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lol :D me and some of my friends have making this ultimated movie : nilo kid crash !! enjoy it everyone xD
20 Jun 2007
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HAHAHA! guy eats the dirt
24 Oct 2006
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så er der blevet lavet en 3'er mine venner se den og skriv lige en kommentar <3 held og lykke til <3
5 Aug 2007
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Funniest non-moving crash ever. These kids are totally dumb!
30 May 2008
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brand new car becomes a trash when given into wrong hands!!!lol this is funny!!shot by my uncle
12 Jun 2008
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This kid I know crashes attempting to jump 10 feet on a ripstick. He had to go to the hospital for tearing his groin on the landing.
14 Dec 2008
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Exercise ball showdown results in a kid flying through the door
24 May 2011
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Kid crashes into a car window and breaks it.
20 Jul 2006
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ktm 50 crash
14 Feb 2012
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Watch in HD! TRT 00:46 - Raw footage, includes slowmo of crash Location: South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ This was suppose to be the intro crash video in our new "Mischief 8" movie but I decide to post it up now. Release of the movie is TBA. Driver Description: (19yr old driving E46 M3) "Well it happened at South Mountain park in Phoenix AZ. One of my buddies and I were out just having fun and driving until I came up on a deceptive corner, misjudged it and it happened. No injuries. The car was a total loss. Misjudgment of the road caused the accident." Footage owned by Matt W. CONTACT INFO: Dustin Worles Creator of the Mischief Series Facebook: Twitter:!/dustinworles MISCHIEF MOVIE SERIES Website: Facebook: Store: Gallery:
25 Aug 2012
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21 Jul 2013
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The clip The Nicest Kids in Town from Hairspray (2007) Hey there, teenage Baltimore! Don't change that channel 'cause it's time... for The Corny Collins Show... # Oh, every afternoon when the clock strikes four # # Bop bee ba ba ba ba ba ba bee ba # # Well, a crazy bunch of kids crash through that door, yeah # # Bop bee ba ba ba ba ba ba bee ba # # Well, they throw off their coats # # And leave the squares behind # # And then they shake it, shake it, shake it # # Like they're losin' their mind # # You'll never see them frown # # 'Cause they're the nicest kids in town # # Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh # # Oh, every afternoon you turn your Tv on, huh # # Naa na na na na na na na # # Yeah, we know you turn the sound up # # When your parents are gone, yeah # # Naa na na na na na na na # # Then you twist and shout for your favorite star # # And when you've practiced every step # # That's in your repertoire # # You better come on down # # And meet the nicest kids in town # Whoo! # Nice white kids who like to lead the way # # And once a month we have our Negro Day # # And I'm the man who keeps it spinnin' round # # Mr. Corny Collins with the latest greatest # # Baltimore sound # # So, every afternoon drop everything # Whoo! # Bop bee ba ba ba ba ba ba bee ba # # Who needs to read and write # # When you can dance and sing, yeah! # # Bop bee ba ba ba ba ba ba bee ba # # Forget about your algebra and calculus # # You can always do your homework on the mornin' bus # # Can't tell a verb from a noun # # They're the nicest kids in town # # Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh # R
29 Nov 2011
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The top 10 Most Awesome Fat kid fails! Download!w8bOtwqiIkE Check out for more :) View the originals below #1 Fat Kid Fight Ends Badly #2 fat kid failed bike jump #3 fat kid crashes his moped #4 Fat Kid Attempts Jump - FAIL! #5 Fat Kid Face Plant On Diving Board #6 Fat Kid fall off bike #7 Fat Kid Jumping #8 Fat kid trips and falls!!!! #9 fat kid jumps fence #10 Fat Kid Parkour Fail! Suggest the next top 10 in the channel Remember to subscribe too :)
23 Nov 2012
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QUERLY ON FACEBOOK: was time to make a nee compilation of all good vids i collected the last weeks, i hope i can entertain you :) FOUND YOUR VID? MESSAGE ME I WILL LINK YOU ! BLOW UP YZ 3:47 (Kid Crashes) NOBODY IN THIS VIDEO DIED !
25 Apr 2013
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Skylander Girl, Boy and Lightcore Chase react to Swap Force Characters, Swaps, In-Game Features, Bad Guys (Kaos, Evilized Sugarbats) and more. :) We cover all of the Skylanders Swap Force revealed at E3 and previously at the New York Toy Fair and everything else in between up to Jul 20th 2013. Do you want to test your Swap Combination Knowledge? Click here: Check out our other E3 Skylanders Videos: Check out some of our other Swap Force videos: Dad comes home from E3 with Goodies: Check out when Skylander Dad got the E3 Hot Dog: Check out two levels of Swap Force at E3: Rampant Ruins Level: Iron Jaw Gulch with Star Strike: All other E3 Related Videos: Check out our other E3 Swap Force videos: E3 wRAP-up (rap song): HootLoop / Fryno: PopThorn: Fire Kraken: Tech Spyder: S3 Terrafin / Lava Barf Eruptor: Rattle Shake Gorilla Drilla: 3 Dads Talk Swap Force: 180 Degree Swap Force Trailer: Grim Creeper / StarStrike: Free Ranger + S3 Spyro: Kids Crash at E3 + Blizzard Chill , LavaBarf Eruptor & More Swap Force Toys in their packages: Subscribe! We appreciate it! :) We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! - The Skylander Boy and Girl LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All videos published to our YouTube channel (The Skylander Boy and Girl) [] that contain images, trailers, official gameplay or any other content not directly created by us were sent to us directly to showcase on this channel and were made/produced with the permission from all companies and their respective PR firms and are copyright protected. Royalty Free Music Provided by Audio Micro .com on behalf of FullScreen Arcade.
23 Aug 2013
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Ultimate Winter Fail Compilation 2013/2014 water skiing behind a snowmobile fail in hemavan Urban ski FAIL Skiing fail EPIC FAIL! Kids Crashes into Mom Ski backflip fail What could go wrong?!?! Brouge Kick Fail . Iceskating fail suzuki sj413 flipped over FAIL ski crash into wall Epic Sledging Fail Iowa Winter Fail EPIC Faceplant Epic face plant snow jump fail Funny snowboarding Fail.avi Colter's Snowboarding Fail Snowboarding Fail Skiing Fail Fail of the week #1 kete's chainsaw fail Greg Ski Fail Snowboard Fail! Epic face plant ! Backflip Ski Fail Epic fail snowboard fail Backflip off chair fail FUNNY SNOWBOARD FALL !!! Big Ste's faceplant Snow Face Plant 18/01/2012 Amazing Snow Faceplant Snow Jump Fail snowboard face plant onto ladder Ski jump fail Snowboarding Fail face plant lol Epic Jump Fail Snowboarding Fail - GoPro Hero 2 Fail Vincent C: L'hiver au Québec Crashing the party at Sylvan Island Bootskiing Fail Snowboarding Jump Fail Face-plant à Gourette *HUGE* skiing faceplant Best Faceplant GoPro HD2 : Backflip to Faceplant!! Days of Carnage! Ski Jump Fail Epic Sledding Jump! Fail kid falls through ice! Snowkiting kiteloop hardcore crash (faceplant) Kid face plants while skiing in Colorado Snow ramp Face plant freeskier jump fail fail jump Skiing Backflip Faceplant Keagan snow face plant sleding face plant! Snowmobile jump fail/boss Skiing Fail SkiFall Snowboard Go Pro Fail by Brett
16 May 2014
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