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Coed of the Month, Kristi Michelle takes you behind the scenes of her Playboy photo shoot. She looks sexy in her fur vest, white lingerie, knee high socks, and sexy bikini. Kristi looks even better when she takes it off and goes topless! This college girl is in Chicago attending Columbia College. To see more of Kristi Michelle, go to Playboy**** *******www.playboy****/girl/kristi-michelle/ See all of the Coeds of the Month and more in the Cyber Club *******cyber.playboy****/
22 Jan 2011
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Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a revealing skin-coloured outfit for her latest video shoot. The star can be seen arriving to her trailer in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood and then coming out in the sexy outfit with knee-high socks, cut-off jean shorts and a skin-colored top.
11 Nov 2010
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** When we first heard that Kate Price was hosting a photo call for her new equestrian clothing line we thought: “Jordans an amazingly tacky woman, but she takes her equestrian duties very seriously, how naff could it be?” Oh how very wrong we were… Now how many people do you think, who are seriously interested in horse riding, will be willing to dress in pink hot pants with a matching pink shirt and knee high socks in order to trot around their blustery fields of a winter’s evening? Not many we’ll wager. Still, you have to hand it to Jordan – she never fails to disappoint.
22 Sep 2008
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Eiza Gonzalez sizzles on the cover of GQ magazine's seventh anniversary issue. On the cover, the Mexican actress is seen posing seductively with her legs crossed while wearing a black bra, knee-high socks and a black hat to cover up. The star also recorded a video message for the magazine congratulating them on their anniversary. Eiza has recently been in the news for her rumored relationship with The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. The full spread and interview is available in the November issue of GQ Mexico.
25 Oct 2013
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28 May 2012
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30 May 2012
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9 Feb 2013
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*******www.hugahater**** HUG A HATER TOUR TICKETS ^ ******* Buy Cardboard Castles on iTunes ^ Directed, Shot and Edited by Mike Dempsey mikesbutt Co-directed by George Watsky gwatsky VFX by Lee Boxleitner Locations, in order: Arizona, Desert Gardens RV Park Alabama, Battleship Memorial Park New York City, NY; Times Square Chicago, IL; "The Bean" Steins, New Mexico ghost town Florida, somewhere Berlin, Germany; The Berlin Wall Holland, countryside Washington, DC; The National Mall Wyoming, somewhere Eastern Washington, somewhere Milan, Italy; The Duomo Cathedral Germany, somewhere in a rapeseed field The English Channel, a ferry Paris, France; The Eifel Tower A parking lot in Vermont London, England; Big Ben San Francisco, CA; The Fillmore Music produced by Kush Mody, Mikos and Pat Dimitri Guitar- Patrick Dimitri Lead vocals- Myrtle "Scoochie" Gunderson ********www.facebook****/ScoochieG Mixed and mastered by Mike Denten for Infinite Studios Engineered by Nils Montan Chorus Swing, out of your shoes And if you should lose this time Keep on swinging and swinging and soon When you connect Look up and you might see a dent in the moon Verse 1 Yeah, you see them craters? That was cause a kid said there'd be none greater In ten years Hammering Hank was at the plate launching balls into space saying see ya later skinny as a toothpick but he got a nack watch him swing a broomstick at a bottlecap watch him rinse and repeat til he's on the map going from the cheap seats to the autographs Papa put a bat in my hand and all he said was never ever rock a Dodger hat And whether you win or you didn't you gotta be getting dirty and we better send your jersey to the laundromat it was in the cards I knew someday I'd be a big league star playing second base for the giants wearing number 9 rocking knee-high socks if I just worked hard Verse 2 We had our 6th grade baseball tryouts on the basketball courts so the fastball-- had hops we didn't have a grass field and so coach hit us grounders off the asphalt-- I dropped a lot and so he hit em faster and I took em off my ankles yelling that's all, you got? and when i saw my name on the roster i went insane like I was sniffing bath salts, i'm not- here to play soft I'll go beastmode on a piñata and bite it's motherfucking face off until it rains candy out of it's neck-hole I didn't go flexing my pecs, or get swole wasn't the fastest And when I moved it kinda looked like I was running through molasses -- true it's silly to give a shit about a game but earth is a little ball that's just spinning on its axis -- too Verse 3 i wasn't cut out for the bigs, guess i been a fool and middle school was just a bit of cruel ridicule but when you step into the ranks of the man it's like they push you from the high dive to a kiddie pool (thanks) Time to ballroom waltz that plank We're little minnows in a small shark tank You try to swim without getting blood in the water, but you're all heart and guts like a ballpark frank Never an all star I had to keep score If I were perfect I would quit and join peace corp I'm not a hero, if I didn't try my doubts eat at me like I'm a carcass on the sea floor (yeah) So say this shit is too corny it tastes better to me than, 'ooh poor me' I'm just trying to sing a different tune and then fit into a world that didn't have room for me
5 Jul 2014
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Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a revealing skin-coloured outfit for her latest video shoot. The star can be seen arriving to her trailer in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood and then coming out in the sexy outfit with knee-high socks, cut-off jean shorts and a skin-colored top.
1 Oct 2011
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6 Jun 2012
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THUMBS UP FOR MORE FASHION VIDEOS! I love you! Let's Instagram: ThatsHeart FIRST OUTFIT top - *******www.shopfe**** scarf - HM boots - ******* knee high socks - *******www.urbanoutfitters**** SECOND OUTFIT shirt - *******www.forever21**** military inspired jacket - ******* denim shorts - fashion J brown boots - ******* THIRD OUTFIT sweater - *******www.dailylook**** skinny jeans - YMI Jeans boots - ******* scarf - *******www.dailylook**** necklace - ******* FOURTH OUTFIT lace top - ******* jacket - *******www.forever21**** boots - *******www.stevemadden**** knee high socks - TJ MAXX DailyLook Sugar and Spice Giveaway Details: There will be 13 winners: ten (10) winners will receive $50.00 in credits each; one (1) winner will receive $100.00 in credits; one (1) winner will receive $150.00 in credits and one (1) grand-prize winner will receive $250.00 in credits. To enter, you must: Sign up for DailyLook's newsletter (it's fast and free!) if you have not already done so here: *******www.dailylook****/f/sugarandspice Like DailyLook on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/dailylook Repin at least one image (with its original caption) of your choice from DailyLook's Sugar and Spice Giveaway board on Pinterest: *******pinterest****/dailylook/sugar-and-spice-giveaway/ 
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30 Dec 2013
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I forgot a few things because I already wore them and they are in my hamper :( But this is what I forgot to show: - Another Brandy Melville muscle tee - 2 pair of leggings (black and faux leather) - 4 pair of knee high socks (MY ADDICTION!) - A pair of ombre tights I guess I was just out of it lol LINKS: GET THE BRUSHES I USE HERE!: *******www.sigmabeauty****/?Click=94958 FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/MakeupbyMandy24 2nd CHANNEL: ***********/user/Maaannndddyy CHEER CHANNEL : ***********/cheerelitexo TWITTER: *******twitter****/makeupbymandy24 INSTAGRAM: MakeupbyMandy24 Business Inquiries ONLY: * MakeupbyMandy24ymail**** * THIS IS A NEW EMAIL. MY OLD ONE DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT I'M WEARING : Shirt: Brandy Jacket: Urban Outfitters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME: My Name : Amanda or Mandy (which ever you would like to call me) Camcorder: Canon Rebel EOS T3i Age: 13 Editor: Final Cut Pro X &/or iMovie '11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FTC: This video is not sponsored, all opinions stated are honest and my own.
28 Oct 2013
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Thanks for watching! xoxo, Mere My Instagram: StilaBabe09 My Links! My Vlog Channel! ***********/user/vlogsbymeredith?feature=results_main Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/Stilababe09/175798449143602 Twitter! *******twitter****/#!/stilababe09 FTC, everything was purchase by me. Not a sponsored video.
31 Dec 2013
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Clash - โรคประจำตัว (Rok Prajum Thua) [Everyday Sickness] *I'm not sure how that would be translated though...That's just what I thought sounded best...^^* anyways...I like the song 'cause it's really catchy but probably the lamest excuse for guys...XD But what the hell...Everbody has done it at least in some point in their life eh? Can't blame a guy for actually having the guts to make it into a song..:P Oh and...P'Pon..Oh my god...You are so unbelievably hot in this MV! O_O And the car...UF! hot like fire fire! xD *P'Bank neaw jung loey* xD He's bringing the ghetto knee high socks back..xP Power to the socks!
2 Sep 2010
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in this video im back in my favorate outfit to dress up in,this time my uniform consists of a white blouse, short grey skirt, black and white school tie with my cute cream and white knee high socks
6 Sep 2009
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