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*******t***/3WeOYW8T - Best Price Review - Canon EF 70-200mm f 4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras In my opinion, this Canon lens provides the best value in Canon's entire line up of "L" glass (lenses). If you have never used an L lens before, this will open your eyes to what you have been missing. Very fast focusing, very sharp images, very little chromatic abberation, and consistent quality through the entire zoom and aperature range. One note; with a widest aperature of f/4 and a long focal length, you will not be able to take indoor photos without excellent lighting or a flash. I've tried to take photos of ice hockey, where the rinks are notoriously poorly lit, and had very little success. Even with a tripod it is a challenge to maintain a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action of a kids game (yes, even with ISO at 800). But in good lighting or outdoors in the daytime, this lense rocks. Great sports photos. Great nature photos. This lense is extremely versatile. I have even used it with flash indoors for portrait photography. There is not too much to mention on the negative side. Its size and color do make it stand out a bit in public, and people may thing you are a professional photographer. I've also noted that the depth-of-field with a wide open aperature, especially at f4, is very narrow. As long as you've been careful to focus on your subject, the background will be blurry. But focus on something other than your subject and you may find your subject to be blurry. All in all, this is one great lens that will let you take very sharp photos. And it is a bargain price compared to its f/2.8 and f/2.8IS sibliings.
21 Mar 2012
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*******www.the-parenting-magazine****/children-activities/kids-games/ Games for children are an excellent way of introducing them to exercise and physical fitness. Read more of our parenting tips in this article above from the Parenting Magazine
30 Mar 2012
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Skylanders Cloud Patrol review. Classic Game Room reviews SKYLANDERS: CLOUD PATROL for iPad from Vicarious Visisions and Activision, a catchy and fun Skylanders game played with the touch screen iPad! Use your existing Skylanders figure collection to unlock Skylanders in the game (with the bar code cards) or unlock Skylanders in game with gems that you earn by playing well. Skylanders Cloud Control doesn't work with the Portal of Power so sadly your Skylanders don't earn experience, but it's a fun, colorful game that fans of series should enjoy if you dig other touch and shoot kinds of games like Fruit Ninja. CGR Skylanders Cloud Patrol video review features Skylanders Cloud Patrol gameplay in this video game review of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for iPad. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a great kids game and fun for the family, available on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and Skylanders Cloud Patrol on iPod Touch.
24 Jun 2012
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Spy Kids All the Time in the World Nintendo DS review. Classic Game Room reviews SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for Nintendo DS published by Majesco Is it just another movie based video game platformer or is it something special? Well, watch the review and see. Spy Kids All the Time in the World is based on the movie and features predictable 2D side scrolling gameplay featuring the characters from the movie doing the usual things... climbing, jumping, collecting stuff. Published by Majesco for Nintendo DS, it's Spy Kids All the Time In the World video game, a Spy Kids game.
12 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews RANGO for Playstation 3 PS3 from EA. The Rango videogame tie in based on the movie Rango but with a different plot and adventure! Rango the game is a videogame Rango available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, DS and Playstation 3 PS3. This video review of Rango shows the kids' game based on Rango the movie in HD action, don't forget to hunt Rango achievement points and trophies!
15 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews TANGLED the video game from Disney based on Tangled the animated 3D movie based on Rapunzel the fairy tale. Tangled the videogame for Nintendo Wii is a standard E for everyone rated kids game aimed at fans of Tangled the film. This CGR review of Tangled from Planet Moon Studios has gameplay from Disney Tangled the videogame on Nintendo Wii showing Tangled gameplay using standard Nintendo Wii controls with Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers. If you get stuck at a level where you can't get Flynn back to Rapunzel make sure to look around the let down Rapunzel's hair near the tree stump! It got me every time... I tried to use a flamethrower but it isn't in the game...
22 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews BIG BIRD'S EGG CATCH for Atari 2600 from 1983. This Sesame Street video game features the popular Big Bird from back in the day, because before Elmo there was BIG BIRD!!!! Bird Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch rule!!!! In this kids' game for Atari 2600 you catch eggs and count numbers, super! Originally this game was used with the kids controller (kids' controller) for Atari 2600 with two buttons, but these days a Sega Genesis controller will work just as well, although the buttons are flipped. One button makes Big Bird move left, the other right, etc... don't drop eggs! Ahhh! This CGR review of the Sesame Street video game Big Bird's Egg Catch features Atari 2600 video game play of Big Birds Egg Catch footage in HD action from the Atari 2600 video game cartridge.
24 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE for Nintendo DS from Disney. Fulfill your destiny as the sorcerer's apprentice in this video game based on the Disney film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Master the elements of sorcery to deliver awesome magical attacks in this well produced kids' game for Nintendo DS. Battle through numerous levels, upgrade magic spells, etc... pretty standard yet well made Nintendo DS action game for fans of the movie. This CGR review of The Sorcerer's Apprentice video game has gameplay from The Sorcerers Apprentice showing Nintendo DS game play in HD.
24 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews SHREK FOREVER AFTER for Xbox 360, the video game based on the 4th Shrek movie from Dreamworks. Team up in the ultimate Shrek adventure, it's like Marvel Ultimate Alliance meets Shrek. This family game is made for kids and those who are huge Shrek fans. Playable by both parents and children, Shrek is fairly standard kids' game fare with high production values and decent gameplay. This CGR review of Shrek Forever After has gameplay from Shrek Forever After on Xbox 360 showing Shrek Forever After game play in HD.
28 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews CAKE MANIA 3 for Nintendo DS. Bake cakes, kick ass. It's all in a day's work for Cake Mania 3. Something about your wedding has gone horribly wrong, aliens are invading and lava has ruined your reception. Time for cake. This is a kid's game aimed at a younger audience and girls in particular. If you're looking for the biggest first person shooter on the market you haven't found it with Cake Mania 3, although you have found a cute, playable baking game where you serve customers and hone your baking and Nintendo DS stylus wielding skills. This CGR review of Cake Mania 3 has gameplay from Cake Mania 3 from Majesco on Nintendo DS showing this kids game on Nintendo DS. Cake Mania 3 makes a great gift for that son, daughter, nephew or niece who isn't ready for Dead Space just yet. Cake Mania 3. Let them eat cake and pay me some serious cash!
4 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews THE DESTINY OF ZORRO for Nintendo Wii. Zorro has been around since 1919 and continues to see his name licensed for movies and video games. This kids game has an E 10+ rating and plays like an action adventure game where Zorro runs around and swashbuckles with bad guys who blink and go away. About 14 levels await gamers taking on the role of Zorro as he hits things with his whip and dazzles enemies with cheesy one liners. This CGRHD review of The Destiny of Zorro has gameplay from the Nintendo Wii showing the Zorro video game being played and game play.
7 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews GARDENING MAMA for Nintendo DS handheld. It's time to Garden... with someone's mom. Gardening Mama is rated E for Everyone and is a cute kids game where players plant seeds and do everything needed to make the seeds grow into plants, flowers and trees! This CGRHD review has gameplay footage of Gardening Mama recorded in HD showing the video game being played. Win awards, earn points and grow the most awesome garden in all of the land in Gardening Mama, star of Cooking Mama! Be prepared for cheerful music, bright colorful graphics and some awesome voice work. Gardening Mama is sure to please kids with green thumbs. Why garden outside? It's hot out there. Classic Game Room reviews Nintendo DS video games as a Nintendo DS reviewer reviewing games like Gardening Mama, the game reviewed in this video game review.
8 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews PAC MAN 2 The New Adventures for Sega Genesis. Talk about adding insult to injury. This game would have been awful to begin with, but calling it Pac Man elicits feelings of anger rather than enjoyment. This sad excuse for a kids' game features the arcade hero in his most embarrassing outing. It's like seeing a famous actor end up on a reality TV show to exploit their stupidity for a few paychecks to survive a messy divorce settlement. Pac Man 2 has nothing to do with Pac Man style gameplay. Players point and click at objects on the screen, motion at where you'd like Pac Man to look and hold their head in shame for even inserting this garbage into the Sega Genesis. This CGR review has Pac Man 2 gameplay from the Pac Man 2 video game for Sega Mega Drive showing the dreadful game play in video action. Pac Man should stick to what he does best, gobble up dots and power pellets for points in one of the greatest arcade game ever created. Leave the pseudo-family drama and poorly executed gameplay to actual shovelware. Awful, terrible, insulting. Pac Man 2, the F***ing Sh***y Adventures. -Mark
10 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews UP for Nintendo Wii. This video game is a kids' game based on the Disney Pixar film UP. Players control characters from the film in a variety of missions that span the world. Play as a team and solve puzzles, fly airplanes and battle giant insects. Fans of the animated film may enjoy this game which is a fairly traditional movie-based game by today's standards. Collect things, find coins, swing the Wii controller, etc... CGR does not find Up as exciting as some other animated movie games, but those with children who love Up may want to give it a look. Technically well made and published by THQ (RED FACTION!!!!), Up should keep players busy for hours. This CGR review of Up has gameplay from the video game Up on Nintendo Wii. Up is also on DVD and Blu-Ray (what about Betamax and HD-DVD!?)
11 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD'S BOOTY for the Nintendo Wii. This children's game is rated E and allows younger gamers to play as one of many different pirates, skeletons and crazy characters in 5 different mini-games with a pirate theme. And these are good pirates, Yo Ho Ho pirates, not container ship hijacking pirates. This PIRATES HUNT FOR BLACKBEARD'S BOOTY review has gameplay footage from the game with 4 player action in games like Squidball (which is like Wii Croquet), Row Row Row for Your Life and more. The Wiimotes are used to control the motions and games like sword fighting should be very entertaining for groups of kids. You can unlock different locations and outfits for the pirates, win gold, buy new cannons and swords and more. Published by Activision. Classic Game Room reviews kids games as a kids Wii video game reviewer reviewing kids games appropriate for kids to play. Watch this review of PIRATES! Hunt for Black Beard's Booty for the Nintendo Wii to see if it is a family video game your family will enjoy.
14 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews PET PALS: ANIMAL DOCTOR for the Nintendo Wii! This kids game is made to teach children how to care for pets, but will it allow you to install force fields and missile launchers? No, but this kids video game allows them to play as a veterinarian in a clinic and to use the Wiimote and nunchuk controllers to diagnose pets like cats, dogs, frogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. Although the game suffers from clumsy controls and sub-par graphics most young children probably won't care. Pet Pals does not have flamethrowers, shrink rays or plasma autorifles, but it does have bandages, heart rate monitors and medical tools! This rare CGRHD review of Pet Pals for the Wii has gameplay footage from Pet Pals Animal Doctor on Nintendo Wii and features video of the game being played. If caring for pets is your thing, then Pet Pals is the game to look at. If wiping out hordes of zombies with assault rifles is your thing then I'd direct you to House of the Dead instead. Learn to play vet in Pel Pals for the Nintendo Wii. Watch the review and you can decide if Pet Pals is appropriate for kids of all ages.
14 Aug 2012
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