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Kimchi Suki
16 Jul 2007
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Do you like Kimchi? Then try this heavenly dish!
20 Mar 2009
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Kimchi Fusion Taco is a creative combination of Korean kimchi and Mexican tacos. Kimchi is a spicy fermented cabbage that is used as a side dish that comes with every Korean meal. But, due to its strong taste and smell, some people are hesitant to try it. However, we discovered that it tastes and smells much milder when Kimchi is sauteed. For instance, sauteed kimchi goes very well with beef because it complments the beef flavor, and adds a little bit of spice. We decided to put sauteed kimchi into our tacos and it tastes amazing! We would like to share our recipe for Kimchi Fusion Tacos with you. Please give it a try and give us your comments!
29 Jun 2009
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*******www.KimchiWarrior**** Genre: Animation (Spaghetti Western) Homage: Sergio Leone's film One Upon a Time In the West Characters: Kimchi Warrior, Swine Flu, Master, Warrioress Weapons: Kimchi Machine Gun (Kkag Doo Ki Bullet) Location: Mexico Production: Young Man Kang Films *******www.YoungManKang**** Music: You Lee Kim 김치 워리어 VS. 신종플루(스와인 플루) *******www.KimchiWarrior**** 장르: 애니메이션 스파게티 웨스턴 오마쥬: 서지오 리오니 감독, 원스 어폰 어 타임 인 더 웨스트 캐릭터: 김치 워리어, 스와인 플루, 마스터, 김치 워리어 우먼 무기: 김치 워리어 자동소총 (깍두기 총알) 장소: 멕시코 프로덕션: 강영만 필름 YMK Films *******www.YoungManKang**** 음악: 김유리 Category: Film & Animation
10 May 2009
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Kimchi Warrior VS. Cholesterol (AKA Cholesterolter) *******www.KimchiWarrior**** KIMCHI cuts CHOLESTEROL, prevents obesity, diabetes and stomach cancer, constipation and colon cancer, and to top it off, keeps a person young and their skin healthy. -CNN- Genre: 2D Animation Characters: Kimchi Warrior, Cholesterol, Cholesterolter, Heart, Vessel, Blood, Downtown LA Weapons: Kimchi Bomb (Hot Pepper) Location: Blood Vessel, Los Angeles Downtown Production: Young Man Kang Films *******www.YoungManKang**** 김치 워리어 VS. 콜레스트롤 (AKA 콜레스트롤터) 장르: 2 D 애니메이션 캐릭터: 김치 워리어, 콜레스테롤, 당뇨, 심장, 피,혈관 무기: 김치 워리어 고추가루 폭탄 장소: 심장 혈관, 로스엔젤레스 프로덕션: 강영만 필름 YMK Films *******www.YoungManKang**** Category: Film & Animation Category: Entertainment
14 May 2009
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Kimchi Warrior episode 3. Kimchi Warrior VS. Malaria www.kimchiwarrior****
30 Aug 2009
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An American family likes to add Kimchi to a traditional American barbecue. They put grilled and un-grilled Kimchi onto their barbecued cheese burgers. The Kimchi adds some spice to the flavor of the burgers, and complements the flavor of the beef. Also, because it's a vegetable and made with many healthy ingredients such as garlic, the Kimchi makes the barbecued burgers a healthier meal.
31 Aug 2009
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An American man and his mother demonstrate how to make Kimchi Fusion Tacos. They select ingredients from a grocery store, prepare the ingredients, and serve the Kimchi Fusion Tacos to their family. This American family loves adding Kimchi to their tacos because it's a healthy and delicious combination.
31 Aug 2009
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Have you ever tried Kimchi, the traditional Korean food? (unbelievable tasty...) Kimchi is fermented vegetables consisted of salted cabbage, white radish added with spices such as chili, green onions, garlic, ginger and salted fish.. Kimchi is both delicious and nutritious. Lte's give it a try!!!
19 Mar 2010
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Oh this was just the worst kimchi I have ever tasted. Never from a can!
20 Mar 2010
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Korean food is healthful for your body and easy to cook. I introduce squid sundae & kimchi rice ball. squid sundae is better with soju or wine. You will be focused to ohters when you go to pary. It is special and easy to cook. -world friends korean food-
10 Apr 2010
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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il makes harsh threats towards the US and its trade policies.
26 Nov 2010
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visit www.crazykoreancooking**** So easy to make sooooo good
24 Jan 2009
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Cabbage is the main ingredient in South Korea's national dish, and the crop has suffered from heavy rains.
14 Oct 2010
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