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Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Martin Starr, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig Greg Mottola Bruce Toll, William Horberg, Ted Hope Comedy and Drama
29 Oct 2009
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I made this Twilight screensaver.
25 May 2009
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Watch Twilight Eclipse free Now ******* After the vote about her becoming immortal, Bella realizes graduation isn't too far away and starts to panic. But she has bigger problems arising, her feelings for Jacob, his feelings for her and Victoria. The vampire who is trying to take revenge on her for Edward killing her James.
27 Aug 2010
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BY ANDREW HOWARD ANCHOR: ALEX ROZIER You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy Mirror, Mirror on the wall - is Kristen Stewart the fairest of them all? The Twilight actress is slated to take on the iconic role of Snow White in Universal’s new film adaptation “Snow White and the Hunts Man”. Don’t get this confused with Disney’s version though. This retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale will be completely re-imagined to appeal to teenage audiences. So does the Twilight star have what it takes to play the beloved princess? Gossip blogger Perez Hilton weighs in. “Clearly, she isn't right for the upbeat, song - happy Disney version of the character, but this movie is going to be dark and gritty…so yeah, we suppose she'll be able to pull this off.” Even CelebTV seems to agree- Stewart is the obvious choice. Anchor: “We think she couldn’t be more perfect for the part. The fair complexion, dark hair, and red lips.” But even though Stewart has landed the role- she may still have some Snow White competition. With the success of Tim Burton’s 2010 worldwide hit - Alice In Wonderland - there’s a new trend in Hollywood - fairy tales. And that means Universal’s Snow White isn’t the only adaption set to hit theaters. E! News reports: “Another flick set to hit theaters next year is The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, with Julia Roberts as its evil queen...This is really heating up the 2012 Snow White movie rivalry. ” And not to be left out, Disney is also preparing a reboot of Snow White titled “Snow and the Seven”. So why remake the popular fairytales? The Guardian says- why not? "The entertainment industry's appetite is voracious for content, plots and ideas and these fairy tales work. They've been around for ever" “Snow White and the Huntsman” is slated for release in December 2012. The Julia Roberts version is set for Summer 2012 and Disney’s Snow and The Seven is expected to hit theaters in 2013. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
8 Mar 2011
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Reese was Pattinson cause he just couldnt stop sneezing and snorting while doing the sex scene....eeew!
9 May 2011
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Reese Witherspoon hit the Water for Elephants red carpet, alongside co-star Robert Pattinson, on the Sunday night for its grand premiere....
9 May 2011
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Katy Perry has admitted texting Kristen Stewart to assure her she wasn't sleeping with Robert Pattinson.
30 Jul 2013
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3 Jul 2010
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Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson were seen filming romantic scenes for the next installment of the Twilight series 'Breaking Dawn' in the middle of a busy street scene in Rio De Janeiro.
10 Nov 2010
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I 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' bliver Edward og Bella endelig gift og rejser på bryllupsrejse til en ø uden for Brasiliens kyst. Bella bliver gravid, men graviditeten udvikler sig så dramatisk og unaturligt hurtigt, at de tvinges til at rejse hjem. Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson og Taylor Lautner vender alle tilbage som karaktererne Bella Swan, Edward Cullen og Jacob Black.
31 Oct 2011
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