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He is Simba! A male kitty :) Some updates to share about him and also some videos of Khairul's kitties too playing with the toys that donated by Phil and Chris a while ago. Simba is still afraid of us but he will be okay in no time. Let's give him sometime.
17 Sep 2007
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Blue Point Himalayan Kitty
17 Sep 2007
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A failed jump =) of a sweet kitty ; ) she isnt injured ;)
24 Sep 2007
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Sharp-toothed Dog play with defenseless funny kitty.... It's looks like cruel jungle law?! Tragedy from animals life? No... It's wil be funny ended;-)
6 Oct 2007
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singing kitties
6 Oct 2007
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Kitty Transform at petmedic.blogspot****
22 Oct 2007
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While picking up Mafia from the vet this evening and also visited the limping doggie, we saw this small little kitty with his jaw dislocated. It breaks our hearts to see him in this painful condition. He has to be force fed to keep up his energy and also not to be left dehydrated. A good Samaritan brought him in. Two obvious reasons he had encountered this painful sufferings was either by accident or got beaten! Hope he will make it and the Samaritan will take him in.
16 Oct 2007
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It was raining so heavily just now and flooded every road and drain in Penang Island. While my wife and I were having dinner, Khairul called and told me that he and Daniel saved a kitty from drowning and need my transportation as they were on bicycles. Without delay I finished up my dinner and went to see him. They have stopped neaby a goverment hospital carpark and when I reached there, both of them and the kitty were shivering. The kitty was rescued from drowning due to the flood at that area and she was stuck in the bushes with just her head could be seen. Fortunately Khairul heard the 'screaming' from the kitty or else the kitty might have been drown. His backpack is too soft and it would be hard for him to put the kitty in because of scaring the kitty might get suffocated on the way back.
18 Oct 2007
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We Could All Learn A Lesson From This Stylish Kitty. She Sure Knows How To Make An Entrance.
21 Oct 2007
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Kitty says hello in her very own way, sounding almost like a human Cats are learning how to that's scary
22 Oct 2007
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Must Seen Charmmy Kitty at petmedic.blogspot****
24 Oct 2007
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We are not good in picking names. While spending time looking at some comments on the videos, a reader suggested Spot and Chris suggested Snowflake or Snowy while chatting online . Since the kitty is white like snow, we decided to go for Snowy. The name reminds me of Tin Tin comic, the genius doggie :) Photos and video were taken yesterday while I was at Khairul's place. That's his sister in the picture with Snowy, her name is Zaireen. She take turns to look after the kitties too. Snowy is very playful and make friends very quickly with the rest and no longer spend her days in cage. He is free to roam anywhere in and out the house. When I said 'out the house' I meant within the compound. I was amazed how fast she got so friendly with others, that's wonderful. Mafia ( the black kitty with white socks ) got a friend to play with now and they look like buddies to me, same height and same size. LOLz Related Video : *******www.metacafe****/watch/875939/khairul_and_daniel_rescue_drowning_kitty/
25 Oct 2007
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