gang members. very funny
13 Sep 2009
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One of our really old videos when we still sucked at movie making. We have gotten so much better since then, but I felt like putting it on here. Ratings and comments appreicated. But don't bother to tell us how much it sucks because we already know, okay? GREAT THANKS!!! Anyway, TJ's brother gets kidnapped for a ransom demand
26 Sep 2009
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This is unreleased secret footage of G-Unit/Shadyville DJ Epps being Kidnapped by Vickey Vendetta. In this footage you can see Vickey Vendetta is disappointed in what he believes is the slacking on DJ Epps part involving the promotion of his recent mixtape release "V for Vendetta. Vickey Vendetta chooses to kidnap DJ Epps to make his point about the mixtape, but more importantly to convince Epps how serious he is about this Vendetta campaign, and how he needs DJ Epps to embark on the Vendetta with him. He explains that he has a message that must be voiced by DJ Epps. This goes beyond music, and is bigger tha "Pill Man", and will root itself deep into the corruption of the state and the world, unveiling information untapped by the people of all social classess. THIS IS A WORLD WIDE VENDETTA !!!! EXPECT ALL, EXPECT CONFUSION, EXPECT CHAOS. THINGS NEED TO BE SHOOK UP A BIT RIGHT NOW !!! Vickey Vendetta's Mixtape "V for Vendetta" (A Street Saga) is out now and available on VickeyVendetta.Com/PillManWorldWide.Com
30 Sep 2009
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Latino kids never get kidnapped!
1 Oct 2009
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KIDNAPPING MOM AND DAD A kids' adventure story. Two children, Mel (Laura Syniawa) and her younger brother Tommi (Mitja-Daniel Krebs) are homeless and the adoption authorities can't find them a foster home together. So they go on the run and find an adoptive couple for themselves. Various juvenile scrapes ensue as the children work hard to persuade the reluctant new "parents" that they really do wish to give them a home. It all looks as if things are getting worse rather than better, especially when they dye their adoptive mother Karin (Ann-Kathrin Kramer) blue by treating the swimming pool water.
8 Aug 2011
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A motivational speaker is kidnapped, but doesn't let that change him.
4 Dec 2009
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billy mays has been kidnapped holy shit!
23 Dec 2009
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Imraan Khan talks about his latest movie Kidnap
5 Jan 2010
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ravan kidnapping seeta
8 Jan 2010
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Basanti has been kidnapped and Veeru is on his way to save her. Classic funny animation jokes on Jai and Veeru from Sholay - Desimad style.
13 Jan 2010
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Luveena's review of Kidnap starring Imran Khan, Minissha Lamba, Sanjay Dutt and Vidya Malvade. Watch hott film reviews with hotties every week only on
14 Jan 2010
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The kidnapping of one British boy highlights a larger problem in Pakistan.
20 Mar 2010
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After being kidnapped, shot and left for dead in the middle of nowhere Tuesday, Larry Cawthorn somehow managed to call 911.
3 Jun 2010
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A guy pretends to have kidnapped two other guys and calls room service. This video starts off slow but trust me it is very funny to see the reaction of room service.
2 Sep 2010
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Mistaken for a terrorist, Holden (and the camera) gets kidnapped on the Fourth of July. It's up to Cory to find and save him from some true, but misguided, American patriots. Click HD for the full fire! LINKS TO CLICK:
9 Jul 2011
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