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*******www.alleducationalsoftware**** - This site provides educational software for kids that will surely make them have a better understanding of a specific subject. A wide variety of this software are available thus making learning so much easier and enjoyable.
12 May 2009
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Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner debates the influence of environmental propaganda in public school classrooms, specifically the short film "The Story of Stuff".
14 May 2009
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*******www.alleducationalsoftware**** - This site offers all kinds of educational software needed by kids and adults to make them have a better understanding on a specific subject. Choices vary on whatever is your needs and these come at very reasonable prices.
9 Jun 2009
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Today we are guest at a very special place for children. The "youth farm" in Stuttgart. Animals, a hut village and much more all run by kids. See more at *******www.therawfoodfamily****
6 Aug 2009
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The entire story of Jose, the shoeshine boy, on VilcabambaTV****, section "Friends of". Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Oct 2009
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The golden age for kid to learn language ends roughly at 6. They learn fastest by exploring by themselves. Provide them with Ispeak buddy, let them build up a good English foundation before it is too late. You can contact me by sending email to: LetMeReadForYou163****
18 Mar 2010
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For me there is nothing better but to share my love for reptiles with kids and to see how excited they get about animals. Even with this group of nearly 500 kids there were hardly any that were afraid of snakes. They all were so excited just to see them and learn more about them. Follow me at: *******www.twitter****/snakebytestv join our community at: *******www.snakebytestv.ning****
17 Mar 2010
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Take a note on motivation and drive with RapTVLive its everything you need to get you ready for right now to see more or get information about our programs and specials contact RapTVLive at 1+916-473-1323
27 Mar 2010
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Learn to write ABC's. Laminated cards for each letter of the alphabet. Trace letter with dry erase pen. Erase with cloth or paper towel. Re-use. Earth friendly. Cost effective. Compact and portable. Take anywhere to practice. Kids have fun! Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Apr 2010
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iPhone App for Kindergarten Kids Featuring Entertaining Short Games that Show the Fancy Of Counting, Numbers and Maths. Product URL: *******www.punflay****/number-sense.html
22 Apr 2010
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"Parents need to spend quality time with their children and they should not impose their expectation on their child" - Amol Arora, Managing Director of Shemrock and Shemford group of Schools. For more information on Shemrock, a Preschool chain, visit: *******www.shemrock**** And for Shemford, 10+2 School chain, visit: *******www.shemford****
30 Jun 2010
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Have you heard your heart beat? What is the sound like? Yes, it sounds like ‘lubb-dubb’, ‘lubb-dubb’! This sound is produced when the heart produces a pressure when it beats. Now, what causes the beating of the heart? The sequence of events that take place during a single heart beat is known as the Cardiac Cycle. It is not so simple. It is a complex process which involves a sequence of activities and that too within 0.8 sec. The cardiac cycle consists of a systole and a diastole. The cardiac cycle begins with a joint diastole (relaxation of all four chambers of the heart). This is followed by an arterial systole (contraction of left and right atria) stimulated by the generation of an action potential by the Sino-Auricular Node (SA node). As a result of the arterial systole, the blood from the atria drains into the ventricles. The impulse produced by the SA Node is then picked up by the Atrio-Ventricular Node (AV node) and is conducted throughout the ventricles leading to the ventricular systole. During the ventricular systole, the blood from the ventricles is drained into the aorta and the pulmonary artery. This is followed by closing of the AV valves which produces the sound ‘lubb’ and the closure of the Semilunar valves causes produces the sound ‘dub’. Watch more education videos at *******www.meritnation****/products/demo/online Know your cardiac cycle, heart and blood flow in heart.
30 Jul 2010
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The video describes the phenomenon called Greenhouse Effect. The glass house in the video is a prototype of our atmosphere. The house receives light of different frequencies from the sun. Radiations absorbed by the objects within the glass house are radiated back to the air. As a result heat radiations are trapped within the glass house. This eventually increases the temperature inside the glass house. This kind of house is also called ‘green house’ and hence ‘greenhouse effect’. Similar phenomenon is observed in our atmosphere. Infrared radiations radiated back from the ground to the atmosphere are trapped by molecules like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, water vapor etc. Thus, our atmospheric temperature rises. Carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases of cars, factories, etc. contributes a lot to the rise in greenhouse effect. Watch more education videos at *******www.meritnation****/products/demo/online Know about green house effect and global warming.
30 Jul 2010
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Soft and snuggly, this prehistoric pet responds to your touch with lifelike movements and sound! Unleash him from his box and hes ready to walk! Touch his back and hell stomp, roar and purr his way into your heart! Moving his arms and head -- just like a real dino! this mischievous MONTY REX dinosaur pet sniffs and sneezes too! Wanna rock out like they did in the Stone Age? This cuddly creature plays three rockin dino tunes! And when its time to feed him, he even chomps! Your prehistoric playmate even comes with a discovery sheet to help you learn a few interesting facts about your new friend!
8 Oct 2010
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It’s a great video to help young toddlers learn their numbers and how to count! Runs 50-Minutes · Personable teachers. · Delightful animations. · Catchy tunes. · Reading corners. · Spelling corners. · Fun Quiz segments. · Search & Find sections. · Fill-in-the-Blank corners. · Sing-a-longs. Available at www.4smarterkids****
26 Oct 2010
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Tesco is creating a new Board to help shape a key initiative - made up entirely of children. Six youngsters, aged from just nine to 12, will be selected on the basis of their budding boardroom skills as a fledgling director. The young entrepreneurs will attend official Kids' Board meetings at Tesco HQ - and will be tasked with shaping the future of the popular Tesco for Schools & Clubs programme. To be considered for a place on the Kids' Board, children will have to make the case for why they should be 'hired' through the online application. They'll need to demonstrate that they have a talent for making decisions and a vision for the future. Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Executive Director, Tesco said: "Children are full of good ideas so we thought they should have a chance to make some of them happen. And what better way than giving them the opportunity to shape our hugely popular Tesco for Schools & Clubs programme and in the process, also win a prize for their school or club." Nicky Cox, Editor of First News, the award-winning national newspaper for children and one of the judges selecting the Kids' Board said: "Lots of our leading business figureheads say that they demonstrated their commercial skills from a young age. We hope this opportunity gives the nation's budding entrepreneurs of the future a flavour for what goes on in business." In addition to the high profile position, the six Kids' Board members will each win 10,000 Tesco for Schools & Clubs vouchers for their school or club, as well as a laptop and digital camera. Last year alone, Tesco gave away over 430,000 pieces of equipment to schools and clubs, worth a huge £9.3 million. Entries close on 20th May. For more information or to submit a nomination for the Tesco Kids' Board please go to www.tescoforschoolsandclubs******/kidsboard
24 Mar 2011
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