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A little story about 1 king his 3 sons and 17 camels .... So one day the king decideed to devide the kingdom camels But there was a problem ! There were 17 camels and 3 sons .... So that means that he can`t give each one the same number of camels 17/2 ; 17/3 ; 17/9 the king decided to go at a stranger and ask him what to do ... The stranger tells the king that it will give 1 camel to the king in order to give an equal amount of camels to each one ! So .. So the king thinks about it he has 18 camels ( initially were 17 ).. 18/2 = 9 18/3 = 6 18/9 = 2 9+6+2 = 17 ... So the king has a question ... WHERE IS 1 CAMEL ??? initially were 17 and after the stranger gived him another one... there were still 17 camels ! THE END Made by CSebastian aKa LaCrima
24 Jan 2007
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Just a beautiful MV for King Kong from jane zhang
17 Jan 2007
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No More Kings' music video tribute to "The Karate Kid"
19 Jan 2007
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Watch this video and be amazed! the 3 friendly kings are placed into different parts of the deck, and all of a sudden they are together again!!
24 Jan 2007
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HEART ATTACK SUPER BOWL AD KICKS OFF KING PHARMACEUTICALS' SPONSORSHIP OF AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION'S HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE WEB SITE New Super Bowl 'Player' King Pharmaceuticals uses engaging and entertaining ad treatment with element of surprise to tackle major health issue Viewers called on to self-assess risk of heart attack and stroke on AHA Web site BRISTOL, TN/DALLAS, TX - January 30, 2007 / PRNewswire /- King Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (NYSE:KG) is launching a three-year sponsorship of the American Heart Association high blood pressure Web site via a nationally broadcast commercial airing during Super Bowl XLI. The ad aims to increase public awareness of high blood pressure and other risk factors and the impact it has on a person's overall risk of serious cardiovascular disease by steering viewers to the American Heart Association's online high blood pressure risk assessment tool. Debuting a commercial during the most watched television event in the country is a first for King Pharmaceuticals, and the first time the American Heart Association has been included in a Super Bowl commercial. The 60-second unbranded spot will air during the second quarter, shortly before halftime. A 30-second version of the ad will also air during the post-game show. The full campaign includes a print advertising and online media component as well. The creative concept for the ad was developed by King Pharmaceuticals, with the American Heart Association providing feedback and input on overall messaging and the interaction of risk factors. Titled 'Heart Attack,' the spot uses an entertaining and engaging treatment that emphasizes the element of surprise to communicate the risks of uncontrolled high blood pressure, also called hypertension - a condition that causes or contributes to more than a quarter of a million deaths in the U.S. each year. 'We are extremely pleased to have found in King Pharmaceuticals a partner so committed to raising public awareness about the risks high blood pressure poses and its relationship to cardiovascular disease,' said Dr. Daniel Jones, President Elect of the American Heart Association and a member of the association's High Blood Pressure Research Council. 'Historically, it has been difficult to convince people of the seriousness of high blood pressure because they usually don't experience specific symptoms. In launching their sponsorship of our high blood pressure Web site with a Super Bowl commercial, King is providing a catalyst for the millions of people who don't realize they have high blood pressure or don't think they need to address it. The goal is to prompt them to take action to reduce their overall risk for serious cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke.' With the suspense and drama of a Hollywood action movie, 'Heart Attack' features a Heart Man going about his everyday business when he is ambushed by high blood pressure and his accomplices - high cholesterol, overweight and diabetes. When the villainous risk factors are done with 'Heart Man,' he is left with a clear understanding of the threat they pose, while the audience is asked, 'Is your heart at risk of an attack?' Viewers are then called to action to find out what their personal risk of a heart attack or stroke is by going online to www.BeatYourRisk**** (a web site to be launched on February 4th) and taking a short online quiz. The hope is that they will then discuss their risk profile with their doctor and take appropriate action to reduce their risks. 'With nearly a third of the 72 million adults who have high blood pressure unaware of the serious cardiovascular risks the condition poses if left untreated, we felt the scope of the problem demanded a stage with the Super Bowl's broad demographic reach,' said Steve Andrzejewski, King Pharmaceuticals' Chief Commercial Officer. 'At the same time, we knew we had to break through the clutter to motivate the audience to take the American Heart Association's online risk assessment quiz. We're confident the creative concept of the ad will make it a very effective means of spreading our message to the millions of people with uncontrolled high blood pressure as well as to the people who influence their health decisions.' The three-year sponsorship will involve a variety of joint national and local initiatives designed to send people to the sponsored high blood pressure area of www.americanheart**** to increase their awareness of the impact that high blood pressure and other risk factors have on their overall risk of serious cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. These initiatives will encourage people to take action to reduce those risks by speaking with their doctors about their risk profile. The ad is also a Super Bowl first for advertising agency Glow Worm, a part of Publicis Healthcare Groupe, while Publicis Groupe's Optimedia handled the broadcast media buy.
1 Feb 2007
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This is the king of all fruits. Sweet, smelly, sharp thorns and delicious. What do you think?
4 Feb 2007
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My Children doing a Movie Review of King Kong
8 Feb 2007
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Light Yagami discusses on how he should buy a burger from Burger King without being realized as being Kira by L.
14 Feb 2007
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Crowned King video Turn It Up We're Going Down
14 Feb 2007
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Tommy Hypno Chan having fun with some King Tut dance style. The music in the clip is made by Hypno. you can check out more music or video www.thehypno****
5 Mar 2007
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The King Ron Lawler Singing Live. A variety of music from the 50's to today's hits. DJ, Karoke, Live Entertainment, Optional Elvis Floor Show, For Your Special Occasion.
4 Mar 2007
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This song is to praise to our supreme beloved His Majesty The King, who has dedicated entire of his time and effort for Thai people. It is a kind of comparison when the king went out to help people and sweat during the day, then we compare the sweat to the great water that make our life be better and we can not survive without such a great water.
5 Mar 2007
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