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Nadine sat down with Conor Knighton, the host of Infomania on Current TV. They rattle off the good, bad and ugly side of what it takes to make Infomania.
15 May 2009
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Conor Knighton * InfoMania * Current TV - click for more *******www.RealTVfilms****
25 Aug 2009
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Host Conor Knighton takes a whirlwind tour through the week in media, including Larry King's retirement from CNN, Elena Kegan's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Joe Biden's ability to make a GE executive pass out, the Daytime Emmy Awards, babies taking bong hits, The Doctors sperm facial, Chris Brown's emotional tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards, the limits of Drake's superstardom--and then there's Gary Brooks Faulkner, the one-man Bin Ladin hunting machine.Watch More infoManiaThursdays at 10:00/9:00c on Current TV more infoMania & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
16 Jul 2010
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A trailer I made for my fan fic 'To Protect Her From Everything'(link below) I did end up making it after i'd written a lot of it but that was mainly so I could use series two clips. *******www.fanfiction****/s/3991432/1/To_Protect_Her_From_Everything Video Clips and Music © BBC
8 Feb 2009
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When Robin leaves for the Crusades, Marian is heartbroken, she spends the next five years, while he is away fighting, trying to forget about him, trying to convince herself she doesn’t love him, wishing she could get herself to hate him. Then he returns and it's all too clear to her that she still loves him, and has never stopped, but she does her best not to let him know, she doesn't want him to see her cry, especially over him, she refuses to let him see her vulnerable side. But she finds she can't keep trying to cut him out of her life; he’s too important to her to do that and so she decides she will treat him as a friend. However, after she nearly dies, Much tells her how he cried when he thought she was dead and how she was all he ever talked about in the Holy Land. She sees how much he loves her, always has and decides she can't fight against her feelings anymore, and they become an item. But being proud, as she is, she still won't let him know how upset she was when he left, and she doesn’t want him to see how vulnerable she feels without him. Little does she know that she doesn’t have to tell him, he already knows it all, because he knows her so well, he can see it all when he looks into her eyes, holds her close or kisses her. In the end she gives in, she realises she can’t cope alone, she sees that he doesn’t always expect her to be strong, that once in a while, when she needs to, she can be vulnerable, she can be human, because he’s there for her. She lets him hold her close as she cries over her father’s death, and perhaps, to some extent, over something more. Robin Hood © BBC Cry © Rihanna
23 Feb 2009
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The plot line to this Robin/Marian video is quite obvious really, but just to clarify...When Robin comes back from the Holy Land, Marian wants to be with him but everyone is against it. Her Father tells him to stay from her, he knows it's the right thing to do so he does, for a while. After a while he comes back; he can't stay away from her. Marian tells him how she's hated it without him, feeling lonely and having Guy chasing after her. He proposes to her, telling her he's spoken to her Father and that he's agreed, she says yes and they get married. (And they live happily ever after.)Robin Hood BBCLove Story by Taylor Swift
1 Jul 2009
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DT Jason Jones had similar numbers as Albert Haynesworth in each of their third seasons with the Titans. While Jones may not be the next $100 million man, he certainly is one of the most underrated DTs in the NFL.
12 Jul 2011
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PROJECT: Fashion Film starring David Gandy. CLIENT: Velour Magazine ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Eddie Bovington DIRECTOR: LJ Hopkinson & Inigo Manby DOP: LJ Hopkinson STEADICAM: LJ Hopkinson PRODUCTION: Little Yellow Jacket Productions EDITOR: Inigo Manby LYJ COLOURIST: Dan Turner LYJ BRIEF... LYJ were asked to direct & produce a unique fashion film starring David Gandy for Velour Magazine, to run alongside their main editorial shot by editor-in-chief Eddie Bovington. WHAT WE DID... We didn't want to shoot a generic behind the scenes, instead we wanted content viewers could engage with on an emotional level ... Over several meetings with the photographer Eddie Bovingdon, LJ Hopkinson and Inigo Manby devised a narrative that could hold the film together whilst shooting around the stills story.
4 Aug 2011
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The star of 'Jennifer's Body' is all over magazines this week and that means she's in 'We've Got You Covered,' Conor Knighton's roundup of the glossies. Also includes hatred for Obama, Glenn Beck, Obama's secret enemies list, Jessica Simpson's dog tragedy, the greenest companies, James Franco's weird photos, and license plates.
4 Oct 2012
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6 Nov 2009
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