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Just a bit of film showing my kite buggy in action, hope you enjoy.
26 May 2007
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Driving with the X3 to St. Peter Ortding to kite buggying there.
13 Sep 2007
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Tellallmyfriends' Jo and Nick take to Newquays beach to try the kite buggying experience. Flying a 2 meter kite whilst in a buggy, harder than it looks! *******www.tellallmyfriends****
13 Jul 2009
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1 Jul 2007
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1 Jul 2007
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At the weekend, Stefan Ibendorf drives from Hamburg to St. Peter-Ording in his new BMW X3. On the beach he gets into a three-wheeled buggy and sweeps across the white sand, pulled along by a kite. Reporter Oliver Stolle and photographer Mats Cordt are with him, and they too succumb to kite fever. This exhilarating sport is easy to learn, and Stolle insists his test ride was “not at all dangerous”. Directed by: Roland Hagenberg. Music: Pfeuti, Riverside Music and Roland Hagenberg. Assisted by Charles Glover, Tomoaki Abe and Rob Oudendijk.
9 Jul 2007
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Since January last year the buggy has been parked up while parts of me healed. Now we're back
1 Sep 2008
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Practica el kite surf y pasea en un kite buggy con el poder del viento, en la Playa Conrad de Nueva Escocia, Canada. Mas sobre Canada en *******
6 Jul 2009
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Film en 3 parties de l'été 2004 sur la plage de la Franqui
28 Jul 2008
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*******www.piczo****/popeyethewelder First chance of I have had of taking this buggy out. The wind was gusting from 20-30mph, I was flying a 4m Access 1. The buggy handled superbly well, and I threw it around as much as I could with the conditions and kite available. (Q)"PTW you spent more time side ways than going forwards... nice bug mate... another well made buggy by yourself keep it up mate" (A)Lol yeah, it does look like that, but film of it just going forwards gets boring and was edited out. I deliberatley used a bigger kite than was needed to be overpowered, I wanted to push the buggy see if anything would crack or brake, and I am pleased to say everything was fine. (Q)"how was it to ride? certainly looks nimble enough", (A)I was saying to my lad on the way to the field, I am either going t love or hate riding this buggy. The moment I shot off almost on two wheels, I knew it felt right, a buggy that I can fling anywhere and not worry about OBE's, which I try to avoid at all costs. At one point, I was doing about 27mph and was travelling on two wheels for about 30m, now thats something I have never doen before and with the rear wheel centres at 1640mm, that took me by surprise. I have to say though, it wasn't intended and scared me silly. (Q)"looks good and seemed to handle ok.......are you happy with it though??" (A)Well after the first test the answer is a big YES, the field was quite flat and so the front shocks only iron out the small undulations, it felt as smooth as anything though, and certainly as smooth and as comfy as my bigger race buggy. (Q)"Nice... looks a bit tail-happy though. Maybe some more weights?" (A)More weights....nooooo, I was intending being over powered, and was almost on the edge many times in that SMALL field, I was deliberatley trying to over power the buggy, to push it as much as I could within the small space, kite and wind available. Its a fun buggy, and I want all that a buggy of that nature can throw at me within reason. If I want to go in straight lines, I will hop in the SuperBug. (Q)"Looks sweet! NIce vid & sound track. Is the wheel camber from design or just body weight in the bug? No.... not saying anything there.... just The bug seemed to flex a bit(up & down) over the terrain. Looks like its a real smooth ride. How is the weight... I have an image in my head of it up in the air. Don't think anyone has designed a wide axle jumping machine yet. You mentioned you had it up on 2 wheels... would it hold that position with some help? Just wondering if you've got a wide axle bug capable of speed as well as freestyle. Up till now most buggies are only good for one or the other. A hybrid that would do both would be a breakthrough IMO". (A)Sitting in the buggy dosn't alter the camber of the wheels at all. I am 12 stone and a friend who is 16 stone sat in it when I finished making it and nothing changed. The camber you see is what I have set the ride height to, if I raise the ride height the wheels will be upright, if I am on a dead flat beach, I can lower the buggy for lower cog and the wheels will have more camber on them, which will suit me when turning, over rougher ground, when the wheels are more upright I will be going slower and will not need the camber. The buggy does have flex at the front end, with the shock at the bottom of the swan, now on rough terrain, this could be an issue as the feet on the pegs will be effected, but the shock is 1500lbs pi so it is not going to moving far. As far as weight is concerned, I have not weighed it yet, its obviously no where near as heavey as my race buggy, but its no where near as light as a flexi for instance. Personnaly I wouldn't want to jump this design, I would want rear shock in there somewhere to cushion the drops. I am sure the right pilot though could two wheel this buggy no problem....not me though lol. (Q)Looks great, pops, and takes some hammer! Love the design! (Q)It looks so fragile... (A)Yeah I agree, it does look fragile, but it is a strong triangular shape, and probably much stronger than a conventional buggy. The buggybagman come up trumps with the seat, that will do for me, just need a TSG now to finish it off. (Q)Nice one, looks like it handles like a FF on wide axle, think the footprint is really close, but ride hight lower maybe lesser OBE occasions. (A)Well maybe on the turns, it could well out perform the flexi, but any tricks the Flexi would leave this for dead. I certainly feel more protected in this than I do a flexi, where my back would be killing me after half an hours buggying. (Q)Excellent new Buggy! I bet the local football team loves you! (A)LOl yeah, that used to be our local flying spot,I think the last time I was there was over a year ago. I think we have all out grown that place now, and we all much prefer the beach, I must admit though I do like to hit the grass occasionally
26 Dec 2008
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2 Kite Buggiers, one learning the art of getting air - while the other rider shows his stuff
7 Sep 2009
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