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Hurricane Maria made landfall on Wednesday Sept 20th making it the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years. The Category 4 storm pounded the island causing massive destruction the authorities reported power knocked out across the entire island. There are flash flood warnings in effect. With 100 percent of the islands power offline, residents and authorities continue to survey the damage and try to clear the streets from uprooted trees as they try to reach other parts of the island. Hurricane Maria has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm as it left Puerto Rico en route for the Dominican Republic.
22 Sep 2017
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KNOCK KNOCK Its HALLOWEEN. To know more- 9587643888 Saturday Night Prima (SNP) brings to you the best Halloween party of 2017 giving entire Jaipur an excuse to dress in spookiest costumes, drink excessively and gyrate on the dance floor to the tunes of DJ SUKETU AND DJ MINAZ. Venue- Heiwa Heaven The Resort “A Lot can Happen Over This Spooky Night”…. Address: Heiwa Heaven Resort, Jamdoli Chauraha To Jaisinghpura Khor Road, Near Keshav Vidyapeeth, Jaipur, Agra Rd
7 Oct 2017
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Radiation is energy. It can come from unstable atoms that undergo radioactive decay, or it can be produced by machines. Radiation travels from its source in the form of energy waves or energized particles. There are two kinds of radiation: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has so much energy it can knock electrons out of atoms, a process known as ionization. Ionizing radiation can affect the atoms in living things, so it poses a health risk by damaging tissue and DNA in genes. Ionizing radiation comes from radioactive elements, cosmic particles from outer space and x-ray machines. Non-ionizing radiation has enough energy to move atoms in a molecule around or cause them to vibrate, but not enough to remove electrons. Examples of this kind of radiation are radio waves, visible light, and microwaves. EPA’s mission in radiation protection is to protect human health and the environment from the ionizing radiation that comes from human use of radioactive elements. EPA does not regulate the non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by electrical devices such as radio transmitters or cell phones
8 Oct 2017
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The festive season is knocking on the doors. Buying gifts have already begun among the Indian families. People always try to find fresh ideas to woo their relatives all the time. Every year, the Best Contemporary Diwali Gifting Ideas make a particular trend and strengthen the bonds between you and your relatives. No more same gifts or bland packages. SendBestGift is here with the perfect ideas for Diwali gifts to knock the socks off from your family members’ feet.
9 Oct 2017
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Watch the famous MMA star Alistair Overeem leg kicking a young girl inside a gym on request. The 2nd kick knocks her out of balance.
14 Oct 2017
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He got knocked down really badly...
22 Jun 2006
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This guy knock a nail onto a wood using his hand, Really amazing!
3 Dec 2006
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he got knocked out and mugged!
4 Apr 2007
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SWEET VIDEO! hes gets knocked DOWN. he gets OWNED!! WATCH
4 Apr 2007
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me playing knock on wood by justin king on my new acoustic
30 Apr 2007
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Knock-Out is a three-piece band that delivers soulful tunes and a thrilling live show. Their sound, derived from the mid-90's rock/ska/punk fusion, is now complimented by entrancing reggae as well as blistering hip-hop and R&B.
20 May 2007
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A Old Man Get Knock Out By A Young Man Who Is 17 Years Old
28 May 2007
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The Fashi5n hits one of Hollywood's biggest Premieres -- Knocked Up! The stars were definitely out: Katherine Heigl, Ryan Seacrest, Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller and so many more. What were they wearing, saying, thinking and doing? Find out all the exclusive red carpet scoop in this week's F5!
1 Jun 2007
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Kid gets knocked out by this girl because he wasnt supposed to be in their hood
19 Aug 2007
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Director Judd Apatow introduces the trailer for his hit comedy 'Knocked Up'
28 Aug 2007
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Oblivious Guy Gets Knocked the F Out by an Airplane
6 Sep 2007
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