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A freshly-shaven Johnny and an always shaven Dave head east to try a couple of mass-production lagers from Japan. The two beers have an odd, intertwining past, and dealings with other well-known brewing conglomerates to create a bizarre web of ownership, contract brewing, and shared pasts. That said, they turn out to be exactly what you would expect - light on flavor and profile, sitting nicely in the mass-production-lager niche that Bud and Miller have come to define.
6 Jun 2009
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6 Jun 2012
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A nice goal scored by the uae midfildier Hiader Ali which allowed the UAE to win KIRIN Cup
24 May 2006
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*******moneycreation**** contact:Joe Kirin 1(626)975-9298 Be sure to visit my site and leave your info to get intouch with me, or give me a call regarding Abunza. This program is hot and growing by the day. Take care. can $20k a month really happen with abunza, absolutely! start your own online business. Work from home.
25 Feb 2008
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Joe Kirin 1(626)975-9298 jjkirin2007yahoo**** This lot is for everything that is included in the video. The location of this sale is in San Gabriel, Ca. If you are seriously interested you can visit to inspect the lot. The asking price for the entire lot is $6,500. Thanks for looking. 1930 Ford 4 door sedan body, 1929 Ford Truck(just the chassis), engine blocks, fenders, upholstry kit, steering boxes, bench seat, running boards, rear ends, axles, assorted parts.
14 Mar 2008
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3 Sep 2008
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#76! For the wall.... thanks for the great idea gimmeabreakman! Take one down pass it around... --------------------------------- Number Beer User --------------------------------- Beer #99 - Ebisu - Gimmeabreakman #98 - Row House Red - CousinoMacul #97 - Miller Lite - JimmerSD #96 - New Belgium Fat Tire - Barklord #95 - Maximum Lite - fucksatanism #94 - Sierra Nevada - NotChristopherMast #93 - Samuel Adams - Spikebravo #92 - Milwaukee's Best Ice - EgotisticalZilch #91 - Corona - Mikey34549 #90 - Almaza - geroldkid #89 - Kirin Zero - Elarus668 #88 - jack daniel's - thewickedloki #87 - Widmer Hefeweizen - 1liljet #86 - Guinness Stout - DieselBodine #85 - Kirin Autumn Taste - ElevenColors #84 - Birch - camilorrie2000 #83 - SHOCK TOP Belgian White - AtomicBoyX #82 - WildRebecca #81 - MikeMarino #80 - Ursus - ditzystef #79 - Tiger Lager - ibrahimsuheyl #78 - Budweiser - rodrigopetrucci #77 - Tyskie - novanine #76 - erok2020 (Coors Light) #75 - mikenguyen84 Beer #74 - Beer #73 - Beer #72 - Beer #71 - xxxasleep Beer #70 -ivansis2007 Beer #69 -StarMagick Beer #68 - Beer #67 - Beer #66 -Fatblueman Beer #65 - Beer #64 - Beer #63 - Beer #62 - Beer #61 - Beer #60 - BusanKevin Beer #59 - Beer #58 - Beer #57 - Beer #56 - Beer #55 - Beer #54 - Beer #53 - Beer #52 - N3braskaDave Beer #51 - Beer #50 -idiothek Beer #49 - Beer #48 - blazedup06 Beer #47 - Beer #46 - Beer #45 - Beer #44 - Beer #43 - Beer #42 - jp3d2k Beer #41 - Beer #40 - Beer #39 - Beer #38 - Beer #37 - shtoopid1 Beer #36 - kansaiPJ Beer #35 - Beer #34 - Beer #33 - Beer #32 - Beer #31 - Beer #30 - Beer #29 -Daichen Beer #28 - Beer #27 - Beer #26 - Beer #25 - Beer #24 - Beer #23 - Justinmazing Beer #22 - kokohawk Beer #21 - Beer #20 - Beer #19 - Beer #18 - Beer #17 - sweetdaddycoconut Beer #16 - Beer #15 - Beer #14 - Beer #13 -depointless Beer #12 - Beer #11 -insidethemusicbox11 Beer #10 - Beer #09 - Beer #08 - Beer #07 - samsarajade Beer #06 - Beer #05 -5awesomedrunks Beer #04 - Beer #03 - Beer #02 - DeltaNC Beer #01 - Jenzatron
27 Oct 2008
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Sushi Masters competition held by Kirin and California Rice Commission. Chefs compete to be the best sushi chef in Washington DC. *******www.marimori****
19 May 2010
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Gırti Agire Jiyan *******www.reheval**** Heyla lo lo heyla lo lo Heyla lo lo heyla girtî Serê tiliya min ragirtî Derzî danî, xwîn niqutî Yar domamê yar domamê Yar domamê dil şewitî Girtî birin girtî birin Ji bitlîsê wê de kirin Dardakirin dardakirin Heyla lo lo heyla lo lo Heyla lo lo heyla girtî Serê tiliya min ragirtî Derzî danî, xwîn niqutî
13 Oct 2012
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1994 commercial for Kirin's Lager Beer, starring Harrison Ford. Momoko Kikuchi and a man who appears to be Shiro Ito also appear. Part of a series.
18 Feb 2009
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Aquarin Kirin Hair Quest Guide - This is how you complete the quest without having a flying mount
21 Aug 2009
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*******capcom-unity****/monster_hunter/go/forum/viewboardRegister and join please!(:Kirin, not exactly what I expected at first either. Sadly traps do not work on him, so what you'll be seeing me do is just straight brawling it out with this little thing.I understand fighting Kirin may give you trouble due to his high speed and Thunder attributed attacks, but yes he's possible to kill.I used Blazing Falchion due to it's superior sharpness and attack.Weapon: Blazing FalchionAttack: 238Sharpness: Nice greenFRAtrrib: 380Armor:Rathian HelmRathalos MailRathian VambracesVelociprey TassetRathalos GreavesSkills:Attack Up (Medium)Health +10ProvocationItems suggested:Tons of healing items, as you may find learning Kirin a bit difficult.Let's begin shall we?Grab whatever items you feel that are necessary from the Supply Box and make your way through the cave in area 4 to area 6.Upon entering you are greeted with a nice little cutscene of our prey, which appears to be a red eyed unicorn? Yeah, well he's not friendly at all.You'll want to quickly dispose of the Velociprey within the area and then begin fighting Kirin.Knowing when to attack Kirin is very important, attacking him at the wrong time will more than likely result in you getting struck by his lightning.As you can see he can surround his body with lightning, what do you then? You wait for that to stop.Sometimes he'll call lightning in just one direction, which is directly in front of him. That would be your time to strike.Becareful not to assume he's always going to do that though, considering he likes to call lighting all around him quite often.His head is his weak point, although it can be quite difficulty to lay any successful attacks on it with him usually tackling you or calling lightning out.If Kirin stops to rev back his hoof a few times that's your chance to get some free hits on the head or body.When Kirin is knocked down, that is also your chance to lay down some nice free hits to the head.You'll want to becareful on choosing when to sharpen or heal, as his speed can quickly catch up to you before you are complete with doing so.If you really need to sharpen and you feel that Kirin is a threat to you, just simply leave the area to area 4 and be as quick as possible with sharpening.His lightning attacks can be blocked, but it's not often one succeeds in doing so since they're almost always surrounding him instead of being directly in front of you to block.I'm sorry, I cannot really help you on this quest. It's pretty difficult to explain really, so just take a look at the video and hopefully memorize his fighting patterns/movements and you will make it through just fine.I do not suggest using Great Sword on this quest, considering you bounce.I suggest using SnS, Lance, and Hammer.Light Bowgun make work out nicely too. Don't go thinking you can stay atop of the little ledge to gun him though, his lightning will reach you. lol Well guys, thanks for watching. (:
17 Mar 2010
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A big feast! Read my restaurant review here: *******www.dineouthere****/restaurants/kirin-chinese-restaurant-vancouver-city-square crab meat and fish maw thick soup sauteed scallop, prawn and chicken deep fried crab claw wrapped with minced prawn Peking duck skin with crepe minced duck with lettuce wrap live lobster in two kinds of flavor sauteed beef tenderloin bok choy and abalone mushroom lo hon vegetable stewed e fu noodle Yang Chow Fried Rice two kinds of dim sum dessert (cookies and coconut jello) sweet tapioca soup (dessert) Kirin Restaurant, Vancouver West at City Square Mall 201 City Square, 555 West 12th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Z 3X7 *******www.kirinrestaurants**** (604) 879-8038 Background Jazz Music by Geoff Peters Trio Geoff Peters Trio is a Vancouver jazz band that is available for private events and receptions. Songs: Recordame by Joe Henderson and All Blues by Miles Davis. Music Performed by Geoff Peters piano, Mark White bass, Greg Murray drums. More info about the band: *******www.gpeters**** Sound engineering, mixing, and mastering of Geoff Peters Trio music by Alan Wong Moon. *******www.alanwongmoon****/ Restaurant as featured on *******www.dineouthere****
16 Aug 2010
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This is Perfume's new CM for KIRIN, edited for maximum Perfume viewing!
7 Apr 2012
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WSJ Special Report Season: 1 Fans at Dodger Stadium have something new to cheer for: frozen beer. Frosty-topped beers are part of Kirin's new strategy to expand beyond sushi restaurants in the U.S. Photo: Associated Press
26 Aug 2013
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Today the 02 December 2009 the company has taken steps and locked out their workers who are trying to get a fair and just EBA with the increases that they deserve.Already 20 months have elapsed and this multinational company is still dragging the chain in getting things done.Despite a conversation with one of our union delegates on Friday,in which the site manager was concerned that people were loosing money when they took industrial action for their cause,then that same Friday afternoon the union was advised that the company has locked the members out.So the site managers concern was a whole lot of bullshit and words which mean nothing,what a hypocrite.
4 Dec 2009
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