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please like share and subscribe my channel kitten and his best buddy mosami thank you for watching my channel arunachal entertainment ARUNACHAL ENTERTAINMENT
18 Jul 2018
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The Spiderman might be favorite of all kids but not liked by this kitten. It does not like the new Spiderman toy that shoots at it.
18 Jul 2018
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The cute kittens are always very silly and playful for which girls go crazy for them. This one here is saving its life by riding on to another.
20 Jul 2018
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Funny kittens are grown up a little bit. They mew, grumble and so charmingly fall asleep when mother comes. Thanks for watching my video! Put your Like! Subscribe to my channel: ArtemLand
20 Jul 2018
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This little black kitten seems like a doll or a dead cat until finally her sleep is broken by the shake. It is just adorable; eat play sleep and that’s it.
24 Jul 2018
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Our kittens became big. Home games of kittens are always bright and dynamic, and deliver a lot of positive and emotions to others. POSITIVE VIDEO WITH KITTENS! Thanks for watching my video! Put your Like! Subscribe to my channel: ArtemLand
27 Jul 2018
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Kitten Born With Two Faces Has Grown Up To Be The Most Beautiful Cat You will Ever See. While you might steer clear of a two-faced person, you certainly would not avoid this two-faced kitty. Meet Narnia, the cutest and rarest kitty you will see. Narnia, is a British shorthair cat with extremely rare two-toned fur. Born on the 28th May 2017, Narnia immediately stood out from the rest of her litter with her unique features. Her breeder, Stephanie Jimenez, fell in love with her as soon as she saw her and decided to keep her as her own. Blue-eyed Narnia lives in France with her family but recent photos, taken by photographer Jean-Michael Labat, have made her world famous. Narnia has grown from a tiny, double-coloured kitten into a gorgeous two-toned cat. If possible, she is even more beautiful all grown up than she was as a kitten. It is not known exactly what causes Narnia’s striking appearance, but animals born with this beautiful look are known as ‘chimeras’. A feline chimera happens when a cat’s cells contain two types of DNA, created when two embryos fuse together. So maybe Narnia was originally intended to be two twin kitties, but instead she became a beautiful mash up… Needless to say, you do not see a cat as unique and beautiful as Narnia every day of the week. Have you ever seen such a beautiful cat! Do you have a kitty with unique markings similar to Narnia? Leave your comments below and share the stunning pictures with your friends.
28 Jul 2018
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Mom cat talking to her kittens
17 Jul 2018
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Goats Climbing Pigs & Ticklish Kittens!! Funny Animal Compilation
19 Jul 2018
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Kitten Notices Human Milking The Cow, But Then… OMG, He Never Wants To Stop, LOL.
24 Jul 2018
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My kitten for a healthy lifestyle.
1 Aug 2018
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Funny kittens
11 Aug 2018
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