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How does a knot suddenly appear in a rope? I'll show you!
9 Oct 2008
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Secret of Amish Knot /Knot Impossible Revealed
19 Nov 2008
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A Knot appears on a rope simply by whippingit. The secret of the trick revealed. A good magick trick which creates a high level of impact on spectators , gives satisfaqction to the magician,a must see.
21 Jan 2010
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Easy way how to make strong and nice fisherman's knot.
22 Dec 2008
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With shoes decorated Chinese Knot has a different wish: Best wishes and happiness and also mean full of joy, happiness & longevity, double happiness, luck and auspiciousness as one wishes, and wish you bon voyage are Chinese traditional pleasant phrase expressing warmest regards,best wishes and finest ideal. Source:
13 Jan 2009
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3:00 SynthWulf - Eternal Knot on Nu Energy Recordings a freeform hardcore record label. This is the B2 side of NUNRG071
17 Jan 2009
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The "Plattsburgh" knot is named after the small town in up-state New York where Thomas Fink, inventor of the knot and co-author of the book "The 85 ways to tie a tie", is born. In contrast to its narrow close relative the "St. Andrew", the "Plattsburgh" produces a symmetric knot characterized by a broad cone with a narrow opening. The video is to be viewed as if you were looking in a mirror. -
21 Jan 2009
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Tying the Blood Knot for Fly Fishing. Please visit for more tips and tricks on fly fishing.
23 Jan 2009
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Big jumps on the griffin 2009 10.5m in 15 to 10 knots at muddies near foster
2 Feb 2009
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Colorful clear colorful crystal pendant Chinese Knot which is varied and vivid, For home decoration, hanging in the car and hung on handbags, may bring good luck. Full of joy and this knot means love and marriage.
21 Mar 2009
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Artistic Oriental Embroidery Opera Face Mask Chinese Knot Ornament is perfect for home decoration, or hanging on the car, or handbag. It has the same embroidery design on both side. Also brings good luck and protection to you!
15 May 2009
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A detailed video of a step-by-step guide of how to draw a celtic knot. Celtic knots are a variety of (mostly endless) knots and stylized graphical representations of knots used for decoration, adopted by the ancient Celts. These knots are most known for their adaptation for use in the ornamentation of Christian monuments and manuscripts like the 8th century Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels.
25 Aug 2009
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a stop motion of me tying a large knot. there are also some little animations in the end. This is my first stop motion so don't be to discouraging.
5 Mar 2009
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Teach you magic - impossible knot
9 Mar 2009
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to tie the knot faster in the world
20 Mar 2009
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Easy, slow motion instructional video on how to tie a tie. Step by step instructions on how to tie a tie - the full windsor knot. The full windsor knot (also known as the double windsor knot) is commonly regarded as one of the best looking tie knots because of its full symmetrical shape. The full windsor knot looks best on spread collar shirts For more instructional videos on how to tie a tie including the four in hand knot, the half windsor knot, and the pratt (shelby) knot, please visit: . . . . . How To Tie A Tie How To Tie A Tie - The Full Windsor Knot How To Tie The Double Windsor Knot How To Tie A Tie Slowly How To Tie A Tie Slow Motion How To Tie A Tie Step By Step How To Tie A Tie For Dummies
22 Feb 2010
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