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Kid tries to run and jump a 30 foot planter, but catches his foot on the last tier causing him to smash his face into snow and ice and ultimately loses consciousness. I'm sure he had quite the headache.
5 Dec 2006
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He is so sleepy that day. He can't resist the call of nature... It almost knocked him out.
25 Nov 2008
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This is a remake of Grey's Anatomy, Its the one with bomb,called"It's The End of the World".Meredith removes the explosive from the patient and the girl from the bomb squad removes it and leaves the room. Shortly after leaving, she and another member of the squad are killed, when the bomb explodes, and MIKE G, who followed the bomb squad officer into the hall, is knocked unconscious.
31 Jul 2007
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Compilation of the best referree knockouts. KO's, refs knocked unconscious and getting back. All sports, soccer, boxing - refs getting hit in the face hard and fights breaking out.
14 Sep 2008
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The Adventures of One eskimO is available now on iTunes and other digital platforms. Check out the sneak peak of chapter two, A Dream Revealed. One eskimO is knocked unconscious by the evil Mr. Top Hat. He has vivid, colorful dreams about rescuing his love Little Feather. Will he ever wake up to save her? Was One eskimO’s nightmare a reality?
16 Sep 2009
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19 Feb 2010
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Description: Fallout New Vegas Update.3-SKIDROW Size: 222.89 MB Relase date: 10 Nov. 2010 To download visit my site: *******freewarrez.blogspot****/ or download now here(222.89 MB): ******* Inside you will find the download link,just copy it in you browser and hit enter. If you like fast torrents: ******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixes and updates: - Companions now show up as waypoints on the map - Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away - Fix: DLC error/save corruption - Fix: Stuttering with water effects - Fix: Severe performance issues with DirectX. - Fix: Controls temporarily disabled after reloading Cowboy Repeater while crouched - Fixed crash using the Euclid C-Finder while having the Heave Ho perk - Fix: Entering the strip after Debt Collector causes crash and autosave corruption - Fix: Using Mojave Express dropbox can cause DLC warnings - Fixed crash when buying duplicate caravan cards from a vendor in a single transaction - Crafting menu should filter valid (bright) recipes to the top of the list - Fix: Sitting down while looking down a weapon’s ironsights leaves player control locked - Fix: If a companion is knocked unconscious with broken limbs they stay broken on respawn - Fix for varmint night scope effect persisting in kill cam - Fix for giving companions armor that adds STR does not increase their carry weight - Fix NPC Repair menu displays DAM as DPS - Having NPC repair service rifle with forged receiver decreases CND
12 Nov 2010
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10 million fans tuned in for a fantastic stunt. Instead, they saw an almost fatal accident. It was live on Wetten Dass – translated ‘Wanna Bet?’ – a game show where contestants perform stunts while celebrities bet on their success. Here’s a look at Samuel Koch’s accident on Wetten Dass. A warning: it’s pretty graphic. (Koch raises his hand, signaling the car to move forward. He jumps over it, but lands on his head. Audience gasps. Hosts yell for help and rush to his side while he lays unconscious.) On CBS, Jeff Glor explains how the stunt was supposed to work. GLOR: “The 23-year-old stuntman was supposed to jump over a moving car, driven by his father, wearing spring loaded stilts on Saturday. But he hit the car and he was knocked unconscious.” The game show has been on air for 30 years. But the Montreal Gazette speculates – this could be the end. “The future of the show now appears uncertain, with critics saying the stunts had become more and more dangerous over the years as ZDF has battled for viewers.” The cameras rolled as paramedics rushed in and the audience stood by -- shocked. But Popeater says the risk wasn’t lost on show insiders. “Longtime host Gottschalk had actually introduced Koch by telling the audience he felt worried for the young man's safety after watching rehearsals of the stunt: ‘I have never been so scared...I hope all goes well.’” And NBC looks at what happened when the cameras went black. ALEXANDER: “Back in the studio, the show was pulled off the air—the audience, stunned.” AUDIENCE MEMBER: “It couldn’t go on like that (the woman says) we’re all shocked.” ALEXANDER: “The show’s host spoke publicly later that night.” GOTTSCHALK: “I talked to the young man at dinner. He reassured me he was looking forward to this. I’m so sorry it ended this way.” Cameron Diaz, Phil Collins and Justin Bieber were all scheduled to appear after the stunt. But Bieber tweeted… “...we all don't think it is right to continue. Please pray for Samuel Koch & his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety.” Koch underwent several back surgeries – is conscious, but unable to move. He’s expected to survive. So, do you think the show should be pulled off the air?
9 Dec 2010
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This past May, Polo professional Nacho Figueras experienced the worst sports accident of his career. Nacho broke his pelvis and as a result, he was put on a twelve week recovery, which will be the longest time he's been away from the game. The athlete turned model says that he's had many Polo related accidents such as a broken nose, broken wrist and ankle and has also been knocked unconscious a couple of times.
1 Jul 2013
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South Florida rapper XXXTentacion didn't receive the best reaction from the crowd during his rap performance. He got knocked unconscious by an audience.
8 Jun 2017
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